The uncle of a man who is in a vegetative state after a drug overdose says in RS: 'A person enters healthy and never leaves'

The uncle of a man who is in a vegetative state after a drug overdose says in RS: ‘A person enters healthy and never leaves’

The family of Alexandre Moraes de Lara, a patient in a coma for 10 months after receiving an overdose of a drug in a hospital in Porto Alegre, is still trying to understand what happened to the 28-year-old in October 2021.

“A person enters into talking, walking, health, smiling, and never leaving. And never leaving, without being able to say ‘goodbye’ to his family,” laments his uncle, Luciano Pacheco Martins.

Alexander was hospitalized for a heart problem. However, instead of taking two pills of the drug, the patient received 20 to 10 times more. The drug, which he notes controls the heartbeat, ended up causing cardio-respiratory arrest. A report signed by a physician hired by the family indicates that Alexander’s vegetative state has great potential to be permanent.

A chart signed by the hospital CEO indicates the team’s fault. According to the document, “the medicine dispensed by the hospital pharmacy differed from the dose recorded in the system and from the prescription.” The doctor gave the patient 600 milligrams, but the hospital gave 6000 milligrams.

His wife, Gabriel Gonçalves Bresciani, recalls that her husband was physically active and that he loved surfing and going to the gym. She, who was pregnant at the time, says that Alexander still does not understand when he saw his daughter.

“I was three months pregnant when it happened. Now I take Sarah, his daughter, there to see him, but he understands nothing,” she said,.

The wife was with Alexander when the case happened. She said she questioned the nursing technician, who confirmed the dose the doctor indicated. Soon, the boy fell ill.

According to the family, the cardiologist gave the correct prescription, and that the first mistake occurred in the hospital pharmacy.

“When the pharmacy registered the medication, it incorrectly registered it. Instead of recording it as 300 milligrams, which is correct, it recorded it as 30 milligrams. Instead of taking the two pills he should have taken, he took 20 pills,” Gabriel says.

Report of a doctor hired by the Alexander family – Photo: Reproduction / RBS

Investigation and what the hospital says

The Civil Police of Porto Alegre is investigating the suspicion drug overdose It is given to a patient in a city hospital. The case took place in October 2021. Since then, Alexandre Moraes de Lara, 28, has been around vegetative state It needs 24 hour care.

Humaneza Hospital, where the patient remains in hospital, says Alexander’s care took place in the previous management of the unit. “The hospital deeply regrets what happened and provides all necessary and available medical assistance to improve the patient’s clinical condition,” he says in a note.

Alexandre Moraes de Lara, 28, before and after an overdose in a hospital in Porto Alegre – Photo: personal archive

The police investigation has not yet been completed. The Regional Board of Medicine (Cremers) says it is investigating the performance of the professionals involved in the case.

The entrance to the Humaneza Hospital in Porto Alegre – Photo: Reproduction / RBS

The family is still complaining about the emergency care provided by the hospital. According to the uncle, it took the team more than five minutes to help Alexander.

“The doctor didn’t know how to direct the nurses or technicians for the procedure, if they had to do the intubation, if they didn’t. That it was adrenaline, which had to be given, was not given in time,” he says.

The family of a patient waits in front of a hospital in Porto Alegre – Photo: Reproduction / RBS TV

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