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Rock in Rio: Producer Reveals Odd Locker Room Demands From Dua Lipa, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, And Humble Requests From Demi And Rita Ora – Hugo Gloss

Rock at Rio 2022 is coming – and with it the extraordinary demands of artists for their dressing rooms! This Tuesday (30), in an interview with F5 Gate, Ingrid Berger revealed strange items that stars order in their corridors during the event. The producer, who took care of musicians’ requests for 20 editions of the festival in Brazil and abroad, revealed how the team would have to unfold to fulfill the icons’ desires.

Post Malone Imported Jelly Beans

According to Ingrid, one of the toughest items on the menu is to order Post Malone: ​​Jelly Belly Fish. I had never heard of this before, I had to google it, revealed. The artist wants his dressing room to be an American jelly bean shaped like a fish, which is not for sale in Brazil. “Order a package with a long fish and a kind tail”male burger.

It would be hard to find imported jelly beans from Post Malone! (Image: Getty)

Faced with the difficulty of this requirement, Ingrid will have to do what she has been doing for 30 years in such cases: propose to replace another equivalent element, the so-called “counter-racer”. In this case, the suggestion would be to replace the sweet fish with jelly in the form of bears. “If he does not accept, then there is no way. After that, only if you bring him from outside”She said. In addition to this childish taste bud, Malone also orders other opposite extremes, such as Cuban cigars, drinks and a table of beer (alcoholic game).

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Dua Lipa – Ping Pong

After detailing an order for Post Malone, who wanted a private table for pong pong practice, Dua Lipa was more basic in her order. The singer ordered a traditional ping pong table for herself and her team.

Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Tour Las Vegas, Nevada
Dua Lipa only wanted a ping-pong table for her dressing room. (Image: Getty)

Guns N’ Roses – Black Towels

Ingrid points out how ubiquitous towels are practically in requests from all artists. “The truth is that everyone demands it.”, He said. However, in the case of Guns N’ Roses, the requirements are well defined: 200 towels – 40 black face towels. the reason? no one knows. The truth is that this is not the most complicated task, at least.

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Måneskin – Fiji & Kiwi Free Water

According to the producer, one of the artists’ obsessions is usually Fiji, the waters of volcanic origin. This time around, Måneskin’s band was one of those who requested it, but the group will have to settle for another alternative. Ingrid made it clear that she would send the counter-proposal to the Italian artists soon. She was also alerted that one of the group members was allergic to kiwi. “This is new to me.”indicated.

Kings of the band Måneskin.  (Image: Getty)
Måneskin wanted Fiji water…but would have to consider a counter-offer. (Image: Getty)

Megan Thee Stallion – Vegetarians and Vegetarians

Still in the food business, Megan Thee Stallion wanted to make it clear that there are a lot of vegans and vegetarians – in big letters – on her team. In such cases, Ingrid emphasizes the importance of not only worrying about food, but also decorating the dressing room. “Even if they don’t say anything, I avoid leather pieces and bet on fabrics”was expected.

Getty Images 1389375740
Megan Thee Stallion noted that there are many people who do not use animal products. (Photo: Getty Images)

Iron Maiden – The masseur and fine dining

Meanwhile, Iron Maiden metalheads want you to eat well, thank you. In addition to a masseuse, the musicians order dinner seated in the Mundo Stage antechamber, with all the glamor they are entitled to: with re-glazing, crockery, and fine cutlery. “They like a nice table”Berger said. Artists even order red and white roses for decoration, as well as a basket of fruit and bananas – with an emphasis on several bananas.

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Coldplay – Professional Chef & Kitchen

Many artists and bands, such as Coldplay, often bring their own chef to events. In this case, the festival set up a professional kitchen behind the scenes, near a laundromat and on-site pantry. There, chefs will be able to clean their hands, store ingredients, and produce recipes ordered by artists.

2022 Iheartradio Alter Ego Presented by Capital One - Show
Coldplay will bring its own chef to rock music in Rio. (Image: Getty)

Demi Lovato and Rita Ora – Simplicity

stardom? not here! Ingrid confirmed that Demi Lovato is one of the easiest artists to work with. “very easy”Product Description. According to her, a well-equipped make-up mirror, with lights in the frame, is enough to please the singer. Rita Ora goes no further in her requests, asking for things like a fluffy robe, slippers, and a bottle of wine.

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Justin Beiber – ???

So far, Ingrid didn’t have to deal with any ridiculous demands. “I still haven’t received any strange requests”, He said. However, the producer did not hide the concern about the list of Justin Bieber, which has not yet reached their hands. “He has a huge entourage and usually asks for slightly different things.”She said she was afraid of what was to come.

The Rock in Rio production is eagerly awaiting Justin Bieber’s list of requirements for his dressing room. (Image: Getty)

It is not yet known how the artist will visit Brazil this time, but the concern also comes from his last visit, where he would request that no one talk to him while he was in the dressing room. But who knows, it might be different this time, right?

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