Criciúma expands crisis in Grêmio, wins and leaves Roger Machado under pressure

Criciúma expands crisis in Grêmio, wins and leaves Roger Machado under pressure

Criciúma beat Grêmio and increased pressure on coach Roger Machado. Today (30), thanks to goals from Caio Dantas and Rafael Bello, the Santa Catarina team made it 2-0, against Heriberto Hols, in the 27th round of Serie B.

This was the fourth game in a row that the gauchos, who had won only one point out of their last 12 games, had not won. Third in the standings at least until the Vasco match, tomorrow (31), Grêmio saw the difference from first outside the access area reduced to just three points. Tricolor contains 44 and Londrina 41.

Roger Machado, who has already been booed and heard the fans ask for Renato Gaucho’s return in the last home game, is under even more pressure. But before the match, Vice President of Football Denis Abrahau said the coach was not in danger of being fired.

Meanwhile, Criciúma reaches 37 points and is ninth in the standings.

Santa Catarina returns to the field on Sunday (4) to play Cruzeiro in Belo Horizonte. Grêmio will face Vila Nova-GO, on Friday (2), in the Arena.

All went well: Kayo Dantas decided

Cayo Dantas is not the start of Criciúma, but he appeared when necessary. It was the striker’s goal that opened the scoring in the match and left his team ahead.

It was bad: Edelson gives space and takes a penalty

Edilson was chosen to be Grêmio’s starter, but he didn’t have a good night. The right side gave space to the opponent’s attacks and even took a penalty in the second half.

Gunderson leaves in the first half

Ganderson was selected to start as a rookie, but his involvement ended early. Having been injured, the attacker had to make way for Kambaz. The scenario indicated a more serious problem, to the point that he could not walk to the locker room, and needed help from his teammates.

Roger Machado threatened

Roger Machado is threatened. With defeats to CRB, Ituano and Criciúma, as well as a draw with Cruzeiro, in the last four games, the coach has a job in jeopardy. Grêmio’s management says they have no plans to exchange, but the atmosphere with fans is far from ideal. After the protests in the last round, the situation in the final stage of the second division must be reviewed.

Criciúma: Safe Work

Criciúma was comfortable. At home, with a stadium full, after achieving this year’s main goal, which is to return to the footballing elite of Santa Catarina, Tigre played a “lightweight”. And it didn’t take long to find the way to the net, with Caio Dantas. In the following minutes, anyone who would have imagined Claudio Tencati’s squad would re-lock themselves was wrong. Criciúma continued his attack and had at least two good chances in the first 45 minutes. In the final stage, even better in the match, Criciúma pressed until they pinpointed the win with the second goal. Before the end of the match, the party was complete with fans chanting “Ole”.

Gremio: Lack of Inspiration

Grêmio had a problem with the team in 2022: a lack of creativity. The ball often passed through the feet of the midfielder’s trio of Lucas Leiva, Betillo and Felsante, but from there the passes that created an imbalance in the opponent’s defensive sector were not made.

Guilherme and Ganderson have been involved a bit, and Diego Souza hasn’t been called up. So much so, that Porto Alegre finished the first half without a single shot on goal. In the last stage, Roger Machado put the team in attack, but without the necessary organization, the chances looked slim.

data sheet:

CRICIÚMA Association 2 x 0
Brazilian League “B” – Round 27
date and time: 08/30/2022 (Tuesday), 21:30 (Brasilia time)
place: Heriberto Hulse Stadium, in Criciúma (SC)
Rule: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)
helpers: Nileton Jr. de Souza Oliveira (CE) and Lilian da Silva Fernandez Bruno (RJ)
VAR: Vinicius Forlan (SP)
yellow cards: Bitello, Campaz, and Edilson (GRE); Marcos Cerato (CRI)
Objectives: Caio Dantas of Criciuma in the 11th minute of the first half. Rafael Bello of Criciuma in the 40th minute of the second half.

chrysium: Gustavo. Christofam (Geddelson), Rodrygo, Zee Marcus and Helder; Marcos Cerrato, Arilson, Hegor (Marcelo Hermes), Thiago Alagwano (Rafael Bello) and Felipe Mateus (Romulo); Cayo Dantas (Fernando Viana). Technical: Claudio Tenkati

Syndicate: Brino. Edelson, Jeromel, Bruno Alves and Nicholas (Diogo Barbosa); Villasante (Zacciano), Lucas Leiva (Elkeson), Betillo and Ganderson (Campaz), Guilherme (Gabriel Silva) and Diego Sousa. Technical: Roger Machado

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