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BH Customer Complaining About “123Milhas” For Cancellation Of Air Tickets

Claire Santos * – Minas State

Published on 08/29/2022 15:41 / Update on 08/29/2022 15:41

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A 37-year-old citizen from Belo Horizonte claims to be one of the victims of the “123 Miles” platform. In recent days, the company has faced a series of complaints from customers accusing the platform of selling airline tickets and travel packages of canceling products without notice.

Business manager Maria Carolina Garcia said she had bought a ticket to Portugal, and she left on September 4, but she hasn’t received the tickets yet. “I tried the service for 9 hours on the weekend, but the channels are taking a long time to respond,” he said.

Also according to the platform customer, she bought the ticket to go to a childhood friend’s wedding and is apprehensive. “I purchased promotional tickets on 12/06/2022.” According to her, the purchase was paid with Pix and the company informed that after 20 days of purchase, it will send a form requesting passenger data, which it claims it did not receive on the deadline.

According to the business manager, many people are in the same situation as you. Over the weekend, more than 1,000 complaints were registered on Reclame Aqui, a website where consumers condemn companies that do not meet their obligations.

“It’s been 152 days and they haven’t been in touch. I can’t contact customer service. My flight is already closed and I don’t have any information. Order status only informs the email sent.” Consumer claims on the site.

Maria Carolina says she has noticed the 123-mile program moving to resolve issues for some passengers, but has yet to receive a response.

lack of transparency

The BH resident still points to a platform policy issue as another situation that hurts consumers. According to her, the company informs in a regulation that after purchasing a ticket, the user must receive a form within 20 days after purchase to receive the ticket.

However, many customers on Reclame Aqui claim that they have not received this form, nor have they been informed that failure to complete it will result in ticket cancellation. “The service is still lagging behind, and the way they communicate about this model is really misleading,” he said.

According to the business official, in her case, the company announced in June that the form would be submitted within 20 days, but only last week, when the order was canceled, the company informed that the form was supposed to be completed within 60 days. From before. She claims that she did not receive the document within the period specified by the company.

“I was informed that I did not receive the form on June 16 and only received the form on August 5,” he said. For her, the organization of the site interface is not well configured, considering this is a ‘detail’ a condition that the client travels or not.

Even with the form completed, Maria Carolina has not issued her tickets, she says she will look for legal means to solve the problem.

“They assured me twice via WhatsApp and email that my reservation was good and tickets were issued before they canceled my reservation.”

What do you do in these situations?

Consumer law attorney Renata Appalim explains that before filing a lawsuit, the customer must use all service channels and record all communications made, through printouts, as well as write down all service protocols.

Abalim also explains that even if the company comes in contact little by little and makes it clear to some users the cancellation, this does not negate the moral damage and loss of time in the communications made, allowing the affected consumer to come in with a lawsuit for the “consumer productive deviation” thesis.

“The consumer needs full documentation of the evidence. Protocols, printouts of conversational conversations, Reclame Aqui, everything,” he guides. In addition, it is recommended that the consumer register their complaint on the federal government portal Consumidor.gov.

In these cases, it is possible to go to court for compensation or moral compensation for wear and tear. “There is also potential for arguing about lost time in conversations and phones, as well as stress due to canceled plans,” explains Abalim.

What does 123 miles say?

The report contacted 123 Milas’ office by email and phone and is awaiting clarification from the company, which said it would make a statement through a note.

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