Sad confirmation of Corinth.  William in Fulham.  The rumors may be true.  Idol worship is over

Sad confirmation of Corinth. William in Fulham. The rumors may be true. Idol worship is over

Sao Paulo, Brazil

While Anthony’s signing by Manchester United makes global headlines, another Brazilian player arrives in the Premier League, the English Premier League.

Or rather return.

Without any repercussions.

Willian, 34, has signed a one-year contract with second-division club Fulham.

Confirmation of his appointment upset the direction of Corinth once again.

The members of the Council have already brought to President Duilio Monteiro Alves a strange note.

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, an international specialist in negotiations, had already announced his desire to leave Corinthians on May 30.

On the same day, his father tried to deny any possibility of going out.

“There is none of that [vontade de sair]. There were those threatening episodes that happened with Cassio and other players too, of course it’s not great, the family is scared, but it’s over, we’ve talked, everything is resolved. Everything is normal. The difference is that there was no window. [de transferência] Close and now there, then people continue to associate one thing with another.”

“[A torcida] do not worry. Willian is fine, everything is fine, there is nothing, there is no suggestion and there is no such thing as he wants to leave,” swore Severino Silva, the attacking midfielder’s father and manager.

President Duilio Monteiro Alves has also confirmed that he will not leave, despite the death threats he has received, due to the team’s poor performance. In fact, Cassio received much worse.

“The player has a contract. Corinthians have gone to great lengths to bring him in, and he’s to come. Now, there’s nothing like Willian looking for us and saying he wants to leave, giving clues. But we feel he’s been very good. Annoyed by that, worried a lot about him. Not Corinthians fans.” …”

“He made such an effort to return to the club that formed him. In the last game we saw the whole stadium applauding him as he stood. Unfortunately, these are isolated acts of people who are not Corinthians fans. About 40 million fans. We want Willian here. Help us “, said the leader, in June 15.

Meanwhile, Corinthians’ advisors were aware of the pressure the player is under from his wife Vanessa Martins to return to England. He feared for the safety of his daughters, who traveled around São Paulo in armored cars with security guards.

Willian assured Duilio that he would continue with the Corinthians, such as Cássio, Fagner, and Gil, and threatened three others.

Until he was sought after by Fulham, one of the London clubs, such as Chelsea and Arsenal.

William succumbed to his wife’s pressure.

The official announcement takes place on the same day as Anthony.

Willian was in the 2018 World Cup.

The former Sao Paulo and Ajax striker will replace him in the Tite team.

He has arrived in England bearing the responsibility of being the biggest star in the reconstruction of Manchester United.

While Cristiano Ronaldo, in the last hours of the window, is looking for a new team. Until the first of September. Two days to transition the 37-year-old media player. Or surrender to fight for the position, even with Anthony.

William will have a new mission in his career. A reality that is much less ambitious than the one he used to live in at the clubs he passed through.

Prevent Fulham from returning to the second division.

He no longer proudly remembers his name at Parque São Jorge.

But disappointed.

Consultants, managers and members of organizations.

Nobody will forgive you.

Because they despair of Corinth.

The club even wanted to say goodbye at the end of 2023, when he must stop playing football.

But let him say goodbye in Europe.

Or find another club.

The idolatry of Corinth was greatly shaken.

For turning his back on the club after unreasonable threats, the perpetrators were identified and arrested.

In August, William confirmed the May rumors.

He returned to England.

To London, where he feels safe.

He will fight for his team so that he does not go down…

The player who killed his ex-girlfriend with a hammer participated in a campaign against femicide

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