Fábio Seixas - Next day cereal: Verstappen and Red Bull touch the terror in F1

Fábio Seixas – Next day cereal: Verstappen and Red Bull touch the terror in F1

Ferrari’s average speed at the Belgian Grand Prix was 0.52secs per lap, slower than Red Bull’s. Multiply that by 44 laps and add a standing run by Sainz at the end of the Grand Prix. This explains the 26s8 difference between Verstappen and the Spaniard at the finish line. It’s about half a minute. It’s a lot, even on a 7-kilometer track. She is an amateur when it comes to F1;

This explains many of the expressions used by the international press to define Red Bull after Spa: “exceptional”, “out of class”, “special”, “a separate championship”, “from another planet”, “another level”, “disturbing”…

In Italy, Gazzetta dello Sport highlighted that “Max has no opponents in Spa”. In France, L’Equipe wrote that the Dutch had become “untouchable”. The English Guardian went further and opened the report on the race with an excerpt from Sonnet Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ozymandias,” a classic written in 1818: “Look at my works, you mighty ones, and despair!”

Despair yourselves. More than 200 years later, that is the feeling surrounding the team that seemed to be the mighty force of F1 at the start of the championship. Leader of the World Constructors’ Championship to stage five, in Miami, Ferrari continues to free-fall;

Well, Sainz was third, and he took the podium. But the two blunders made by (and by) Leclerc are not befitting a professional motorsport team. On Saturday, Ferrari put on new soft tires for the driver with no chance of fighting for first place. On Sunday, he lost fifth thanks to the ridiculous idea of ​​only going to the pits at the end of the Grand Prix – a complete mess when he exceeded the speed limit in the pit lane;

Binotto defended Leclerc’s late decision as follows: “You have to be brave in F1”. He could enter his business to receive the Darwin Prize, which every year rewards brave but stupid haters. Last year’s winner was a 23-year-old boy who decided to fly a plane without any training. She fell into the Texas jungle and died. Ferrari’s condition is less tragic, of course. But the repetition has already become a joke.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari Team Principal, on the starting grid for the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Photo: Ferrari

“I was surprised to see Charles going into the pits,” Alonso said, after the race, with a smirk on his face. “Ferrari always adopts strange strategies.”

The same Alonso, who was already much cooler after the race, explained the curse directed at Hamilton after the collision on the first lap. “I was disappointed.” For his part, Hamilton was a master: “I don’t even care what he said. I was wrong and paid the price for it. He was in the blind spot and I didn’t leave anywhere.” There is no such thing as experience…;

How many times have you seen Schumacher’s classic Hakkinen pass, with Zonta late in the middle, at the 2000 Belgian Grand Prix? Well, get ready. The same will happen with Ocon’s maneuver on Vettel and Gasly. No, it wasn’t quite the same. I still prefer the first option, even for the speed of Finnish thought and action. But the Frenchman showed, once again, why he continues to bet on the Alps even without much hype…

This Monday, the FIA ​​Contract Recognition Committee will decide the Piastri-Alpine-McLaren case. That’s what the England team needs to finally announce the Australian player. Alpine, it’s good to be clear, don’t think about boy anymore. The need is financial compensation;

And who will be Ocon’s partner in 2023? At Spa, hype grew around Gasly. Thus, the team will have a 100% French duo, a dream since the days of the Renault team. Then a vacancy will open in AlphaTauri. And then the story is good: Red Bull can lure Colton Hertha, and also pursue an old dream: to have a competitive American on the grid;

Verstappen won in Hungary in 10th place. At Spa, it was 14th on the grid. This is only the second time in history that the driver has won two consecutive GPs starting from the back so far. You have to go back a lot to talk about the previous occasion: Bruce McLaren won the 1959 race in the US and 1960 in Argentina, finishing 10th and 13th respectively;

At Spa, Drugovich took another big step towards the F2 title. He arrived in Belgium, 21 points ahead of Borshire. He left with 43. There are now only three double rounds to go in the championship: Zanfordt, Monza and Abu Dhabi. Despite this, the Brazilian is not even mentioned by any team in Formula One. A little peek-a-boo told me a few days ago that his path must be Indy…

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