Meet the characters of the comic strip “Nóis na Firma”

With overall guidance from Mauricio Donato, final writing by Marcio Araujo and script supervision by Claudio Torres, “Nóis na Firma” is inspired by the successful series The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The costumes, artistic direction, and colors are based on Almodóvar’s films, such as “Down with Love” and “Seven Men and a Secret.” Fun will be guaranteed.

Meet the characters who will be in “Nóis na Firma”:

VANDO GUERRA (Moacyr Franco)

He is one of the partners, owners of Nóis na Firma. A successful businessman has retired and now has to go back to work to help rebuild the company.

He is a rigid man, does not speak his mind to express his opinion. It’s hard to praise him, easy to criticize. He’s a great leader, but others are fearful and find him annoying because he’s so demanding.

Style and elegance, Vando wears ties and suspenders, paired with a shirt, dress pants, and two-tone shoes. Does not hide gray hair. He has been married to Rossiclea for over 40 years, and has one child: Júnior Filho. He is Armando Guerra’s twin.

Armando Guerra (Franco pipes)

Orlando’s twin brother, is a family crook. Loved by all, he can take anyone on his “beak”, both from the family and from the outside. Everyone falls in love with your lip. He’s the king of tricks, he’s spent his life doing it. Armando is very friendly, attractive, seductive and fiery.

Wearing colorful suits, he loves fancy prints, gold shirts, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings. Wear sunglasses. It looks like a star, or a bookie. She wears her blonde and red wig.

Junior Filo (Marcello Medici)

He’s Fando’s spoiled son, 40, but he still acts like a teenager, and has worked on several jobs at his father’s companies. It’s very messy, but well intentioned. He makes quite a stir, and because he has a certain leadership spirit, he takes everyone with him to the hole. Good alive, but involved in the work. He wants to succeed like his father. Comic, funny, has a secret admirer of Desirée, his uncle’s wife.

Junior Filho is terrified of his father and considers him his great hero, all he does is get his father’s approval. Pursue success relentlessly! She has a semi-ill relationship with her mother. Treat him like a 3 year old. It’s the mess that you solve in the end, almost always! Modern junior, dressed in a plaid suit, with jackets. Wear a tie-free shirt or T-shirt and cool sneakers. He is very fashionable and looks very bourgeois.

FILO (Gurite Milagris)

Philo is the coffee woman. Naive, sweet, but always speaks her mind. The same character from the hit series with the phrase “Oh, poor thing!”. She is a virgin, does not understand sexual jokes. Despite her naivety, she is very smart in her simple way.

Filó is everyone’s friend, always ready to help, but he doesn’t like working very much. It’s not silly! Dress in typical Filó clothing.

ROSSICLEA (Valéria Victorian)

Orlando’s wife, Junior Filho’s mother, is a hardworking woman, loyal to her husband and the company and pampers her son in every way, even spoiling it so much that she protects him. She is also very jealous of her husband. Keep working, because until you see Junior Filho succeed, your work will not be finished.

He treats his son as if he were still three years old, overprotecting him. He talks a lot and talks without thinking. The higher the base of the pyramid, the greater the abuse. I love the cottage! Rich, but with a certain abundance of colors, suits, elegant dresses with belts of the same fabric, jackets, comfortable high-heeled shoes, she loves large earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, make-up. Wearing high buns and hairstyles, she’s a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Desiree Borboom (Arica Silva)

She is Armando’s Thousand Wife. Rich from birth, she suffered a huge blow from her husband and lost everything. He lives by borrowing money, but always ridiculous amounts. She loves Armando and does not care about the age difference. She is young, beautiful, loves luxury, but is not as self-serving as some suggest. Desirée is the public relations of the company, she knows how to deal well with people and has good communication to solve problems and good ideas to attract clients.

She is also impatient, emotional and very sexy and does not realize that her nephew loves her, because she has only the eyes of her husband Armando. She did not understand the reason for his disappearance and did not take her with him. Desirée dresses in station wagon style, full of glitter and jewels. Exaggerated everything, high heels and skinny, huge false eyelashes. Brands and sports bags that cost a car. Dresses that are too short, always leave the chest and legs, which drives anyone who looks at them crazy. But he never betrayed Armando, and he never betrayed. She is dressed like that because she is.

MARTA LUCIA (Mônica Augusto)

He’s the big villain. Very rich, he owns many properties and buildings around the city. Marta is super fun for being very “entertaining” and runs anyone around without fear. He has a dog that is his son and he will do anything for him. It screams blunders and terrorizes with its power. She is a friend of many powerful people.

Like the Rich Woman, Marta wears huge hats, leafy bags, and fur coats. Used as a reference to Cruella (Glenn Close) from “The Dalmatians”. He appears by surprise at “Nóis na Firma” and is always looking for reasons to kick everyone out of the building. It has a great phrase: “Insert the money and take it out.”

GLORINHA REAL (Ana Paula Minerato)

She is impressive, she never turns off her cell phone. She thinks that she is famous and her life is a big social network. Everything that happens inside “Nóis da Firma” you want to publish. Just think about the opinions. She often lives a life almost unwatched and her goal is to gain new followers for herself and the company.

Glorinha lives under the illusion that she is successful. He is very beautiful displaying the raw products he receives from his only fan (Vaneso). A lot of Internet terms use “shared”, “like, like”. She is dressed like a modern woman who wears comfortable clothes which makes her more beautiful.

Atalvo (Rene Fanorder)

He owns a computer repair and maintenance company. He is the typical geek IT guy. He is gay and married to Saturnino known to all. Ataulfo ​​collects Star Wars characters, cars, and spaceships.

It is somewhat neurotic and stressful. He has taken care of computers for many artists and celebrities, such as Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, Serginio Grosman and Ratino. Wear shy clothes, a shirt, a pullover, pants, and sneakers. There is nothing like me in your clothes.

Saturnino (Robson Dancer)

He is married to Ataulfo. Saturnino is an astrologer and does natal chart reading, among other mystical objects. Because of his versatility in imitation and “merging”, he portrays himself as different people. It’s “Nóis da Firma” sack-ass.

Saturnino attributes everything to the sign of people and always has an interpretation based on the forces of the stars. And her husband “breaks it” by showing rational and material reasons for everything he says. Sufi dresses in Indian robes and turbans.

VALDECYR (Zé Americo)

He is the security and reception officer at Nóis Na Firma. He was assigned to ensure Armando’s safety, so he stayed at the front desk. If someone arrived, they would have to go through it first. He often uses the third person to express himself.

He is a nice guy, ready for anything, helps in what he can, his right arm, much more than security, a man of confidence. However, he can do any strange work, such as a painter, plumber, locksmith. Everyone hands out one of his many cards and bears the slogan “Here’s my card.”

Valdecyr uses a headset and whenever he says something stupid, he immediately corrects it by saying he was talking to someone on the headset. The security guard wears the typical clothes: a black suit, white shirt and tie.

Candido (Ivan de Oliveira)

He is the company’s janitor. He’s moody, bossy, and obsessed with cleanliness. You feel like you own the building. He always sends others to do his work. Likes to correct people. He lives to do crossword puzzles and uses the hobby to curse others in style, for example.

A person without intelligence. When a person deals with crime correctly, he says sarcastically that he is happy to learn new words. Cândido uses glasses with a strap to stabilize the penis. A janitor’s uniform, with a sweatshirt underneath. He always has a simple cleaning cart and an alcohol sprayer to spray before he gets on someone’s hand.

Sales of Silas (Oscar Bardini)

He is the seller who always promises more than he can deliver. He has a good talk, he sells anything. Its sales resource is imitation Silvio Santos to get out of position.

Silas doesn’t do anything for free. There is the common phrase: “Write my pix!”. Sell ​​to everyone and make a knot in a drop of water. He wears a jacket, shirt and jeans and thinks he is a witch.

Vanesso (Enu Fivona)

He’s a misfit and “stupid” of the series, often mocked for being “too straight” and talking about his biggest blunders. Sympathetic, but uncomfortable. Clumsy, ignorant and a bit sexist and womanizer.

He works as a personal trainer and gym. Whenever they ask his name, Vanessa responds with some disgrace. He wears tracksuits, but no shorts (because he’s at work), and he wears T-shirts and shorts. Able to wear a jacket with a tank underneath. Orlando complains: “I said jacket and tie, not jacket and tank.”

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