Why does Globo often ignore Henrique and Giuliano, the country's #1 duo?

Why does Globo often ignore Henrique and Giuliano, the country’s #1 duo?

Another announcement of the nominees for the Multishow Award for Brazilian Music and once again the country’s number one country duo were disqualified from the Album of the Year category. Multishow put Henrique & Juliano in only the Best Duo category, mixing in newcomers like Tasha & Tracie and YOUN.

In numbers, no artist in Brazil surpassed Henrique & Juliano between 2021 and 2022. His latest album, Manifesto Musical, was the most streamed of the year. The songs have been played more than 2.5 billion times since their release. It spent 14 weeks as the most listened to album in the country.

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Arrahão’s song alone has 184 million players on YouTube. A Maior Saudade, 204 million on the same platform. These are ridiculous numbers. But what explains the fact that Brazil’s largest media group, Grupo Globo, is ignoring today’s biggest artists? Well, let’s get to the facts.

There are many answers behind this. In my last interview with them, Henrique openly criticized the record company the duo had just left, Som Livre, which at the time belonged to Grupo Globo. “Without freedom, he’d never have been a Som Lever.”

They separated from the company, initially going into an independent label and now into the multinational Virgin. And the details: They are the biggest artists in the world of this famous brand.

In April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Henrique & Juliano announced Live and Globo, on the same day and at the same time, Roberto Carlos sang for an hour straight. In the end, Henrik rejected this position.

A year later, tragedy struck with Marilia Mendonca. The station’s behavior towards everyone around Marilia was not “respectful”. The singer wasn’t buried until Globo insisted her closest friends be in Domingão with Huck, who ended up being criticized for excessive drama with people who had no connection with Marília.

Henrique & Juliano only honored Marília at the Faustão na Band, on a historical programme, in April of this year. The latest spat between the duo and the Globo group took place in Ribeirão Preto during a live broadcast of Ribeirão Rodeo music on the channel, on April 22.

A few hours before the show, Henrik had not authorized the broadcast. His explanation was that he did not want his show to be shown live on TV. Nothing changed his mind, no reviews convinced him, and broadcasts had to be cut off. Shortly after Bruno & Marrone’s show, the signal went off.

Before posting this text, we asked the duo for advice. The live issue, they later realized was just a coincidence. It was the singer’s birthday. Regarding the refusal to broadcast live in Ribeirão Preto, they said that they had already warned not to launch it before the day of the show “because they do not want to launch the live broadcast”.

As for the trip to Faustau, they refused to say a word of salutation because they “understand that all salutations and words for her have been said in life.”

Globo usually puts names on the “fridge” to which you dare say “no”. Gustavo Lima went through this when he replaced Som Livre with Sony, and many others who realize that the music market is vast and competition only helps, and eventually also suffer from broadcaster retaliation.

But times have changed (a lot!) and the ways in which music is presented to audiences are independent of television. Today, being too much on TV hurts concert ticket sales. Today’s TV zooms in on the picture, not necessarily its music.

Now, ignoring the success and importance of the country’s biggest duo today sounds like a tantrum, rather than the attitude of the largest media group in Latin America.

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