Loyal Husband: The Truth of the Story Behind the Netflix Movie

Loyal Husband: The Truth of the Story Behind the Netflix Movie

the film faithful husband The film revolves around a couple who reach a difficult point when the wife realizes that her husband has cheated on her. After sacrificing her career, she had nowhere to go and, having no choice, decided to stay with her husband. So she uses a secret from the past to keep him around, which leads her husband to kill her. However, things are happening darker than they had imagined.

Works directed by Barbara Rothenburg faithful husband Expose a touching relationship from a harmful marriage. Thus, it looks like a Danish version of “Gone Girl”, but with more violence and blood. The film crew contains only Nordic actors, unknown to Netflix subscribers.

Dar Selim, from films like Black Crab and Until We Fall, plays Christian. The actor also has a small role in the series Game of Thrones. Sonya Richter, from the series West of Liberty and The Bridge, plays Christian’s wife Leonora. The cast also includes Natalie Valesper (Grow), Caroline Hamm (Dining Club), Lars Ranthe (Funny Guy), Morten Burrian (Deadline), and Mads Kroes (Into the Dark).

So if you are wondering if it’s a story faithful husband Related to reality or based on another work of fiction, here’s what we know.

faithful husband Is it based on a true story?

Cut to the chase, no. faithful husband It is based on the book “Till Death Do Us Part” by Anna Ekberg, which is the pseudonym of author duo Anders Reno Clarlund and Jacob Weinreich. Clarlund and Weinrich have known each other for years, until they realized they had a lot in common when it came to life experiences and storytelling.

So they decided to work on a project together, and from there they wrote several books together. So they chose a pseudonym with a woman’s name because they thought it would provide “the opportunity to write about her more closely, because we can hide behind another identity.”

Most of his work came from a quirky intersection of crime and love. “Till Death Do Us Part” tells the story of a ruined marriage on the verge of divorce due to infidelity. In this way, the authors seek to explore the complex nature of marriage and love in his history, especially when it is greater than sexual attraction.

After decades of marriages, things tend to be the give and take that has happened over the years. Then Clarlund, one of the authors of the book that grew up, said: faithful husband, at the gate ADK:

“At some point, have you gotten so far in life that perhaps there isn’t much going on in love and in bed, and then when did one sacrifice more than the other at the wedding altar? Can the other person turn their back on this, or are you bound to resolve Is this if crises arise?”

More details about the movie

Since divorce is the main point of the story, the authors make the topic very personal to them. Klarlund had two divorces, but Weinreich’s marriage ended twenty years later. Therefore, they realized that after a few years the relationship between a man and a woman tends to change, especially if the spouses go through a difficult time during this period, requiring one of them more than the other.

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Klarlund is one of the authors of the book that grew up faithful husband, He believes that those who have been “in a long-term relationship have experienced attraction to other people”. Weinrich endorsed this and described a dialogue in which he spoke of infidelity, adding:

“I was at a party before the divorce where four or five of us sat together. Suddenly one of the women said, ‘Well, isn’t it true that it is absolutely impossible to enter into a marriage or a relationship without falling in love with someone else?’ And they all sat down and looked strangely at the table. Nobody wanted To say yes, you’re right, but there were also those who said they were completely wrong.”

Even realizing that being attracted to another person is normal in relationships, the authors settled on that and saw how far they would go with it. What can happen if the issue arises? However, what matters most is if the husband does not accept leaving him/her even if the relationship spreads?

What is the maximum limit for a person to save his marriage? In this attempt to search for answers to such questions came the story “Till Death Do Us Part”, which ended up on Netflix with the movie faithful husband.

So, have you watched the Netflix movie?

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