what sports are happening right now

what sports are happening right now

What big sports games are on today?

What sports games are on TV today & tonight?

Overview of Sports Happening Right Now

It’s no secret that there’s no shortage of sports action to be enjoyed around the world right now. From the world of football to cricket, boxing to beach volleyball and cycling to speedway, there are plenty of sports to enjoy around the world. We’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular activities occurring right now and explore why they’re so popular amongst sports fans around the world.


Football is one of the most-watched sports in the world, and rightly so. From the English Premier League to the Major League Soccer in the United States, there’s a wealth of top-level footballing talent being showcased each and every week. The most popular teams continue to battle it out for the most vital trophies and titles, and 2019/20 promises to be as exciting and competitive as ever.


Cricket is also not to be missed right now, with England’s home series versus the West Indies and Australia’s Ashes taking place. The England cricket team is in its finest form and it promises to be a thrilling encounter as these two great cricketing nations go head to head in the five-test series.


We’d highly recommend watching any of the sports mentioned above, particularly football and cricket if you’re seeking a more competitive edge. There’s also a wealth of more niche sports taking place if you’re looking for something more alternative. MMA, cheerleading and horse racing are all popular examples, with plenty of resources available online if you’re looking to keep up with the latest events across the sporting world. It’s also worth mentioning that Esports continues to grow in stature and should not be overlooked. We would advise that you peruse the many great sports streaming services available before deciding on one.

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