Foto de Patrícia Poeta no estúdio do Encontro

In the morning, Patrícia Poeta had more audience than Record and SBT . night

After a complicated start, Patricia Botta seems to have finally found herself as the presenter of the meeting: Globo’s online morning magazine has caught the attention of viewers again after it underwent tweaks in its format, sidelining drawer reports and beginning to make more space for the day’s news and related topics, Even if it was related to police news – so much so that Ibope’s record of the current stage of the program was precisely in a version reminiscent of the programs of Jose Luis Datina.

According to the consolidated public data for the state of Greater São Paulo, obtained through a report pop tv With market sources, the Monday (29) version of the meeting scored an average of 8.3 points and again got more audience than the attractions of other broadcasters during prime time. In Record, only Journal da Record, averaging 8.3 points, managed to equalize with the attraction led by Patricia Boeta and Manuel Soares. In SBT, no one surpassed Globo’s morning rating – the closest was Poliana Moça, with a score of 6.7.

With the exception of musicals by country duo Henrique & Diego, all of the content broadcast by Encontro during the Monday issue was factual: ten minutes of the online magazine was dedicated to coverage of the NASA-promoted moon mission. Next, in order of the stories that took the most time to draw, there is an analysis of the matches of the Brazilian Championship Tour (seven minutes) and coverage of the case of Gustavo Coracini, the child actor from the Pantanal who survived the hit-and-run incident in São Paulo (six minutes).

Check out the rates earned by major TV stations on Monday (29):

Average day (07:00/00:00) 15.6
Good morning SP 8.8
Good morning Brazil 8.8
An interview with the poet Patricia 8.3
More than you 7.7
SP1 10.7
Globe Sports 10.1
political time 9.3
today’s newspaper 12.6
Carnations and roses 16.8
Afternoon session: Father’s camp 13.4
Worth watching again: favorite 16.1
sirtau sea 20.6
SP2 22.3
face and courage 22.8
political time 20.1
National Magazine 27.0
wet land 30.9
Hot Screen: Rebel Archangel 2 15.6
Globo newspaper 9.0
Conversation with Biel 5.6
Face and Courage (Re) 4.4
Comedy at Dawn: Faye Cola 4.0
hour 1 4.6
Average day (07:00/00:00) 5.5
general balance sheet 2.4
24 hour newspaper record 3.0
Balance Sheet Manhã SP 4.1
speak brazil 3.9
Nowadays 4.1
General Balance Sheet SP (weighted average) 7.1
political time 6.3
fire of life 4.6
24 hour newspaper record 4.0
City alert 6.9
24 hour newspaper record 4.6
City Alert SP 8.2
Journal da Record (weighted average) 8.3
political time 6.8
kings 5.7
Unequal love 3.1
log island 2 3.0
Chicago fire 2.4
24 hour newspaper record 1.9
between the lines 1.0
love school 0.7
universal church 0.4
Average day (07:00/00:00) 4.7
first effect 3.0
First Effect Second Edition 3.8
circular (weighted average) 4.5
political time 4.5
emerald 4.6
family issues 3.4
chat 3.9
Beware of the angel 5.6
soulless 6.4
SBT Brazil 6.3
political time 5.7
Polyana Mocha 6.7
accomplices in the rescue operation 4.9
mouse software 4.9
Arena SBT 3.6
the night 2.7
mosque operation 2.1
Whoever has not seen it will see 1.9
Best Communication Reporter 1.9
SBT Brazil 2nd Edition 2.4
Average day (07:00/00:00) 2.6
Show faith 0.2
Let’s go to Brazil 1.1
Chef with Edu Guedes 1.1
open game 3.0
Ball holders (weighted average) 2.4
political time 2.3
Good evening Sao Paulo 1.6
The best of the era 1.4
brazil urgent 4.6
Brazil urgent ls 4.9
Band Magazine 5.1
political time 4.1
Faustau in the band 2.7
Double Dose Challenge 1.5
Wild Planet 1.4
night news 1.2
Squad elections 0.8
What ending did it take? 0.7
Total Sports 0.6
More geek 0.4
Journal Da Band (replay) 0.3
first newspaper 0.4
Average day (07:00/00:00) 0.8
Grace Church 0.0
Polyshop 0.1
Good morning to you SP 0.2
Good morning to you 0.3
You are on TV 0.3
I will tell you 0.2
political time 0.2
universal church 0.0
afternoon to you 1.2
universal church 0.1
National alert 0.8
TV network! newsletter 0.8
political time 0.6
Show faith 0.3
TV fame 0.5
Galera Esporte Club 0.2
My fault 0.3
dynamic reading 0.3
I understood you 0.3
Grace Church 0.1
Penthouse smell 0.1

Each point represents 74,666 families and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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