Learn to recognize the warning signs of high blood sugar

Learn to recognize the warning signs of high blood sugar

Glucose, when in the form of a sugar molecule found in the bloodstream, is a vital part of our health and is the body’s main source of energy. It helps the individual to be ready to perform daily activities. However, when taken in excessive amounts, it can lead to serious complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney problems.

Hyperglycemia occurs when there is too much sugar in the blood. This situation leads to a lack of insulin, as the hormone responsible for transporting glucose through the body becomes insufficient. The defect can often be treated by diet.

High blood sugar over a long period of time can damage the blood vessels responsible for carrying blood to organs such as the heart and kidneys. Not everyone will notice the signs of this condition, but there are some subtle symptoms, such as tiredness or increased thirst.”

A healthcare professional has listed the hallmarks of hyperglycaemia:

Check for signs of high blood sugar

1. Feeling very tired

According to the doctor, more sugar does not mean more energy. The body is no longer able to use the excess glucose for its own benefit, which leads to extreme fatigue.

2. Increased urination and thirst

The kidneys are unable to filter the excess blood sugar. With this said, they try to remove it in any way, mainly via urine. To compensate for the amount of fluid that comes out, the body begins to demand more and more water.

3. Blurred vision

High blood glucose levels can increase pressure in the blood vessels behind the retina and cause blurred vision. The difficulty may be only temporary, and disappear when the blood sugar level stabilizes.

4. Numbness and tingling

High blood sugar can damage the nervous system, leading to a condition called neuropathy characterized by numbness or tingling in the fingers, hands, and feet.

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