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The proposal provides for the SUS to ensure a safer pregnancy for mother and child

The project presented by Senator Ruggero Carvalho (PT-SE) provides general and comprehensive guidance for pregnancy monitoring in the SUS and other public bodies. PL 2,285/2022 emphasizes the need for quality and humane pre- and post-natal care that respects the fundamental rights of pregnant, newborn and postpartum women, in order to ensure a positive and healthy experience for women and their babies. The project has not yet been distributed to the committees.

The senator, who is a trained physician, justifies that the matter is of high social and public health relevance, and that the World Health Organization (WHO), recognizing the importance of care to be provided to women and children after childbirth, has recently edited the first of the global guidelines to support women and newborns in the period Postpartum.

“There are more than 60 recommendations made to promote a positive postpartum experience for women, their newborns, and their families,” Ruggiero explains.

Before and after birth

The proposal provides recommendations aimed at the various stages of the pregnancy period. In justification, there is an affirmation of the right of movement for pregnant women and women after childbirth. The text states that the public authority will provide the means for free displacement of women for consultations and examinations during antenatal care and postnatal follow-up in public health services, until the child is one year old.

Ruggiero highlights the prenatal period as a defining moment for pregnancy if there is adequate comprehensive health care, with qualified professionals and access to information, treatments and procedures based on scientific evidence, and the need for family support.

“It is also important that the participation and support of spouse and family during pregnancy and the puerperium, and that promoting responsible motherhood and fatherhood be a public policy concern to promote the health of women and children,” says the senator. .

For postpartum care, care needs to be intensified, according to Ruggerio, because this is when most maternal and child deaths occur. Thus, the text proposes an approach to topics such as breastfeeding, access to contraceptives, health promotion and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as providing screening for depression and anxiety after childbirth and in cases of pregnancy loss.

“During this period, the many physical and emotional consequences of childbirth, such as injuries and pain, as well as breastfeeding difficulties, may harm the physical and emotional health of the woman and her relationship with the newborn, if not given proper attention.”

human birth

Included in the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), humanized childbirth is a requirement for women and society in general, requiring changes in the focus of care during childbirth and childbirth, to its focus on the woman and the child.

For the procedure, the senator provides the following guidelines: respectful and welcoming care, support during labor, independence of the pregnant woman in making choices about how to deliver her baby, an environment that provides needed support, pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain relief, and practices and behaviors based on scientific evidence, and elimination of unnecessary or unneeded interventions Inhibition and assessment of mother-infant contact.

“In Brazil, there is a large body of illegal rules that seek to implement humanized childbirth in health services in the manner recommended by the World Health Organization. Humanized childbirth is, above all, saving buildings, such as the role of the female protagonist, childbirth as a physiological event, which implies minimal intervention, by medical or other health professionals.”

sexual violence

The project also provides for monitoring pregnant women who are victims of physical, psychological, hereditary, moral and sexual abuse – as this issue has a large number of cases in the country. Victims of rape should be informed of the medical protocol in place to prevent and treat injuries resulting from violence, including the possibility of giving up a child for adoption.

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