Flag, Shirt and Wall: Feliz fans immortalize the Zandona punch in Edmundo, then at Flamengo

Flag, Shirt and Wall: Feliz fans immortalize the Zandona punch in Edmundo, then at Flamengo

Violence has never been common in football, and VAR technology has almost banned aggression on the pitch. However, the blow is perhaps the most famous image of the conflict between Velez Sarsfield and Flamingo, in a game that has been played for nearly 30 years. In Argentina, some call it “Zandonazo”. Red and black dance on the ball, in response to provocations in the punch.

On October 3, 1995, Edmundo provoked Argentine Zandona and slapped him. He returned it with the same coin with his right hand and sent the Brazilian to the ground with a straight left from behind. The Reds and the Lions won 3 to 0, the final result of the duel that qualified Flamengo to the semi-finals of the 1995 Super Cup.

Since then, Vélez fans have immortalized the scene with flags, T-shirts, hats, masks and even graffiti on the grid of an establishment near the José Almafitani stadium.

A group of “Los 100 Barrios” standing next to the Zandoná punch net in Edmundo and below a sign – Photo: Fred Gomez

That Feliz is historic. The Argentine won in 1993, won the Libertadores title the following year over two-time champion Sao Paulo and became the world champion in December against Milan. However, this team got six goals from Flamengo who made a terrible Brazilian and lived with debauchery in their centenary. The trio of Sávio, Romário and Edmundo, initially called “the best attack in the world” by the Black Reds, was soon renamed “the worst attack in the world” by rivals.

In that confrontation, the trio worked – and a lot. In Argentina, without Romario, he won 3-2, with goals from Edmundo, Savio and Rodrigo Mendes. In Uberlandia, 3-0, with Savio, Edmundo and Romario. When the score had already been decided, the striker “rolled and provoked” the Velez team, according to Zandona. The two started in a general confusion, and fans of the world champion at the time saw an opportunity to wash their souls.

In 1995, Flamengo defeated Velez Sarsfield in the Super Cup

Grupo Los 100 Barrios rejects violence and defines Zandona’s image: ‘We don’t shrink

a General Electric He went to Rua Gallardo, in Versalles, a neighborhood next to Liniers, where José Amalfitani Stadium is located. At number 650, the “Los 100 Barrios” group, so named because about 70 fans – 35 founders and their families – from different parts of Buenos Aires, drew a grid with a picture of the Zandona punch.

Kids in 1995 and today almost all of them are in their forties, the group of friends was formed at the beginning of the last decade. In 2012, the first “Zandonazo” tribute came with the customization of the network protecting Prostar sportswear store. Members of “Los 100 Barrios” sought permission from Alberto Geztenman, the owner of the shop and the person who immediately gave them consent.

Alberto Gizenman is the owner of the shop where the Zandun punch was painted in Edmundo – Photo: Fred Gomez

Please mobilize about 30 members of “Los 100 Barrios” to receive the report from ge. They set up the stage with a sign they call rag or Lonvardo local vernacular. And of course with “fee”. Or rather, with Zandona’s graffiti on the walls.

One of the group’s leaders, Joaquin, aka Paloma, explained how “Los 100 Barrios” was born.

– We are a group of 35 Gross domestic product (Boys) who have been following Vélez for about 25 years. We are all from different neighbourhoods, and the only common denominator we had was Phillies. We met from one stadium to the other and that’s how we held each other together. We met here (pointing to a market in front of the store) on the weekends and set up a friendly group.

“Los 100 barrios” members gather to set the stage for an interview with GE – Photo: Fred Gomez

Paloma, 36, has been concerned since the beginning of the report to say that the image of the Zandona punch was chosen as a result of showing bravery rather than inciting violence. Noting that “Los 100 Barrios” is a group made up of families, he explained that the coup symbolizes the following: “Never get on your knees, never humiliate, and never tremble.”

– We were doing a barbarian dance in Oberlandia in this match, we came from the Champion of Velez. And that’s what Vélez is for us: we’re never on our knees, we’re never humiliated. We never shrink. So we were world champions. We didn’t shrink in Tokyo (against Milan), we didn’t shrink in Morumbi (the Copa Libertadores final against Sao Paulo). Then we couldn’t hold back, against Flamengo and Velez went up.

Regardless of any feud with Flamengo, Joaquin said the most important thing in the picture is Velez’s attitude, not adversity.

– For us, what mattered to us was the way Velez behaved. Regardless of the competitor. In that case it was a flamingo. What matters is the timeless image. It is not a personal issue with the flamingo. If it had happened against another shirt and Velez had done the same, we would definitely have had another photo.

There is a reference to Zandona’s coup on the hats, mask and shirt – Photo: montage on Fred Gomez photos

In 2018, they made the flag, which could initially be displayed in stadiums, but was later banned by the police to prevent incitement to violence.

Flag depicting a Zandun punch in Edmundo – Photo: clone

In 2021, on the eve of clashes with Velez in favor of the Libertadores, Flamengo fans prepared three flags. One refers to Romario’s flying boat, which hit Zandona in the chest to defend his friend Edmundo, and others refer to Rodrigo Mendes’ scooter, applied to the same Zandona. The military police took the same measure as Argentina and banned the display of photos in the Maracana, even with the doors closed due to the pandemic.

“Soothes the pain of defeat”

Historian Esteban Pekerman, journalist and professor of football history at Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos, the oldest school of sports journalism in all of South America, describes the feelings of fans who witnessed the scene at the time:

– We understand “fabricated” (Punch) Zandona beat Edmundo as a little revenge in a game where we were really bad in terms of football. In other words, it helped ease the pain of defeat. Meanwhile, to show that Velez was indeed a men’s team, in accordance with the club’s historical identity.

Zandona’s attack on Edmundo was recorded on a network in the Versailles neighborhood – Photo: clone

Pekerman, 50, says Zandona isn’t an idol for his generation of fans, but he considers it a good reminder of the glorious times. About the expression “Zandonazo” used by the members of the “Los 100 Barrios” group, the journalist explained that it appeared in 1991, when the side was still defending San Lorenzo.

It’s a nickname the press uses more than fans. It’s not an expression often used among Vélez fans. In fact, Zandonazo’s expression was used more to classify his superlatives. In my digital file, I found a note from “Super Fútbol” magazine, from 1991, mentioning Zandonazo for pointing out Zandoná’s very strong faults. In the magazine “Solo Fútbol” of the same year, they also indicate a mistake he made – he added.

Drawing reminiscent of Zandona’s assault on Edmundo – Photo: Reproduction

Years later, Zandona denied repentance

Although he did complain that he was reminded of fatigue for his punches on Edmundo and not for the titles, Zandona ensures he doesn’t regret his revenge. After years of confusion, the former player told the newspaper “Hello” Who just wanted to make small changes to the plot and faced the situation in two ways.

One against and one against. To his advantage, you beat him in Brazil. Cons, is that I hit him in the back. I wish I had hit him on the head.

Today Zandona no longer gives interviews on this topic and lives in a district in Buenos Aires. In 2016, on the Patadas y Gambetas blog, at UOL, the former player recounted the sequence of events that took him seriously in that game.

– In an ordinary, insignificant movement, Edmundo received the ball and began to roll, provoking everyone. I, who was closer, mostly. The score was 3 to 0. There is no patience for the opponent to stay by your side, roll over and say things and slap you. There, I wanted to do justice to him by punching him hard. We had a bad moment and we left the cup. The episode meant a catharsis for the whole team. He said: If there is another situation like this, I will do it again.

Zandona’s punch on Edmundo even ended up on his shirt – Photo: clone

cartel – on the ball – from flamingo It is the best in comparison

Twenty-seven years later, already in the age of VAR, hitting – fortunately – is only allowed on the ball. So far, Flamengo with Velez Sarzfeld in the historical duel has scored seven victories, two draws and two defeats.

Round one – on the ball – between Velez Sarsfield and Flamengo is scheduled for Wednesday, 9:30 p.m., at Jose Amalfitani Stadium, in the Liners area. The second and decisive will take place next Wednesday, at the same time, in the Maracana.

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