Cruzeiro de eye: The government is considering separating from Minas Arena and assessing the value

Cruzeiro de eye: The government is considering separating from Minas Arena and assessing the value

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Cruise with a focus on Mineiro: the government is considering separating from the Minas Arena and the value of the compensation is estimated at 400 million Brazilian riyals

The Minister of Infrastructure and Mobility of Minas Gerais, Fernando Marcato, revealed this Tuesday (30/8), in an interview with Supersportsthat the state is considering breaking the concession contract between Mineiro and Minas Arena from 2023 and promoting a new bidding process.

The measure is aimed at reducing the government’s monthly expenditures with transfers that the stadium operator expects until 2037. Because Cruzeiro, who is interested in managing Gigante, is following this process closely.

Law No. 8987, which deals with public concessions, provides for unilateral breach of contract by the state, but requires the government to compensate Minas Arena. According to Marcato, the estimated value will be 400 million Brazilian riyals.

“We can make a new offer for Mineiro grants, for example, for more 50 yearsAnd that’s what we did with Minerinho. In this case, the state will have to pay compensation to Minas Arena for what it has already invested. For example, 400 million Rls, which is a number we think might be close to that. Minas Arena would have no way of opposing it. What can you argue with the value. But the state has the right to do so as long as it is paid in advance.”

Cruz is most interested in Mineiro

Termination of the contract between the state government and the Minas Arena would be an opportunity, for example, for the Cruzeiro Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF), managed by Ronaldo Venemeno, to become a candidate to take over Mineiro in a new bidding process.

The process, however, is complex. SAF Cruzeirense’s largest partner will need to bring together investors to create a new consortium capable of meeting state requirements.

This new consortium, which eventually consists of Cruzeiro SAF, will have to pay, from the outset, a grant of R$400 million. With this amount, the government intends to compensate Minas Arena in advance for breaking the current relationship.

“I’m thinking of doing that for next year. Make a call, not just to Cruzeiro, but whatever, structuring a project for those willing to take over Mineiro without the state having to put money in with a grant still being paid. I’m going to take that grant and pass it on to Minas Arena to make up for it,” he said. Marcato.

He added, “I get rid of a debt of 10 million Brazilian reais (monthly), which from next year will reach 3.5 million Brazilian reals (monthly), but I have to pay it for many years (until 2037)”. .

Photo: Ramon Lisboa/EM/DA Press

Minister Fernando Marcato revealed the government’s intention to terminate the concession contract with Minas Arena from next year

The values ​​mentioned by the Secretary refer to the monthly installments shovel (a reward for investments made by the franchisor) and Lead (Reward for execution).

From 2023, the franchisor will be paid solely based on its operating performance (Lead). The shovel Stop being paid by the state.

Country conversation with Ronaldo

On June 15 of this year, Ronaldo met with Governor Romeo Zima (Novo) and Secretary Fernando Marcato at the BDMG headquarters in Belo Horizonte, and addressed exactly this matter.

Ronaldo meeting from Cruzeiro with Governor Romeo Zima

to me SupersportsMarcato revealed that the takeover (unilateral termination of the concession contract) was the main topic discussed with Ronaldo at that meeting. “It was possible that we discussed with Ronaldo. What was most discussed was the possibility of possession. But in this case I have to pay the Minas Arena.”

Other ways for Cruzeiro to administer Mineiro

In the interview with SupersportsMercato also indicated alternative ways in which Cruzeiro should participate in Mineiro’s gesture. These two other scenarios will depend on maintaining the contract between the state government and Minas Arena.

1) The first model will be a sub-franchise agreement aligned with the Minas Arena with Cruzeiro. In it, the club will act as the main manager. The current franchisor will fully retain the contract with the state.

The Foreign Minister noted that “there is a possibility that Cruzeiro and Minas Arena will agree between them. It is a sub-concession. It can be done. In this case, the Minas government does not need to intervene.”

two) Another possible avenue for Cruzeiro SAF to officially become part of the Minas Arena corporate structure.

Minas Arena is a consortium of engineering firms Construcap, Egesa and HAP and has run Gigante da Pampulha since 2010, during the modernization work for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

In this model, the state government needs to authorize Cruzeiro to control the Minas Arena.

“In this second scenario, from a legal point of view, I need him (Cruzero) to prove certain financial capacity requirements contained in the contract. If he proves this, the state cannot oppose him.”

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