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Anderson Santos, responsible for uniting Vasco and 777, celebrates the agreement and warns: “Flamingo and Palmeiras take care” | Vasco | today

Anderson Santos is the chief financial officer of Vascopersonal archive

Posted on 08/31/2022 07:00 | Updated 08/31/2022 11:30

This Wednesday (31), the executives of 777 Partners will meet with the directors of Vasco to finalize the purchase of 70% of the shares of Vasco SAF. The club officially held negotiations on February 21, with the announcement of the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties, but talks began in December, thanks to the club’s financial director, Anderson Santos. Professional Cupid was this marriage that was about to be devoted exclusively to him day How did all this happen?

“The people from Matix, who brokered the deal, invited me to lunch because they recommended me to work at a club inside São Paulo, Inter de Limera. We were talking a lot about it and one of the company’s partners, from Vasco, really wanted to introduce 777 Partners to Vasco. He told me about the company and I managed From arranging a meeting with Vice President of Finance, Adriano Mendes. We had lunch twice and from there negotiations progressed until I arrived today, I was Cupid, who introduced the two at the beginning of their relationship. Now with the wedding, I am very happy. We managed to finish the whole course which is a change of heart Club history.

The agreement provides for an investment of 700 million Brazilian riyals over three years. It should be noted that the R$70 million bridge loan that was introduced in February has already been deducted from this amount. The first contribution, amounting to R$120 million, will be shortly after the transfer of 70% of the shares. In addition to the investment, Vasco SF incurred debts of up to 700 million Brazilian reais from the syndicate club. For Anderson Santos, it is the best SAF model made in Brazil, which will allow Cruz-Maltino to compete with Flamengo and Palmeiras.

“Starting next year, with access, and I think it will go up, Vasco will have a different perspective. 777 is very excited, and ready to invest, to form the club. With all due respect to Ronaldo, Cruzeiro and Botafogo, but Vasco’s model is different. Behind the 777 is an organized fund, With a well defined governance department. Guys don’t go to work to lose. They handle a lot of money from investors and know Vasco is a force, not only in Brazilian football. I see Vasco fighting there and back to his glory days in the late 90s. Fans can create Good expectations. They are very professional, planning to build a very exciting structure, investment in the football team, CT and the base. Flamengo and Palmeiras take care of it, Vasco is coming.”

Anderson Santos with former President Alexandre Campellopersonal archive

Anderson Santos was an important part of this process long before Vasco contemplated the SAF. The professional has been working in the club since June 2018, still in the management of former president Alexandre Campello and helped organize the house, structuring and modernizing the administrative processes, attracting investors from 777 partners.

“I actually went into oversight, implemented regulations, and helped restructure the entire financial and accounting field. HR had a lot of errors, with many frauds. We prepared the club with transparent balance sheets and at the end of last year Vasco already envisioned the possibility of selling, with Taking into account that the debt was restructured through the RCE (Central Enforcement System) and the agreement with the PGFN (Prosecutor General of the National Treasury) studied Vasco, who was ready to negotiate after all this financial restructuring. ”

Despite being the link in the negotiations between Vasco and 777 Partners, Anderson Santos was not involved in the negotiations. He had to present the club’s financial analysis, with arguments presented to President Jorge Salgado and Vice President of Finance, Adriano Mendes, who is responsible for concluding the agreement between the two parties. The professional revealed that he would continue at SAF, but not as CFO, a position that Lúcio Barbosa would occupy.

“I’ve already imagined, I come from the market and these practices are common. Guys have been looking for a man they trust, Lúcio Barbosa, to do the financial management. He’s a very good professional and I’ve been with him ever since last week. He came from big companies like Apple. He has an approach Very interesting. I was invited to work in the control department and was happy with the recognition. The board understands that without my work and the things we built, this would be possible. In addition to the financial issue, recognition is important. I’m betting on that too. We are doing work in the hope that it will pay off later “.

Anderson Santos with Adriano Mendes, Vice President of Finance at Vasco - Personal archive
Anderson Santos with Adriano Mendes, Vice President of Finance at Vascopersonal archive
In addition to Anderson Santos, all staff in the union club’s administrative area will be transferred to SAF, which will provide services to the association through the end of the year. From that period, the club will have to create its own management structure.

More answers from Anderson Santos

Without the SAF, what is Vasco’s perspective?
“I had no other solution for Vasco. I’ve been at the club since 2018 and already four or five months late. I don’t know if Vasco would have made it through the first quarter if it didn’t happen. t for the bridge loan of R$70 million. It wasn’t There is a solution other than SAF. Much was said about the entry of an investor at the time of the campaign, but it seemed to me to be a utopia. Knowing the economic reality of Brazil and in the world, the only way was to turn it into a club company and sell it to an investor. ”

Is SAF the way forward for Vasco or for all Brazilian clubs?
“In Brazilian football, there is no alternative. Sooner or later, clubs, even those with a structure like Flamengo and Palmeiras, will eventually surrender to the SAF, because they will be left behind. It is not only a financial issue, but a governance issue, which He is greatly weak in the union club because of politics. He interferes a lot. Even for the capital investment, sponsorship. Investors tend to prefer the company’s organized club, rather than risk the association club. A good moment, which is undoubtedly the biggest deal in Brazilian football, The way the contract was done, the concern over the guarantees, the values ​​of the club, the brand, the history, as well as the financial aspect.”

And what about the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama?
“I expect the club to become strong in the Olympics, but that is not in the short term. From September, there is already an expectation to settle some outstanding financial issues so that in mid-October we will have Certificates of Debt Clearance (CNDs). We have already got a Certificate of Clearance.” FGTS and TRT Clearance Certificate All that is missing is a Federal Tax Clearance Certificate from the attorney. With this release, the club will once again have access to incentive project resources and Vasco has a proven track record in the Olympics. Funds are expected to be raised with incentives of approximately R$ 8.5 million The legal partner’s revenue will be approximately R$ 400,000 per month, approximately R$ 5 million annually. It has a portion of the licensing revenue earmarked for the bonding club. I appreciate the financial capacity for investments in these other areas of the sport, which are funded from football revenues and very limited because of the club’s debt.

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