Chapel, open café, free fall: the attractions of New Rock in Rio

Chapel, open café, free fall: the attractions of New Rock in Rio

Reunion Day is set for September 2. At least, that’s what the organizers of Rock in Rio call the opening date of the festival attractions.

In total, there will be nine stages and many activities to be done over the seven days of the event. splash I went to Rock City to tell you what you will find there.

The demo event, which took place yesterday, welcomed reporters, guests and members of The Rock at Club Rio. Ferrrugem’s performances at the Espaço Favela, the Criolo at the Sunset Stage and flamenco music at the Rock Street Mediterranean define the festival’s performance style. The night ended with a show of light and fire.

But not only live rock performances in Rio. Indeed, the music festival asserts that it brings together different experiences on its 385,000 square meters, ranging from shops and a chapel to an immersive show in the Amazon and the chance to become a rock star for a few minutes. paying off:

Chapel with the blessing of Facebook

Have you ever thought about going to rock in Rio and marrying Elvis Presley’s blessing? This is what will happen, at least as a joke, at the church erected on Route 85.

On festival days, the church door will be open and Elvis will be at the door to welcome people who pass through the red carpet to celebrate their love. However, it is not possible to enter. Beatrice Oliveira, from Marketing, explained that the scenography is only visible from the outside Chili pepper Bean.

The question remains: will anyone really marry?

A rock in the church of Rio will receive a “blessing” from Elvis

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Opening a free coffee and beer bar?

Eating and drinking can be expensive with some options – a bucket of popcorn can cost R$55. But for coffee lovers, there is one option that pleases very much.

Kessia Monique is one of the staff at Rock in Rio 2022 - Filipe Pavão / UOL - Filipe Pavão / UOL

Kessia Monique is one of the staff at Rock in Rio 2022

Photo: Filipe Pavão / UOL

It is possible to purchase an open bar for a drink for $10. Just buy a glass of We Are Café organized by Três Corações. There will be 20 vendors scattered throughout Rock City. But if you prefer, you can go to the pavilion located next to the Espaço Favela.

“$10 open café. Cheapest glass in Rock in Rio,” saleswoman Kessia Monique, 38, loudly declares to attract regular employees.

Now, those who want to have a beer, look at Splash’s tip. There is free beer for the brave. Whoever descends on the Zipline, which passes in front of the Mundo Stage, arrives at the Little Amazon Forest and there wins a Heineken beer as a gift.

extreme gameplay

Rock in Rio Ferris Wheel has already become a classic City of Rock activity, as well as zipline and roller coaster. But the space still holds more radical games for the brave people on duty: Discovery, which lifts 40 passengers in circular motions, with a total height of 20 meters, and Megadrop, which offers a high-speed free fall.

Luiz Felipe tested the Megadrop during the Rock in Rio 2022 test event - Filipe Pavão / UOL - Filipe Pavão / UOL

Experience the Luiz Felipe Megadrop during the Rock in Rio 2022 test event

Photo: Filipe Pavão / UOL

splash I spoke to the administrative assistant, Luiz Filipe, 19, who is one of the first regulars to go to Megadrop. After facing a 20-minute queue. Visually, it was one of the shortest rides lined up on test night.

“Oh, my heart. I don’t even know what it felt like. I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my mouth. There’s a moment that feels like it’s over, but it’s still halfway through,” he said.

In the test event, only the roller coaster was not working.

Rockstar for 15 minutes

If you’re not thinking about flying on the zip line or descending in free fall, calm down, there are attractions on solid ground. How about becoming a rock star for 15 minutes?

On the Gerdau stand you have a stage set up for dubbing the song Rock in Rio. The recording of the moment goes directly to the customer’s email and simulates the experience of playing on Palco Mundo.

On the same stand it is still possible to play in a plush fishing machine, but at the festival the task is to pick up the recycled steel blocks. Whoever gets the job done, wins a gift: a miniature of the rocks in Rio made of recycled steel.

The theater attracts people who want to be rock stars for a few minutes - reveal - reveal

Stage attracts people who want to be rock stars for a few minutes

Image: disclosure

immersion in the amazon

“Have you ever imagined that you are an extension of nature? This is the invitation of Portal Natura to visitors to Rock in Rio who are very close to Mundo Stage.

Inside, you have a sensory experience of what it is like and feel the Amazon through pictures, smells, sounds and wind. The floor is made up of a hammock, where you can sit and lie, but be careful: you can not jump.

Designed by architect Marko Brajović, immersive content creation was co-created by Amazon artists Priscilla Tabaguara, Muara Topinamba, Lucas Mariano and Leo Chermont, with performances by Azuletral and Liege music.

No need for scheduling, but the space has lines throughout the test period. The advice is to arrive early!

Sensory activity shows connection to Amazon in Rock in Rio 2022 - Mariana Smania - Mariana Smania

Sensory activity shows connection to Amazon

Photo: Mariana Samani

It is also worth signing the bill for the popular initiative Amazônia em Pé, which provides for the allocation of 57 million hectares of public forests in the region for the survival of the biome and the security of the indigenous, riparian peoples, quilombolas, small extractive producers, and agrarian reform. …plus, the brand has created NAVE, an arena where more than 50 artists and activists bring the Amazon to rock in Rio.

Favorite place for tiktokers

tiktokers celebrities will have their own dedicated space very close to the world stage in the TikTokers Lounge. The cabin has three floors and a privileged view of Mundo Stage.

But the general public and users of the video platform will be able to check out another space to produce a lot of content, the TikTok arena. Inside, you’ll find the Effect House, a space with ten new effects created for Rock in Rio.

“We expect a long queue every day. We expect to receive 7,000 people a day here in the plaza. Every corner has different directions, from Anitta, Marina Sena, Jovem Dionísio, Inês Brasil and Casimiro, this is huge,” said Gabi Sima, representative of TikTok.

Departure options

Roberta Medina says Route 85 is “a great homage to where it all began.” There, where people can remember. The coveted venues are the mud-stained tennis sculptures and the highway stage, which will feature a daily performance of the beta singer along with the songs that were on the first release.

Rock in Rio 2022 Route 85 - Filipe Pavão / UOL - Filipe Pavão / UOL

Rock in Rio 2022 Route 85

Photo: Filipe Pavão / UOL

Right at the entrance to Route 85, there is an experience that unites nostalgia and the future: the electric van. For the first time, the car bears the ID name. Buzz is shown in Latin America. It is possible to take pictures inside the displayed form. It is also possible to register an old model.

The Kombi was the longest running vehicle in the country, between 1953 and 2013. “It’s a way to get a sense of the passion Brazil has with Kombi,” said Roger Corassa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen.

The electric truck will be on display during Rock in Rio 2022 - Press Release - Press Release

The electric truck will be on display during the Rock Festival in Rio 2022

Image: disclosure

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