Who is the brother of Luciano Hack who was raped twice?

Who is the brother of Luciano Hack who was raped twice?

Director Fernando Grosten Andrade, brother of Luciano Hack, said yesterday that he had been the victim of rape twice.

In a statement to Revista Piaui, Fernando said he was raped at the ages of 14 and 28.

“I was a teenager with very androgynous features. When I was 14, during a party in a nightclub, men forcibly held me and pierced my anus with their finger. From then on, I began to invalidate my way into being: I spread my voice to make it thicker, I suppress myself when I walk, To look more masculine,” he told the publication.

It’s 28 [anos]I was raped again, but I can’t talk about this episode yet.”

Who is Fernando Grosten?

Luciano Hack’s brother, Fernando Grosten, is 41 years old and is a film director.

Among his most famous works are the documentaries “Coração Vagabundo” with Caetano Veloso and “Quebrando o Tabu”, which feature several political figures discussing the problem of the “war” on drugs.

In addition to his work in cinema, Fernando has also directed advertising campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Nestlé, and is a managing partner at Spray Films, which produces advertising films, documentaries and entertainment films.

Fernando is currently preparing to release “Quebrando Mitos”, which will address the alleged toxic masculinity of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The new documentary received criticism from Eduardo Bolsonaro, who was refuted by the director on Twitter.


In 2017, Fernando launched a YouTube channel, which, despite not receiving updates for 3 years, has 68,000 subscribers.

The video clip received “Cê really felt like an ET?” , in which Fernando openly talks about his homosexuality, has more than 290,000 views.

“He was the one who had the biggest repercussions. I talked about difficult topics like intra-homophobia and suicide – and many families wrote to me. Young people and parents. Everyone was grateful. I received more than one letter. From people who were thinking of killing themselves. ., but the video helped them,” he said in an interview with Universa, in 2019.

The channel also offers videos with content focused on the cinema area and interviews. Noah Schnapp, Will from Stranger Things, is one of the guests in a video.


Fernando has already spoken about his sexual orientation and prejudice that he experienced as a teenager.

The situation pushed me into the darkest corners of existence, depression, pain and suffering. My adolescence was a big lie, a waste of time. But that passed. It was exactly when I met my friend, Fernando Sequeira, who is 17 years old, that I was able to completely overcome the homophobia inside me.

“He enlightened me not only with his love and kindness, but with a happy, guilt-free vision. [sobre ser gay]He is a model for his generation.”

personal life

Fernando Grosten, brother of Luciano Hack, next to her husband Fernando Sequeira

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Fernando Grosten, openly gay, is married to Fernando Sequeira. The couple have been together since 2016.

Last year, the director showed off some of the homophobic comments he receives on his profile.

In an attack on him, one netizen wrote: “A man loves a woman. There is something wrong with you. God created you male. Be male.”

“I’ve had messages like this for years, telling me to be ‘macho.’ Sorry to tell you, but every message like this gives me more strength to fight for LGBTQS, so let it be clear to my gay cow frustrators: You don’t scare me and I won’t stop, ‘OK?’ Hack brother answered.

In an interview with Conversa com Biel in 2017, Fernando told his brother’s reaction to learning about his sexuality at the age of twenty.

“I remember Lo, my brother, the person I love so passionately, so incredible, said to me, ‘It took 20 years to solve this problem in your head, we need some time here to solve it inside us too.’” We came close. Indeed, it is impossible for you to have A close relationship with your family without talking about who you are. Since then, he has been the most wonderful person in the world,” as Fernando described.

In his book Door to Door, Hack also recalls this moment.

When Fernando, 20, put his fingerprints on and said, ‘Look, I’m gay,’ this is my life, this is not a choice, this is my being, this is who I am, I said, ‘Okay. With some shock – for reasons related to the obtuse, stupid and inhumane way the world imposes codes of conduct, but also because you want the life of the one you love to be a smooth path, free of holes and not too winding, said the presenter.

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