'Washington and Beijing compete for the moon and Mars' - BBC News Brazil

‘Washington and Beijing compete for the moon and Mars’ – BBC News Brazil

attributed to him, Carlos Briones

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Carlos Briones will participate in the Hay Festival in Queretaro.

Few people are as willing to answer what life is and where we can find it as Carlos Briones.

A scientist, poet and poet, the Spanish astrobiologist spent years asking himself the big questions about the origin of life on Earth and the existence of other life forms in the universe.

As he says on his Twitter account, “Science to understand the world, poetry to name it. And always, doubt,” he has an interest and passion for doing so through his “Third Culture,” the relationship between sciences, humanities, and the arts.

He and his team are conducting research on the first biological molecules capable of transmitting genetic information and developing biosensors with the function of detecting molecules related to the existence of life, wherever it may be.

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