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Milton Nascimento’s son remembers the family’s annoyance when he introduced the musician: “They were waiting for a girlfriend, she showed up with a father” – Hugo Glos

What matters is listening to the voice that comes from the heart… This phrase is taken from the famous song “Canção da América” ​​by Milton Nascimento, but it is very possible to use it to sum up her relationship with her son Augusto Kesrouani Nascimento. . This Thursday (31), the sole heir to “Voice of God” spoke in his UOL Tab column about his personal and professional relationship with the artist, who in 2017 decided to listen to his heart and adopt the boy.

While chatting, he remembered how the two met. Milton used to visit two friends from Guiz de Fora, in the interior of Minas Gerais, and Augusto was on these occasions because he knew the couple’s son. “The first time I met him, I found that he hated…”He said in an honest way, as he remembers his adolescence.

However, the bad impression soon faded after the two met a few more times. “He’s very closed, but he knew there was no relationship between me and my biological father and was curious. I remember one day he came to me and said, ‘If you were my son and you didn’t talk to me, I think I would have killed myself.’ That’s what distinguished me. It was the first time that I I feel in her a fatherly affection.”a statement.

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At first, Augusto’s relationship with the musician upset his family. “Imagine a teenager offering a father instead of a girlfriend”He joked. “Over time, my mother realized that it was not a trivial thing, that we did not play the role of father and son.” According to the lawyer, his mother, Sandra, and Milton are friends and communicate by phone. Close relationship makes the singer spend festive holidays with his family.

Augusto Nascimento talks about his relationship with his father Milton Nascimento. (Photo: Darian Dornelis/Disclosure)

Augusto said that when they were in the process of adoption, the artist asked him to take him whenever possible to Juiz de Fora. The star even slept in the dormitory. “There was a day when we didn’t have anything at home and had pasta for dinner. Then I said, ‘I think you’d better move here.’ He agreed to move, I found a home. It was impossible.”He said.

The two are father and son officially in court for five years, the testimony is framed and is located by the bedside of the singer’s room. Augusto was the one who visualized his father’s farewell tour and works to direct the artist’s career. However, he said he was initially uncomfortable with the comments made about his relationship with Milton. “I’ve had nice comments, but there are some who still say ‘they’re obviously friends’. At first it annoyed me, but today, damn it. Today he’s in hype, we travel together, he’s making money and he’s doing well. The show is the tip of the iceberg in our lives.” There is a part that no one knows.” advertiser.

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“Some people think I don’t have a mother”, I complained. In the interview, Augusto explained the importance of his parents in his life. “He is my great reference. Whenever I have doubts about something, I call her and my father,” He said. As for his biological father, he preferred to leave the relationship in the past: “He was someone I had nothing to do with, a relationship I didn’t do well for.”

Augusto Nascimento e Milton (4)
Milton Nascimento adopted Augusto Nascimento in 2017 (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

The MPB star’s son still remembers the moment that marked their relationship, when Milton needed to be hospitalized after undergoing a catheterization. “I came to the hospital by car. Was he alone. When he saw me, he had the biggest smile in the world. In that moment, I saw that I was irreplaceable. It was a very important moment for us. Who really feels family and support. Anything can happen.” Because Augusto was there.”He said.

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According to the column, close people say that the artist always wanted to be a father. He even had a “son at heart” named Pablo Ferreira, honored in Pablo’s song, but lost contact with him during the military regime. This story affected him.Augustus said. The boy was the son of the art dealer Caritas, with whom the artist had an affair in the 1960s. He has been married three times and has not fulfilled this dream. That’s when he came close to being a father.”stated.

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