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Nayara Azevedo slams former BBBs’ backstage stance: “The wall was thin and you could hear everything!” ; Watch – Hugo Gloss

In an interview with Leo Dias published on Tuesday (30), Nayara Azevedo commented on her time on “BBB 22”. In the conversation, Srtanega talked about the memes that appeared during her participation, as well as about the relationship with some of her colleagues on the reality show.

I’m very good…a Scorpio like this until you step on his toes which is what happened when I left the house and saw the things that happened inside of him”, announced. Then I remembered meeting others who had been excluded from the program. “That’s me too! I could have been there like that, as long as the people around me had the guts“, He said.

Falsehood behind the scenes?!

She told Nayara why she was staying in a different dressing room than the others who had been excluded at the time. “I was late due to traffic jam. It was during rush hour, we left the hotel and everything stopped. I’m with that pile of wet hair, even drier—that’s an hour. We arrived at Projac, all participants were in the dressing room, another one was empty. How would I sit there?“, Asked. “I was really in the mood because there were people I wasn’t in the mood to say “Hey, how are you?”“, to remember.

The walls were thin, drywall, I heard everything they said. I listened! It’s not that they spoke badly of me, but like the things they announced in an interview that everything was fine, that it was this and that, things were not that way. It was causing me acidity, and there was also a situation with me, some posted that I asked for a separate dressing room. He lies!He explained that some colleagues want “biscuit“.

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The former BBB has indicated that she does not like this kind of situation. “I’m not the type to fill himself with praise and fame.” advertiser. “I don’t take it myself, I don’t like sycophants. Positive things I consider positive and I understand it’s good for me to continue to get it right… But I’m not an ego person. So much so that if I talk to people who have been with me since the beginning of my career even Now, they will say: “Nayara is the same person.” (…) So only after I left and saw that I had done nothing, for me, did I continue my life in the same way.‘, is detailed.

I did what my heart told me to do, the way I am… If it happened there in a game of discord or any other time, someone came to me and said, “Nayara, this, this and that,” I’ll speak the same‘, he affirmed. Then he added:We must be real, we must be transparent. I’ve been through it for a long time with people who aren’t real“.

Nayara is alongside fellow custodians Giselan Alves and Lin da Quebrada. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

I’m a person of few friends, not someone you’ll see me at events or story boxes. I say that I even have difficulties with artistic relations. (…) I’m not a babysitter, no use!‘, a shot.

Memes and busy debut

Paranoia also clarified some of its own viruses in the program. “When I walked in, I said, ‘You know what? Let the penis roll, I’ll sit the way I sit’ (…). At first I was drunk, I was already shooting ‘Naiarão’ there“I have scored.”Until the wind blew the wind in Abravanel’s faceHe said, without revealing if he is still in contact with the actor.

When I saw it I was embarrassed! What if I told you I don’t remember almost anything about the day I came?“, Asked. “By the time I got into the house – I’m not a heavy drinker, I drink very little. (…) I don’t remember drinking much, in my head I had two or three cans and that was great. After I left and saw…He stated, adding that he had not watched any episode of the show. “I feel ashamed, my moral hangover is too big from day one. I said: What madness! why are you doing that? So much so that I no longer drink. (Inside the house),” he admitted.

Nayara Azevedo Mimi
Sertaneja became a meme on the first day of the programme. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

The best memes posted were from that first day, but if I could go back…if I hadn’t drunk I wouldn’t have done 10% of the antics I did“, is over.

Music with Marília Mendonça

Azevedo commented on the song “50%”, a partnership he launched with Marília Mendonça. At the time of “BBB”, she was heavily criticized on social media for allegedly exploiting the image of the Queen of Soverencia, and even received criticism from Marilia’s brother, Joao Gustavo.

The singer admitted thatThere was some wear and tear“By releasing the song that surprised me.”But everything is resolvedWhen I talked about track recording, I remembered:It was very light and very quiet. That’s why it was a surprise to get out and to understand that there was this wear, it was baffling to me because it was so light. She called, she was so sweet, she was fast too, she arrived fully prepared, and she arrived singing. It was very quiet, it was very tasty and wonderful“.”There was a lack of communication‘, summed up.

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sexual creation

In the conversation, Nayara also talked about her childhood and conservative upbringing. “My father is a very pitiful man, you know? It always was. So much so that, even with so many years of marriage, I couldn’t sit on my ex’s lap because he said she was just a woman for nothing. I swear! Married, ring on his finger, but I couldn’t sit in his lap because I felt like I was doing something wrong. I felt like my dad was there watching me“, He said.

She was married to Rafael Cabral for nine years. Despite the separation, he remains Nayara’s manager. “I was brought up in a way you had no idea… It’s a lot of therapy to free myself from being who I am.“, is over. Watch:

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