iPhone 14 Pro cover leaks and more details - MacMagazine

iPhone 14 Pro cover leaks and more details – MacMagazine

Between now and September 7th, when the next Apple event takes place, rumors about possible new products from the company should circulate.

In this sense, we are here with some speculation involving “iPhone 14” it’s the “Apple Watch Series 8” – From the details to an alleged chest that was revealed.

New iPhones

a leaker shrimpwhich echoes the leaks posted on Chinese social networks, shared a photo of an alleged box of “iPhone 14 Pro”. In the photo, in addition to the registration of the box itself and the seal that protects it, we can also see the details of the new front hatch expected for the devices, which is subtly different from what has been widely publicized.

iPhone 14 Pro stamp.
According to them, this is the design of the show (😂)
All together with 6GB of RAM, the iPhone Pro has a white cover. m.weibo.cn/status/4808126…

As you can see, the image shows a file hole punch Filled, not a separate pill-shaped clip – as shown in many other “records”. Apparently, this is taken comically before leakerwhich indicates that we should receive the information with a certain level of skepticism.

He himself has stated that the “iPhones 14 Pro” should follow the format previously rumored, as in the tweet below.

ShrimpApplePro also took the opportunity to reveal other details, such as that all iPhones will have 6GB of RAM.RAM, or random access memory. “>1which is an increase in cheaper prices, which also brought about Mac rumors.

And the rumors don’t stop there. as described in Mac rumorsthe user yeux1122from the South Korean social network Naver, in two posts [1, 2]other interesting details about the new iPhones.

Contrary to previous rumors, it seems that we will have to say goodbye to the blue color in the more advanced models of the line. to me leakeriPhones 14 Pro should come in color graphiteAnd the silverAnd the goldenAnd the lilac And the Green color. As purple gains more emphasis, the possibility arises that blue will be abandoned in favor of green.

On cheaper models, we shouldn’t see a lot of new features. to me leakerThe colors will remain roughly the same: midnightAnd the excellentAnd the blueAnd the redAnd the lilac And the Green color. The exception will be pink, which will not appear on the “iPhones 14” and “14 Max”.

In addition, the expected titanium aspect of more expensive models will not happen either. Another interesting novelty supposedly the magnet from MagSafe Stronger batteries, as well as a new “exclusive battery accessory”, which can be a new MagSafe battery.

In terms of processing, it was said before leaker That the processor “A16” should have better temperature management, as well as increases in performance. The rumors go further and say that Apple will adopt a new way to reduce heat on iPhones.

It was also emphasized once again that the cheapest iPhones in the lineup should keep the A15 Bionic chip. Additionally, we should continue to see storage options starting at 128GB on all devices and going up to 1TB on the most advanced, contrary to rumors that have speculated about a 2TB option.

New Apple Watch

Shrimp Apple Pro too Post a thread on Twitter, where he provided some details about the “Apple Watch Series 8”. According to him, the sizes will continue to be 41 mm And the 45 mm, as already ventilated by him earlier. In addition, the closure of the case – including the iPhone cover – will be stronger, leaving marks after opening.

Unlike the issues that have led to delays in the production and delivery of the Apple Watch Series 7, leaker He stated that Apple should not face these challenges. This way, the stock of the new model will not be as limited as the stock of the previous model and the sales start-up process will be much smoother.

It also comes in a new (PRODUCT) RED. according to Mac rumorsthe new generation of Apple smartwatch may lose some color options, as they are only offered in midnightAnd the excellentAnd the silver And the redlose green and blue color.

Finally, the leaker – in a sort of “crime ethic” – he decided to keep details about the supposedly more advanced version of the Apple Watch, which should have a larger and more powerful case. According to him, the new product will be reserved for the classic moment “another thing…”.

That’s what we’ll see next week! 😉

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