Fiat Cronos CVT: 10 facts about the cheapest automatic car in Brazil - Vrum

Fiat Cronos CVT: 10 facts about the cheapest automatic car in Brazil – Vrum

Fiat just launched new versions in the 2023 line and, by the way, the cheapest automatic car in the country. The position now belongs to the Fiat Cronos CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), which marks the return of a no-clutch pedal version to the competitively priced compact sedan line—and even less than AT’s configurations of market-leading compact hatches.

We break down some of the details and curiosities about the new Fiat Cronos CVT, from equipment and maintenance to positioning and versions. Prices were calculated in the penultimate week of August 2022 and are valid throughout the national territory, with the exception of the states of São Paulo and Paraíba and the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

But if you prefer a manual transmission Fiat Cronos sedan, VRUM tested the model. paying off!

1- Prices for the new Fiat Cronos 2023

After more than a year of discontinuing options with the 1.8 engine and Aisin six-speed automatic transmission, the 2023 Fiat Cronos line once again has ATs versions, this time with the CVT transmission. The cost of the 1.3 CVT engine is R$88,190, and today it is not only the sedan, but also the cheapest automatic car in Brazil.

The other option in the Fiat Cronos CVT range, produced at Betim (MG) with a continuously variable gearbox is Precision, which is the top of the line. Its cost is 92,790 Brazilian riyals. In this way, the Cronos family is positioned as follows:

  • Kronos 1.0: 74,490 BRL
  • ChronosDrive 1.0: 78190 BRL
  • ChronosDrive 1.3: 83890 BRL
  • Cronos Drive 1.3 AT: 88190 BRL
  • Cronos Precision 1.3 AT: BRL 92,790
The compact sedan has well-balanced lines, with horizontal lanterns that invade the trunk lid (Fiat/Disclosure)

2- How is the Fiat Cronos CVT spent?

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) was developed by Aisin in partnership with Fiat to equip many of the vehicles in its line. The compact SUV debuted in November 2021. At the end of the same year, it began to equip the latest versions of the Strada pickup.

Like its relatives, the Fiat Cronos CVT has a gearbox that simulates seven gears, which can be operated by sequential shifts on the lever—the paddles on the steering wheel are only available at the top of the range. The gearbox also has a sport mode, which makes the car run at higher revs.

The exchange is expected to be offered, in the medium term, in the future Fastback SUV and in other Stellantis models, notably the Peugeot and Citroën contracts.

3 – How does this compact sedan work?

Comfort is the main focus of this cheapest automatic car in the country. The Fiat Cronos CVT has always run with the 1.3 8V engine from the Firefly line and the marriage went well.

The Fiat Cronos CVT generates 107 hp with ethanol and 98 hp with gasoline, while torque is 13.7 kg/m (e) / 13.2 kg/m (g). In the races, the group develops well and the transmission follows a linear and comfortable motion, without jerks. According to Fiat, the Cronos 1.3 CVT accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds (e) and 11.6 seconds (g).

On appeal, when hard on the Fiat Cronos CVT accelerator, the transmission holds revolutions as little as in any continuously variable gearbox, but not for long. It’s even more dissatisfied with the engine, which only fills up at just over 4,000 rpm.

Fiat Cronos 2023 Precision 1.3 CVT Studio interior dashboard
Top-of-the-line versions of the Fiat Cronos CVT feature a different two-tone finish (Fiat / Disclosure)

4 – Pay attention to fuel consumption

The Fiat Cronos CVT, the cheapest automatic car in the country, stands out among AT’s most efficient passenger cars. At the standards set by Inmetro for the Brazilian label program, the new Cronos CVT has impressive urban consumption averages, earning it the Conpet Energy Efficiency Seal.

  • Ethanol City: 9.3 km/L
  • Ethanol route: 10.8 km/L
  • City Gasoline: 13.4 km/L
  • Gasoline route: 14.9 km / l

5 – Standard equipment for the Fiat Cronos CVT

The Cronos line is not very flashy in terms of equipment. Common across the range are air conditioning, electric-assisted steering, tire pressure monitoring, electric front windows and locks, alarm, driver’s seat height adjustment and radio setup.

Only Fiat Cronos CVT versions receive electronic stability and traction controls, hill-climb assist, cruise control and a sport driving mode. The Drive CVT accompanies other elements that have existed since the Drive 1.0, such as the multimedia system with a 7-inch screen, a multifunction steering wheel, USB ports for the rear seat, a reversing sensor, power rear windows and LED signature on the headlights.

The Fiat Cronos CVT Precision is clearly the most complete version. It receives more than a Drive 1.3 CVT, aluminum wheels with 16-inch rims, direct key to open the doors, automatic air conditioning, rear view camera with dynamic lines, fog lights with fixed lighting in the curves, electric mirrors, side turn signal repeaters, welcome lights under the mirrors, wheel Leather-wrapped steering, paddle shifters, front armrest, 60/40 split rear seats and chrome exterior door handles.

Fiat Cronos 2023 Precision 1.3 CVT Studio White Tail Box
With a volumetric capacity of 525 liters, the trunk is one of the strengths of Fiat Cronos (Fiat / Disclosure)

6 – S-Design Package and Options

The Fiat Cronos CVT Drive 1.3 has an S-Design option, which costs R$3710 extra. The set is distinguished by dark details in the finish: the front grille, mirror caps, side moldings, logo and rear spoiler, as well as the interior finish. The package also includes power mirrors with tilt-down and turn signals, a rear-view camera with dynamic lines and 15-inch alloy wheels.

This version of the Fiat Cronos CVT can receive a simpler optional package called Drive Plus at R$2780. In this case, he receives only the rear camera, alloy wheels and electric mirror control, tilting down.

The range still has color options, with pompous names, but that makes the price tag more expensive. They are Montecarlo Solid Red and Banchisa White (R$920 each), Silver Gray Metallic and Barry Silver (1,850 R$ each) and Alaskan White Pearl (1,850 R$). The Precision, on the other hand, is covered in brown leather as the only option, without a price tag.

7- Comfort and space in the Fiat Cronos CVT

The Fiat Cronos CVT sedan fights between conventions, but it has a very nice cabin vibe. The driver and passenger use enough leg and knee room, and the rear seat allows two adults to move around comfortably. One of the main advantages of this model is the luggage compartment with a capacity of 525 liters.

8 – Who is the Fiat Cronos CVT fighting with?

For the price and the fact that it is the cheapest automatic in the country, the Fiat Cronos CVT fights first with the integrated hatches. It’s cheaper than all of them, especially models like the Peugeot 208 Active 1.6 16V AT (AUD 89990), Toyota Yaris XL 1.5 CVT (RMB 94,190) and the Chevrolet Onyx Turbo AT (RMB 94,350).

In direct battle with other compact sedans equipped with automatic transmission, it is 8 thousand R$ cheaper than the Onix Plus Turbo AT which starts at 96,640 Rls. It is also more competitive than the Yaris Sedan XL (97,990 ) and Hyundai HB20S Comfort (105,290 ).

Fiat Cronos 2023 Drive Silver Front Engine 1.0 Studio Aspirated
The compact sedan also has a 71 hp (g) and 75 hp (e) naturally aspirated 1.0-liter engine option (Fiat / Disclosure)

9 – How is the compact sedan reviewed?

The Fiat Cronos CVT Drive has a flat-rate service plan that’s not much more expensive than other options — in fact, it costs the same as the new 1.0. Compared to competitors, they cost more.

Maintenance is scheduled every 10,000 km or one year. Check the values:

  • 10000 km: 488 BRL
  • 20,000 km: 660 BRL
  • 30,000 km: 500 BRL
  • 40,000 km: 1,580 BRL
  • 50,000 km: 524 BRL
  • 60 thousand km: 844 Brazilian real
  • Total: 4,596 Brazilian Real

10 – For those who want a cheaper sedan…

Fiat promoted the retuning of the Kronos to increase the performance range of the car, which for a year was offered practically only with a 1.3 engine and manual transmission. For starters, it needed to cover the hatch left by the Grand Siena, so it created the new entry options with a 1.0 3-cylinder Argo engine, with 75cv(e)/71cv(g) of power and prices starting at R$74,490, but only with a transmission Manual movement.

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