From 'Boiadeira' to 'Tem Cabaré Essa Noite', the audience chooses the favorite song from Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022

From ‘Boiadeira’ to ‘Tem Cabaré Essa Noite’, the audience chooses the favorite song from Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022

Among the songs played the most at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022, which began on Thursday (18) and end on Sunday (28), there are two in particular that do not leave the head of the audience.

Released this year, “Tem Cabaré Essa Noite” by Nathan and Nevaldo Marques, and the remix “Boiadeira” by Ana Castilla and DJ Lucas Pete, share the easy, repetitive chorus, which is imbued and infectious. They were the most cited by visitors in a quick g1 poll at Parque do Peão.

The songs in the g1 list were:

  • popcornI’m Castile
  • Come to the eye dropsAnd Hugo and Guilherme
  • say bad things about meGustavo Lima
  • it’s all yoursJorge E. Matthews
  • CowboysI’m Castile
  • There is a cabaret tonightNevaldo Gomez and Nathan

Anna Castiel debuted on stage, cemented by success on broadcast platforms. The duo, who also went viral on social media, did not take part in the event. However, the song was repeated to exhaustion at celebrity parties and in auditions in the arena.

Luna Alves, 35, from Sao Paulo (SP), says she gets caught up in the beat of Ana Castilla every time she hears “Boiadeira.” “The chorus is good and sticks like bubblegum, I love it.”

Luna Alves chose “Boiadeira” by Ana Castela as the best film at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022: “Sticks are like chewing gum” – Photo: Ricardo Nasi / g1

The song, which broke 12 weeks before the Festa do Peão debut, earned the 18-year-old a special spot on the Amanhecer stage on Tuesday (23rd) and a fast-paced partnership on Thursday’s Maiara & Maraísa show (25). ) is also a favorite of 27-year-old Sirlene Ramena.

From Antônio Olinto (PR), Sirlene came to Barretos with a group of friends and says that she has, on several occasions, been stopped at Parque do Peão because of her resemblance to Ana Castela.

Because of this, “Boiadeira”, which has already become popular among the people, also became famous with her.

“I don’t know how to sing by heart, but I will learn. Yesterday [sexta-feira] They were confusing me with Anna Castiel. We are alike”.

Cerlene Ramina, from Antonio Olento (PR), nicknamed Anna Castilla, due to her resemblance to successful singer Boiadeira – Photo: Ricardo Nasi / g1

From Franca (SP), Oswaldo Gaspar Neto, 28, and Nadine Toledo, 25, agree that “Boiadeira” set the rhythm for Barretos Peão Festival in 2022.

“I haven’t had a chance to watch the show, but when it’s on, I sing along with it. It’s easy, easy, and it doesn’t get out of my head,” Oswaldo says.

Boiadeira is the song that never leaves Oswaldo Gaspar Neto’s head, by Franca (SP) – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

Nadine knows the whole song and sings nonstop anywhere. “It didn’t take long for me to learn, no. The lyrics are easy.”

Nadine Toledo, from Franca (SP), also loves Ana Castilla’s Boiadeira, as the song that sticks in her head – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

“Tem Cabaré Essa Noite” was voted by friends Jonas Sobral Faria, 28, and Antônio Donizete Paschoal, 23, of Ipatinga (RS), as the Best Barretão Film 2022 without a doubt.

Jonas Sobral Faria says there is no better song than ‘There is a cabaret tonight’ at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

The two were installed at the event’s official camp and have followed all performances since Thursday, when the rodeo started.

“I watched every day and today is the best day, because there’s going to be a cabaret tonight,” Jonas says.

With the lyrics in his head all the time, Antonio says he can’t think of another song that will define Festa do Peão de Barretos this year. “There’s a cabaret tonight, yeah.”

Antonio Donizet Paschuel chose Nathan’s “There’s a Club Tonight” as the bubblegum song for Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

Leticia Siqueira, 26, and Rubens Xavier de Paes Senna, 23, both from Araçatuba (SP), tuned in to Gusttavo Lima’s show and were looking forward to Zé Neto & Cristiano and also chose the great Nattan song.

Leticia Siqueira’s favorite song, from Araçatuba (SP), at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 is ‘There is a cabaret tonight’ – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

“I know more or less by heart, but it’s easy, because everyone sings,” says Leticia.

“It’s thriving, because it’s easy. It’s just the chorus,” adds Robbins.

Rubens Xavier de Paes Sina, of Araçatuba (SP), ‘There’s a Cabaret Tonight’, was elected by Nathan as the most chewy gum at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

Male other artists

Gustavo Lima sang “Tem Cabaré Essa Noite” when he sang on Saturday (20), but the song chosen by Monique de Carvalho Ramos, 40, of Ilha Solteira (SP), is the song Bubblegum.

Vala Mal de Mim is the best for her. “I sing all the time, in the car, at parties. It’s really satisfying for sure.”

For Monique de Carvalho Ramos, from Ilha Solteira (SP), the best is Fala mal de mim, by Gusttavo Lima – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

In contrast to the g1 roster, friends Alexandre Sarreda Junior, 24, and Fransérgio Lucas Orlando, 25, of Buritizal (SP), went further and thought the best was “Uma Ex,” written by Murillo Hoff, ex-husband of Marilia Mendonca.

Alexandre Sarida Jr., from Barretesal, chose Murillo Hof’s Uma ex as the bubblegum theme for his Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

“There’s no better, no. That’s the gum,” Alexander says.

“This one is. Very good,” says Franzirigo.

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