“There was no bad service,” says the secretary on the attack on the health center in Primavera de Leste (MT)

“There was no bad service,” says the secretary on the attack on the health center in Primavera de Leste (MT)

This Monday (29), Primavera de Leste’s Minister of Health, Laura Lindra, informed the Ministry of Health g 1 That there was “no bad service” at the FHS in Bairro São Jose, where a resident broke into an office, stabbed a doctor and killed a health worker on Thursday (25). The alleged motive for the crime was indicated by the military police in the minutes of the facts, at the time of the arrest of the suspect.

According to her, Antonio Anderson Ferreira de Lima, 34, who admitted planning the crime to the civil police, was ill in the unit. He was seen in June, when he received a prescription for 30-day medication and returned to the health center the day before the crime to schedule his return, which will take place the following Friday.

The secretary noted that “there was no complaint from the patient, there was no bad service and there was no complaint.”

According to her, Lima has been receiving care at the city’s psychosocial care center (hats) since 2020, when doctors, psychologists and a social worker began to consult him, but he did not attend the unit for about a year.

“This was not caused by the poor condition of the service. The patient was diagnosed with a mental disorder, and was undergoing treatment at CAPS, but with low frequency and adherence to medication,” he said.

In May, the patient’s mother sought the unit and requested assistance in transporting him to the hospital, according to the secretary.

“The doctor provided the family with all instructions regarding the possibility of a psychotic break, so that the family should contact Samo, should this occur. Again, the doctor changed the medication and asked for family monitoring.”

Also, according to the secretary, the mother returned in June, reporting no improvement in her son’s condition. Hospitalization was granted at the Paolo di Tarso Charity, a reference hospital in the municipality, and the family was informed by the state.

“I looked for UPA for transfusion and was directed to Samu to provide the service since there is a team that specializes in the outbreak and can treat the patient so they can be transferred. There was no communication from the team,” he said.

Between May and July, according to the minister, Samo treated 50 patients in case of an outbreak of psychosis in Primavera do Leste.

“It is very important for us to emphasize that psychotherapy is the responsibility of the municipality and the state, but also that this family can accompany this patient and provide assistance, and if necessary, Samu should be called to take him to the emergency service unit,” he explained.

The health unit of the municipality, 239 kilometers from Cuiabá, will remain closed for consultations during the week until staff receive psychological support.

“We ask for sympathy. Staff are weakened by the situation and the epidemic. Let each one put himself in the shoes of all the servants,” he said.

Dr. Jacqueline Matos da Croce, 31, has worked in the unit for 7 years. Community Health Agent Reggie Ross Lopez de Oliveira, 51, has been working for more than 15 years.

“They are excellent servants, as well as the entire team, which has already been honored by the Ministry of Health for the work done,” she added.

In order to implement security in the ESF, the municipality of Primavera do Leste will, according to the secretary of the organization, expand the authorized activity of the unit, contact security guards and install surveillance cameras.

Military police will also expand patrols in the health center area.

Antonio Anderson Ferreira Lima, 34, walked into the ESF and attacked the doctor and staff with a knife. – Image: Granted

The crime took place Thursday afternoon (25). Jacqueline was working in the unit, when the resident walked into the office with a knife, while a patient was leaving the room, and attacked the pregnant doctor.

Police said a witness broke into the room and, using a table, managed to stop the attacks. After that, the agent entered the office, according to the delegate, and he, too, was stabbed.

He was arrested and gave his testimony to the Civil Police on Friday morning (26). The author planned the crime because he did not consent to the care provided to him by the doctor, according to the delegate in charge of the case.

Lima was on psychotic hiatus, according to the prime minister.

Jacqueline must leave the intensive care unit on Monday (29), according to family information.

Reggie was buried on Friday (26th) in Poxoréu.

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