Brazil imposes itself, defeats Qatar, and goes unbeaten to the round of 16 of the World Cup

Brazil imposes itself, defeats Qatar, and goes unbeaten to the round of 16 of the World Cup

Even if the opponent was not afraid, it was necessary to perform the role of the favorite. Regardless of some mistakes, Brazil imposed itself. With Qatar, the weakest opponent in Group B, the selection of Renan Dal Zoto confirmed his supremacy to ensure his unbeaten record in the first stage of the Men’s Volleyball World Cup, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 3 sets to 0, part 25/13, 25/23 and 26/24, selection took the lead on its own towards the round of 16.

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Best Moments: Brazil 3 x 0 Qatar, Men’s Volleyball World Cup

Brazil is still waiting for its rival in the sequel. With three wins and eight points, Renan Dal Zutto’s team is waiting for the results of the other categories to find out the overall classification. Only then will you know who will face in the first stage of the qualifiers.

Layal serves in Brazil’s victory over Qatar – Photo: Disclosure

Three-time champion, Brazil is looking for its fourth World Cup title. The selection is still trying to maintain a twenty-year routine. Since 2002, when the team won its first title, it has at least reached the final of the competition.

The beginning indicated a smooth path. But despite the 3-0 score on the scoreboard, the selection allowed itself to falter a bit against Qatar. In the last two parts, he struggled with opponents’ ball rotation and needed to get his directions on the court. But by imposing themselves by force, Brazil ensured leadership of the group and a placement in an undefeated fashion to the Round of 16.

Top scorers:
Joseph Covers (Cat) 11 points
Flavio (Brazil) 10 points
Bilal (Cat): 10 points
Loyalty (Brazil) 9 points
Lucarelli (Brazil): 9 points

Attack points:
Brazil: 49 points
Diameter: 38 points

Ban points:
Brazil: 4 points
Diameter: 4 points

Drop points:
Brazil: 3 points
Diameter: 1 point

Points for opponent’s mistakes:
Brazil: 21 points
Diameter: 17 points

Group A – Brazil accelerate and start at the front

From the start, Brazil accelerated. In the face of fragile Qatar, the selection did not take long to take the lead. At the hands of Wallace and Lucarelli, the team of Renan Dal Zutto of the Asian team did not pay attention. On the opposite attack, the score was already 15/7 in the calculation.

At that point, Renan took advantage of the advantage to send Bruninho and Felipe Roque to court in a coup. Qatar even managed to bridge the gap for a moment, but you don’t have to worry. At the start of the nights, the victory in the first set: 25/13.

Group B – Brazil is complicated, but they win the group

Qatar has improved. Although he took advantage of the feature in the beginning, it is not easy anymore. Qatar, which was better at turning the ball, especially with Bilal, was only one point behind (8/7). But nothing really frightens me. Soon Brazil accelerated again. In an attack through the middle, Lille brought the score up to 14/9.

Brazilian Volleyball World Cup Qatar – Photo: Advertising

But Qatar is back in the game. By taking advantage of the failures in the opponent’s sequence, the Asian team reached a tie at 14/14. Even Renan Dal Zoto stopped the match to hit the house and stop the reaction on the other side. did not work. In an attack from Lille to the outside, Qatar took the lead for the first time in the match, with a score of 20/19 on the scoreboard. Not everything was resolved overnight. But Brazil confirmed its superiority to close on 25/23.

Group C – Brazil struggled again but secured victory

Brazil returned to court with Darlan to replace Wallace – Leandro Aracaju Lukao was replaced soon after. The selection tried to be more attentive, but Qatar once again benefited from some mistakes made by the Brazilians. With Joseph, he left the score at 4/4. Although the game was under control, the ease of the first group was left behind. The Qatari national team remained in the lead on the scoreboard. With Ibrahim in the middle, just one point ahead of Brazil: 14/13.

The selection lost the score, but saw Qatar return to the fray. Adriano took the field instead of Lille with the score 18/17 for the Brazilians. When everything pointed to Brazil’s victory, Bilal stopped Flavio in the penalty area to score 23/23. However, Brazil has forced itself, more in its actions than in inspiration, towards victory. And in the end, 26/24, immunity and lead the group towards the round of 16.

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