Cruzeiro scores a lightning goal, but remains in a draw with Sampaio Correia

Cruzeiro scores a lightning goal, but remains in a draw with Sampaio Correia

Cruzeiro started the match strong against Sampaio Correia, but the high temperature at first was not enough for the heavenly team to come out victorious from Castellao, in São Luis, today (30), in the twenty-seventh round of the second division of the Brazilian championship. Pezulano’s team drew 1-1 with Maranhão. The goals were scored by Raposa Edo after only 44 seconds of the match and by Paolo Sergio.

The heavenly team still needed to fend off strong pressure from the hosts, who had two great chances in the final minutes of the match. As a result, Cruzeiro reached 58 points and remained at the top of the Second Division. While the opponent has 35 points.

Sampaio Correia returns to the field next Saturday (3), against Guarani, at 16:30 (Brasilia), in Campinas. Cruzeiro will receive Criciúma, Sunday (4), at 4 p.m., in Mineirão.

The killer is back!

It took Edu just 44 seconds to open the scoring at Castelão. The striker scored after a strong kick from Bruno Rodriguez and the defense of Mateos Inacio. This is the second goal in a row for Edo, who played 13 games without Cruzeiro scoring.

Mateus Inacio saves Sampaio

In the 20th minute, Danielle Junior tried to surprise Sampaio. The striker finished off hard from the edge of the area and forced goalkeeper Mateus to rest his palm to the side.

Sampaio pulls the dead ball

The penalty for Cruzeiro, who controlled the match, came in stoppage time in the first half. At the age of 46, Pimentinha hit a free kick and headed Andre Luiz to score the goal. Rafael Cabral saved the ball superbly, but on the rebound, Paulo Sergio sent the ball past Cruzeiro, and tied the match.

Matthews turns with his foot

In the 11th minute of the second stage, Bruno Rodriguez made a good move on the left. He submitted, but Paolo Sergio stopped him. Furthermore, Daniel Jr. Taking the rebound, he kicked, but Mateus Inacio avoided the goal with his foot.

Cruise departs to press

In the final phase of the match, Cruzeiro became more consistent in attack. At the age of 29, Beddo crossed the area, but neither Gaga nor Giovanni managed to finish the match. At 33, Paulo Sergio received a cross from Yaga who was looking for Bruno Rodriguez in the area.

Sampaio misses a big chance in the end

At the age of 44, Lucas Araujo, who had just entered the match, missed an incredible opportunity. The player finished to the right of Rafael Cabral’s center. The ball passed so close that some fans shouted for a goal at Castellao.

Cabral saves Cruzeiro

Pimentinha, already in extra time, had a chance to match, but was stopped by Rafael Cabral’s defense, who secured a draw for Raposa with a good defense.

Cruzeiro game: control, but a little aggression

Cruzeiro did not face many difficulties in the match and exercised control of the match well, but without creating many dangerous opportunities. Changes to the flanks, with Giovanni Jesus and Bruno Rodriguez entering the sector worked well, but there was a lack of conclusions on goal.

Sampaio Corrêa: Desire, but little ammo

Surprised by the foul, Sampaio Corre attempted to leave for the match, but had difficulties getting to Raposa Stadium. The dead ball was the primary asset of the team, which was disorganized in defenses when trying to score.

Best: Bruno Rodriguez

He started playing the role of the left winger and was the main name of the Celestial Attack along with Edo who scored the Celestial goal.

Worst: Rafael Silva

Choosing Pizulano to start the match instead of Lovanor, who had started, Rafa Silva did not do well. The player ran a bit and was of little importance.

data sheet

SAMPAIO CORRÊA 1 x 1 Cruzeiro

Competition: Round 27 of the second division
Date: August 30, 2022 (Tuesday)
Location and time: Castellao Stadium, Sao Luis (Massachusetts), 7 p.m. (from Brasilia)
Rule: Edina Alves Batista (FIFA-SP)
Auxiliaries: Daniel Paulo Zioli (SP) and Miguel Cattaneo Ribeiro da Costa (SP)
Video Assistant Referee: Miguel Cattaneo Ribeiro da Costa (SC)
yellow cards: Rafael Villa and Paulo Sergio (Sampio Correia)
Objectives: Edu in 44 seconds and Paolo Sergio in 46 minutes of the first half

Sampaio Korea: Mateus Inacio Matteosino (Mauricio), Alain Godoy, Paulo Sergio and Parra (Lucas Hipolito); André Luiz (Lucas Araujo), Ferreira and Rafael Villa (Eloar); Pimentinha, Gabriel Boveda (Ygur Katato) and Leo Tocantins. Coach: Leo Conde.

Sea trip: Rafael Cabral, Giovanni Jesus (Wesley Gasolina), Zee Evaldo, Lucas Oliveira and Eduardo Brock; Felipe Machado (Willian Oliveira), Neto Mora, and Daniel Jr. (Gaga) ; Bruno Rodriguez, Rafa Silva (Matthews Beddo) and Edo (Lincoln). Coach: Paolo Pezulano.

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