Vitor Pereira praises Corinthians fans in the cold and analyzes victory: "I didn't want to suffer"

Vitor Pereira praises Corinthians fans in the cold and analyzes victory: “I didn’t want to suffer”

Coach Vitor Pereira thanked more than 36,000 Corinthians fans who were at the New Coimica Arena on Monday night, under 10°C, for watching the 1-0 win over Bragantino, in the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship.

– First, I would like to thank all the people who came to the stadium in this cold, Monday night. It’s not easy, but the passion for Corinthians, in fact… It’s a stadium that fills and is filled with positive energy. You can feel it on the field – the coach commented.

Vitor Pereira in the Corinthians match against Bragantino – Photo: Ettore Chirigini / AGIF

On the victory, built thanks to Gustavo Mosquito’s opportunism in the first half and Cassio’s impressive performance in the second, Vitor Pereira analyzed:

We played a good first half, as I needed a little better definition in the last third to score. We got inside the area, eventually, but we needed the last pass or the last movement to achieve another goal, which I think was well deserved.

– In the second half we lost a little pressure, and this team, when not under pressure, has quality, plays, works well and puts a lot of people in our defence. They created problems because in the latter part of the game we couldn’t press forward, we let a lot of balls into our area, and we had difficulties. On the counter-attack we could have scored the second goal, and that’s football. Then, because we wanted to hold on to the score and come back, we let the cross pass.

Watch the interview with Corinthians coach Vitor Pereira after beating Bragantino

Bragantino’s pressure almost prevented Corinthians from winning again after three matches in Brazil. The team came from two defeats (Palmeiras and Fortaleza) and a draw (Afae).

Vitor Pereira admitted his struggle with Bragantino’s finest plays in the final stage of the match:

– I suffered too, I didn’t want to suffer. It is normal for the coach to respond to what he sees. What was going on? Bragantino, the loser, started receiving passes, putting a lot of balls in the area. If they put a six above our line, what would I do? Leave the four? The ideal situation was to press and get more ball. When I see that the team is not getting the ball, what should I do? Balance things and create a balance of power behind.

– Since we couldn’t press high and keep the ball, we chose Bruno’s position. We were having a problem in the air match. I wanted just the opposite. It was our misfortune that when Ramiro came in, and he did so well, soon after Gustavo asked to leave because he had muscle discomfort. We had to move Ramiro to the right and we lost the pressure he was putting on us at that moment. We’ve been pushed back.

Corinthians will have the week free to train and will only be back on the field on Sunday, against Internacional, again in Itaqueira.

Best moments: Corinthians 1 x 0 Bragantino, in the twenty-fourth round of the Brazilian League

Best moments: Corinthians 1 x 0 Bragantino, in the twenty-fourth round of the Brazilian League

See other interview topics:

Vera plays a role as a senior midfielder. When we went to pick him up, we had to make the first quarterback, the second quarterback, have the area ending property. He’s playing with the number one midfielder because we think he’s efficient and he’s doing it with quality. He’s a tactical player, he doesn’t lose balls easily, he improves a lot in terms of getting balls back. A little calm lacks shooting from outside the area, he had two, three, four chances to hit the goal, and he did not succeed. But that calm will surely come, he is a player with a very high standard and margin of width.

– I don’t quite understand what information about Maycon is. He is undergoing treatment, and he did not put his foot on the ground as a result of the fracture. When Maycon does well, he will be a source of strength for us, no doubt a player who adds quality and things to our game. But he is not at this point to talk about the match against Fluminense. I’m not a doctor, but it’s in an early stage. He does not put his foot on the ground, because he will begin to run, gaining physical condition … Broken toes. Maycon at his level was a problem that I wanted to tackle as quickly as possible.

– We will try to get the players out, maybe Rooney, Giuliano, Junior, I don’t know if he can recover. Maicon has no chance. So more solutions. It allows us to work on tactical behaviors. What we did really well today was like good pressure in the first stage today. It will allow us to extend that good level in the second half as well, which is what we want. I like the team to press and have the ball. When we started not having the ball and coming back, we are not specialists, this team that in defensive organization, in low mass, has these characteristics. The characteristics of our players are when we press and have the ball, this is the team that I love. We have to prolong this in time.

I built my life a lot with my feet on the ground, facing reality with short-term goals. I am not that dreamer who looks at long-term goals and fails to achieve short-term goals. The short-term goal in Brazil is to look at the team ahead. If we get there, we’ll look. I’m not the one who creates illusions or builds sandcastles. I was not such a person. We will try to improve this week, rest in the first days, then improve our behavior and be good in the next game, which will be difficult, against an opponent who is discussing the same situations as us. The trophy is another goal. Those who have reached the semi-finals aim to reach the final, we have a strong opponent ahead of us, when this working week arrives we will try as much as possible to get past Fluminense.

– Bragantino in the second half was more pressing, the spaces were deeper. The short game is getting more and more difficult. We had to change our game to find space behind the opponent’s line. In the first part there was more space between the lines, this distance was not urgent. In the first half we made good movements in the right and left lane, the last pass was missing, that movement to expect and withdraw to score more than one goal. The second half was very different, Bragantino was more pressing, we took time to find the deep spaces, had a hard time pressing them more and the match turned out to be a match of worse quality.

‘An important victory,’ says Carica Bertaglia | crowd sound

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