Mbappe, PSG, controversial penalty and more: Neymar's most important news today

Mbappe, PSG, controversial penalty and more: Neymar’s most important news today

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So do not miss any news, the Prepare a summary of the most important news from Neymar today (29).

Galtier talks about Mbappe and says he is living a dream of coaching Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier has a job that is both good and undignified at the same time to lead a star-studded team. He talked about two players who were champions in recent controversies: Neymar and Mbappe.

In an interview with “Europe 1”, Galtier praised the French striker, but also revealed his happiness in training the best players of Paris Club, including Neymar.

He (Mbappe) is young but very mature. He is a very intelligent person who is very organized mentally and intellectually.” Artistic started.

Training players like Kylian Mbappé, Neymar, Leo Messi or Sergio Ramos, I wouldn’t be able to imagine that. He was ambitious. It was no longer a utopian dream, but an aspiration. Will it happen or not? I did not know. But obviously I’m very proud and happy to coach these players, these players, these world-class players. Obviously, my goal is to make people happy. The happier the player, the better his performance.”added.

Is the “stunt” over? Neymar scores from a penalty kick in Paris Saint-Germain’s draw with Monaco

Yesterday, in Paris Saint-Germain’s 1-1 draw with Monaco in the third round of the French championship, Neymar was “entrusted” by Mbappe to win a penalty kick and convert. However, it seems that the interstellar feud is overdue.

Initially, Mbappe was appointed as the club’s official penalty kicker, but after all the fuss, both have to take turns at the post. Accordingly, Neymar’s seventh shirt authorized a positive gesture to win the penalty kick, a fact that coach Gallitter confirmed in a post-match interview.

Casemiro blasts Mbappe after Neymar takes responsibility with a penalty kick

Although the controversy between Neymar and Mbappe is still on the sidelines, influencer and commentator Casemiro, of TNT Sports, did not fail to fire the Frenchman’s position.

Casemiro says that Mbappe only takes penalties when winning the match and that he has assigned the responsibility to the Brazilian, because it is a harder game.

This coach’s son from the prostitute said during the week that it was Mbappe who was defeated. He really likes to take the penalty when it’s 3-0, and then he gets the ball. Messi hit. Then he wants to take a penalty for c*. want to be a cock. When the score is 1-0 for Monaco and there is a penalty that must equalize, he does not think about taking the penalty. (…) Today he did not bump into anyone. I was at peaceYoutuber said.

Juninho Pernambucano waves a trio of Paris Saint-Germain stars: “I’m high”

Idol Lyon, one of Paris Saint-Germain’s rivals in France, former midfielder Juninho Pernambucano said that the three main stars (Neymar, Messi and Mbappe) could tactically harm Galtier team. Despite the quality presented on the offensive side, the trio sometimes compromise in their marking, from the point of view of today’s sports commentator.

“I think of the three, one looks at the other. It means that the ego is so high that if you look at the other you say to yourself, ‘No, he’s not trying, and neither am I.’ I think the three of them are very smart, they are the three best players in the world But here lies the (necessary) self-controlThis is what he told the French broadcaster RMC Sport.

From the moment you play playoffs, the pressure will be there. When there’s a little doubt and pressure builds up, it gets a little tricky. Because if the players don’t have that awareness that in football you have to fight and fight, you have to have the humility to really exhaust your teammates.”Been completed.

A newspaper praises the good stage of the Brazilian at the beginning of the European season

Neymar’s recent performances, highlighted by Paris Saint-Germain’s good start to the season, have restored Brazil’s standing on the gates of international football.

It was the Spanish newspaper “Sport” that praised Neymar and referred to the number 10 as the main reference for the Brazilian team in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

When he wants Neymar, he has no rival […] When Neymar wants, football smiles […] In a World Cup year, Neymar wants to get to the action as quickly as possible. The Brazilian will once again become the main reference for “Canarinha” with a clear goal: to return Brazil to the top of world football,” according to excerpts from the publication.

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