Ring, Game, Book: 10 Things Lord of the Rings Fans Should Have

Ring, Game, Book: 10 Things Lord of the Rings Fans Should Have

This Thursday, the first, one of the greatest fairy tales of all time, gains another chapter with the premiere of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” on Amazon Prime Video. The series promises to perfectly recreate and expand Middle-earth that the general public knew in the award-winning trilogy directed by Peter Jackson two decades ago.

Old-fashioned fans will find devoted characters already in the movies, but no one needs to rush to see all three, as the new series will take place thousands of years before Frodo’s journey to destroy the One Ring. While “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”, the first titles published by JRR Tolkien about Middle-earth, take place at the end of the Third Age, the events depicted in “The Rings of Power” take place during the Safe Age.

Although it has already been confirmed that the series will spoil the timeline set by the British writer for being, as it brings together some important events regarding the books for the sake of narration, the distance between the stories can be as much as 5,000 years.

The number may frighten those unfamiliar with Tolkien’s work, but it’s this level of world-building and context, with plenty of detail and tremendous depth in creating races, kingdoms, wars, and even languages, that’s what makes this fantasy franchise something of a darling for over eighty years.

If “The Lord of the Rings” depicts the so-called War of the Ring, when Gandalf unites men, elves, and dwarves to finally defeat the great evil Sauron, works like “The Silmarillion” in detail about the creation of the world and the first tooth.

And between these two eras, Rings of Power will tell its story, presenting key events and locations for the entire franchise, such as the island of Númenor, the greatest kingdom of men, and the composition of the episodes mentioned by Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards).

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If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful world created by JRR Tolkien, or if you are already a fan who would like to expand your collection, splash Separate list of books, games and more for you to browse.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Box – HarperCollins

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Price: 116.89 BRL* (42% off)

Hardcover version of Tolkien’s most famous work, which is responsible for introducing Middle-earth to a crowd of fans. The story tells of the journey of the Hobbit Frodo with the help of the wizard Gandalf and an alliance of men, elves, and dwarves to destroy the One Ring and defeat Sauron.

The Annotated Hobbit – HarperCollins

The Annotated Hobbit - Harper Collins - Disclosure - Disclosure . book
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Price: R$49.90* (50% off)

The first work set in this vast universe, “The Hobbit” introduces important characters such as Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins and Gollum. This edition features, in addition to Tolkien’s original illustrations and poems, notes by Douglas A. Anderson, an expert on the author’s work.

RPG Episode One – Becoming

RPG One Episode - Becoming - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: 200 BRL * (pre-sale)

It takes place 50 years before the War of the Ring, when the forces of darkness rise and the worlds of men, elves and dwarves experience a certain prosperity. But rumors of strange things happening are more frequent, and it is the role of the role-players to take these risks.

The Silmarillion, Beren, Lúthien, and The Fall of Gondolin Books – Harper Collins

Great Tales Books - Harper Collins - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: R$97.68* (25% off)

Edited by Christopher Tolkien, based on material left by his father, the three works depict the First Age. “Silmarillion” is a compendium of stories, among them “Beren and Lúthien” and “The Fall of Gondolin”. Subsequently, these two short stories were expanded and acquired their own editions.

Replica “One Ring” 18K Gold Plated

One ring plated with 18 karat gold - disclosure - disclosure
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Price: R$49.99*

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and into the darkness bind them all.” This is the inscription engraved on the central element of Tolkien’s work. Plated in 18 karat gold and based on the ring designed for the Peter Jackson films, this is the perfect gift for fans of the saga.

Funko Pop! Gladrill from “Lord of the Rings” – Funko

Funko Pop!  galadriel
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Price: R$499*

The star of “Rings of Power,” he will play Galadriel in the Morphide Clark series. But 20 years ago, in The Fellowship of the Ring, who personified her as a powerful leader of her people was Cate Blanchett, and this group brought this version of the Goblin who helped Frodo on his journey.

Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle-earth – Galapagos Games

Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Journeys - Galapagos Games - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: R$606.90* (24% off)

A board game for five people. Players take on the role of Fellowship of the Arena members, with abilities tailored to the role each assumes. With several expansions available, it is possible to live new adventures in addition to those presented in this initial release.

Nature Middle-earth – HarperCollins

The nature of Middle-earth book - Harper Collins - Disclosure - Disclosure
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Price: R$50.83* (27% off)

This book was edited by one of Tolkien’s greatest scholars, Carl F. Hostteer, for the fan who wants to delve deeper into Middle-earth. The work deals with whether time passes differently for elves, which races and creatures can have beards, as well as dealing with life and death, the world, its lands and its inhabitants.

Gandalf Collection – Diamond Select

Gandalf's collection - diamond identification - disclosure - disclosure
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Price: 347 BRL *

This set features the wizard Gandalf’s gray version of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” as played by Ian McKellen. Although only appearing in the Third Age, this one of the greatest heroes in the entire Ring saga is expected to also appear in “The Rings of Power”.

The Fall of Numenor Book (English Edition) – William Morrow & Company

The Fall of Númenor (English Edition) - Harper Collins - Disclosure
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Price: R$ 209.84 * (Pre-sale)

Tolkien’s most recent published work is a collection of writings about the Second Age, around the same time as the Rings of Power. This time Tolkien described himself as a dark age of which little is said.

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