Vasco beat Guarani and increased the distance in the G4 of Série B of Brazil

Vasco beat Guarani and increased the distance in the G4 of Série B of Brazil

Nene scored the first goal of Vasco’s victory over Guarani in São Janorio (Daniel Ramalho / Vasco)

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Under the eyes of 777 CEOs, the Vasco He beat Guarani 2-1, in São Januaro, and scored by Série B. With this victory, Cruz-Maltino earned 45 points, increased the distance to Londrina and finished third. Bugre, in turn, follows the Z4 with only 26.

In the next round, Gigante da Colina will meet Prusc, on Saturday, 4:30 p.m., at Augusto Power, in Santa Catarina. On the same day and time, the Campinas team will receive Sampaio Correia in Brinko de Oro. Both matches will be valid in the 28th round of Serie B of Brazil.

Cross-Multiple Effect

With more power and offensive rush, Vasco started the match by pressing the opponent. Carioca bet on forcing Guarani to miss out on Guarani’s ball in order to take a quick risk. At the first opportunity, Alex Teixeira made a good move on the right and crossed Iguinaldo to make a header.

Under shirt battle 10

After a foul by Bugre, Cruz-Maltino made a quick counterattack. With a good exchange of passes, Iguinaldo found Alex Teixeira in the area. The striker was brought down by Derlan in the area and the referee awarded a penalty. In charge, Nene hit, with the class, opening the score to the masses’ concert.

bugs fears

At a disadvantage on the scoreboard, Guarani had two chances in the first half. In the first half, Edson Carioca went up and dribble two opponents and risked from outside the area. The ball passed close to the left of Thiago Rodriguez. Jamerson took a corner kick in the area, and Yuyri single-handedly headed a fine save by a Maltino archer.

After that, the hosts had the opportunity to increase the score in another quick counterattack. Nonetheless, Nene came head-to-head with goalkeeper Bouguereno, but finished away.

golden boy

Immediately after the break, Cruz Maltino managed to increase the score by less than a minute. Marlon Gomez played Andre Santos, who started and finished. Kozlinsky spread out, but the ball was left to Iginaldo to swell the net.

against the target

After Vasco’s second goal, Guarani scored. At the start of the move, Izeki hit a header into the corner and forced Thiago Rodriguez to make a fine save. In the next move, Jamerson took a closed corner, and Anderson headed Conceição against his arrows.


On a corner kick, Jamerson took the risk again and put it on João Victor’s head. The ball went through a lot of danger. Highlight of the match, Iginaldo hit more than three opponents and hit the net, scaring the Campinas goal.

forward dangerous center

Tired, Iguinaldo was replaced by Emilio Farrow and replaced by Fabio Gomez. The striker started well and had two chances to score the third goal. Andrey played in the 97 shirt, for which Kozlinsky fired a superb save. In another good moment, he finished first to the right of Alfeaverdi’s goal.

pressure at the end

In the end, Leo Matos made an unnecessary mistake near the area. In the attack, Giovanni Augusto hit hard, but Vasco’s defense eliminated the danger. The hosts backed Guarani’s pressure and won the party’s three points at Collina Historica.

data sheet


date and time: 08/31/2022, Sunday, at 19:00

place: Sao Januario, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Rule: Jean-Pierre Goncalves Lima (Republika Srpska)

Auxiliaries: Jose Eduardo Calza (Russia) and Luisa Nowjurks Reis (Republika Srpska)

Video Assistant Referee: Wagner Rawi (PB)

yellow cards: Andre Santos and Leo Matos (VAS) / Joao Victor (Georgia)

Objectives: Nene (19ft/1t) (1-0) / Iguinaldo (1ft/2t) (2-0) / Anderson Conceição (vs) (6ft/2t) (2-1)

Vasco (Coach: Emilio Farrow)

Thiago Rodriguez; Leo Matos, Quintero, Anderson Conceicao and Edemar; Yuri Lara, Andre Santos and Marlon Gomez (Figueiredo 14’/2T); Nene (Palacios 24’/2T), Alex Teixeira (Gabriel Pec 24’/2T) and Iginaldo (Fábio Gomes 36’/2T)

GUARANI (Coach: Mozart)

Kozlinsky. Evan Alvarinho, Joao Victor, Derlan, Jamerson (Mayk 30’/2T); Leandro Villella, Madison (Eduardo Person 10’/2T), Giovanni Augusto, Isaac (Bruno Jose 18’/2T); Edson Carioca (Júlio César 10’/2T) and Yuri Tanque (Bruno Miranda 30’/2T).

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