Petrobras (PETR4) divulga teaser de venda de direitos minerários; Eletrobras (ELET6) divulgará resultado e mais notícias

Petrobras (PETR4) begins bonding phase of UFN-III sale, PDG Council (PDGR3) will decide assembly and more

Movida (MOVI3) and Ferbasa (FESA4) were among the top corporate news highlights this Tuesday (30), after JCP’s first value update and approval of dividend payouts to shareholders by the second.

Oi (OIBR3) will submit a reverse stock split proposal after further notice from B3, as will PDG (PDGR3).

Petrobras (PETR3; PETR4) has in turn announced that the bonding phase in connection with the full sale of Unit Three Nitrogen Fertilizer (UFN-III) is underway.

Eletronuclear, a subsidiary of Eletrobras, said it is in negotiations for a 2022-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT) with its employees.

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Weg (WEGE3)’s Board of Directors has approved a restructuring of operations, effective September 1, 2022, due to the company’s growth rate, mainly due to internationalization and entry into new business.

In order to drive growth in certain segments, especially market actions and technological development, the Board of Directors has approved the division of the WEG Automation business unit into two separate units: Automation and Digital Systems.

Petrobras (PETR3; PETR4) announced yesterday that the freeze phase is underway in connection with the complete sale of its third unit nitrogen fertilizer (UFN-III), located in Três Lagoas (MS).

Qualified potential buyers for this stage have been received, according to the criteria published in the joke Operation letter With detailed instructions on the divestment process, including implementation guidelines due diligence and to submit binding proposals.

Oi (OIBR3, OIBR4) has informed that it will submit a reverse proposal for a share split to the operator’s board of directors, which will then be examined by shareholders at its extraordinary general meeting later this year. The transaction takes place in response to a letter from B3 giving the Company until September 1, procedures and timetable to be adopted to adjust the price of its common stock in an amount equal to or greater than BRL 1 by February 17, 2023 or until the date of the first general meeting to be held after receipt of the notification.

PDG Realty (PDGR3)

The PDG board will also make a decision on the proposed reverse stock split by October 26 this year.

The company’s shares remained below R$1.00 per unit, from 06/28/2022 to 08/08/2022, constituting a non-compliance with Regulation B3 for listing.

Eletronuclear, a subsidiary of Eletrobras, reported Monday, 29th, that it is in negotiations for a 2022-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT) with its employees, “within the company’s current economic and financial conditions.” Guidelines established by external governance bodies”.

The state-owned company, without giving details of the negotiations, confirmed that tomorrow, the 30th, there will be a 24-hour layoff for employees, in protest of the proposal to adjust the salaries of 80% of the IPCA, which has already been rejected. in the assembly.

The Brazilian Aluminum Corporation (CBA) has announced that it will, in conjunction with Reservas Votorantim, issue Cerrado’s first carbon credit from preserved forests.

The initiative will be made possible by Legado Verdes do Cerrado, a private reserve for sustainable development, located in Niquelândia (GO) and owned by the company, with an area of ​​32 thousand hectares, corresponding to the size of the city of Belo Horizonte.

The certified area covers 11,500 hectares with an average annual emissions capacity of 50,000 carbon units and will be the first region to incorporate the Cerrado REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) programme. In the first issue, 316,000 carbon credits will be generated for the period from 2017 to 2021. The first auction of Cerrado carbon credits will take place starting today, August 30, and bids will be received by the end of September.

Movida (MOVI3) reported a change in the value of JCP. The amount approved by the Movida Board of Directors (MOVI3) on June 23, 2022 was changed from R$ 0.146550048 to R$0.146551917, due to the Restricted Stock Program. The total amount is R $ 53 million. The rule remains until June 30 this year. Thus, as of July 1, the trading of shares without the right to dividends began. Payments will be made on October 11, 2022.

Ferbasa (FESA3; FESA4) will pay interest on equity (JCP) in the global amount of R$33.1 million and supplemental dividend in a global amount of R$46.8 million.

The total amounts of interest on equity will, respectively, be R$0.36530265334 per common share and R$0.40183291868 per preferred share.

The total amounts to be deposited and paid out as supplemental dividends will be, respectively, R$0.51705317495 per common share and R$0.56875849245 per preferred share.

Payments will be based on existing stock positions when trading closes on the São Paulo Stock Exchange on September 8.

Renova Energy (RNEW11)

The Board of Directors of Renova Energia (RNEW11), which is subject to judicial reorganization, yesterday approved the partial approval of the capital increase of the electricity company.

As a result, the company’s capital is now R$4.1 billion, divided into 244 million shares, of which 122 million ounces and 122 million R$. The capital increase amounted to R$789.161 million, represented by 134,667,698 new registered shares with no par value, of which 66,552,011 were ON shares and 68,115,687 were PN shares.

Modal Bank (MODL11)

Banco Modal (MODL11) reports that B3 has agreed to transfer to Novo Mercado, the exchange’s highest governance level. Accordingly, preference shares (MODL4) will be converted into ordinary shares (MODL3) and units will be cancelled.

The actual transfer and transfer to Novo Mercado will take place on September 19, 2022. Before that, on the twelfth of the same month, the deadline for the application for the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the shareholders of the company expires, with the relevant amounts being paid on September 16.

Arezzo shareholders, at an Extraordinary General Meeting (AGE), approved the merger of Sunset shares. The purchase agreement was signed on April 14 this year.

Ultrapar (UGPA3)

Squadra Investimentos reports that as of August 26, 2022, its holdings, in total, amounted to 4.99% of Ultrapar’s total common stock issued, totaling 5,690,000 shares.

Bombrell’s board of directors has appointed Ronnie Borges da Motta as CEO of the company.

The CEO has been heading the company on a temporary basis since July 14, following the resignation of Antonio Carlos Tado Wernick de Oliveira.

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