iOS: 6 Useful iPhone Tricks That Will Make a Difference in Your Everyday Life

iOS: 6 Useful iPhone Tricks That Will Make a Difference in Your Everyday Life

iPhone (iOS) has a number of useful features that can enhance users’ browsing experience. Among them, one allows you to hide photos and videos in the gallery natively, and the other allows you to add captions and tags in the media to find them more easily – through Spotlight, for example, which speeds up everyday life. In addition, more functions of the smartphone can be used to perform everyday tasks, such as using the camera to find out the approximate measurement of a person or object. Here are six Apple cell phone hacks that can make your day easier.

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iPhone: a list of six things that can make tasks easier on a cell phone – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

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1. Hide pictures from gallery without external apps

iPhone (iOS) has a built-in feature that allows you to hide photos and videos from gallery, which is very useful for maintaining your privacy on the phone. With the tool, users can hide multiple media at once, accessible only from a hidden folder – which, by the way, can be password protected (see how here).

To hide the contents, open the Photos app and tap Select in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then tap on the photos and videos you want to hide and then tap on the share icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. To complete the action, swipe down the screen, tap “Hide” and confirm the action. To find media, tap “Albums”in the bottom menu, and scroll down until you find the tab “hidden”.

The procedure for hiding photos in the iPhone library – Photo: Reproduction / Marvin Costa

2. Measure the size of people and things

iPhone (iOS) phones allow you to use the Measure app to check the size of objects and the height of people directly from the phone’s camera. Operating the application, which is original, is very simple: to measure the length of something or someone, you just need to add points on the mobile screen, and click on the “+” sign.

Points should be placed at the bottom and top of the object so that a straight line forms between the marks. In this way, the application calculates an approximate measurement of the element and then provides a consistent value for the length. It should be noted that the instrument, like any other measuring instrument, may not be completely accurate.

Measured using the Apple app available for iOS 14 and above – Image: Reproduction / Raquel Freire

3. Add captions to photos and videos

Adding captions and tags to your saved media in the Photos app can help you find content more easily on iPhone (iOS). With this feature, users can insert keywords into images and videos so that they can be used later to find files. For example, in a photo taken at a concert, you can put the artist’s name in the caption to find event modes faster – which, in some cases, can dramatically speed up your daily life.

To do this, simply open the Photos app, select the photo or video and then swipe up the screen to open the media info. Click right below the clip or photo “add a caption” To add keywords. Later, when using the application search, you just need to enter the description of the subtitle to find the required media in a practical and simple way.

Add captions to photos and videos from iPhone gallery (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

4. Open recently closed tabs in Safari

Safari has a tool that works like a “history” of recently closed tabs, which is especially useful for recovering tabs that were closed by mistake. With this function, it is possible to check the last visited pages in the browser and open them again in a few steps.

If you leave a webpage by mistake, click on the tabs icon in the bottom menu of Safari and press the “+” design in the left corner for a few seconds. The browser will then display a window of all recently closed tabs. To open one of them again, just click on the desired link.

Open recently closed tabs in Safari – Photo: Clone / Clara Fabro

5. Check your heart rate with the Health app

Through the Health app, iPhone (iOS) users with an AppleWatch can check their heart rate and monitor their physical condition during sports activities and moments of rest. That’s because Apple’s smartwatch takes measurements automatically when the user wears it, so that heart rates can be compared during the day.

The information is saved in the Health app, and can be checked at different intervals – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. In addition, you can also enable notifications when AppleWatch detects a low, high, or irregular heart rate.

Adding heart rate information in the iPhone Health (iOS) app – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

Users who do not have an AppleWatch can also take advantage of the feature – however, you need to add the information manually. To do this, simply open the Health app, tap “to explore”And the “heart” then in “beats”. From there click “add data” Enter it in the tab “BPM”.

6. Use a one-handed keyboard

Your iPhone (iOS) also has a feature that lets you reduce the size of the keyboard for one-handed use — a feature that’s useful for different times of the day. To do this, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Keyboard” and press One-handed keyboard. On the next screen, tap “the left”if you write with your left hand, or “the correct”If you prefer to write with your right hand.

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