Dragon House |  Conspiracies and betrayals begin to appear in the second episode

Dragon House | Conspiracies and betrayals begin to appear in the second episode

[Spoilers de A Casa do Dragão à frente]

A week after becoming the biggest premiere in HBO Max history in Latin America, Dragon House He’s back with avenger in his second episode. The new chapter, “The Rogue Prince”, begins to tantalize the viewer’s stomach, as it shows a pirate invasion off the coast of Westeros, where criminals are torturing members of the Royal Navy by serving them as carnivorous crabs. Responsible for the ships and master of the lands closest to the pirate targets, Corlys Velaryon (Steve ToussaintViserys asksBuddy Considine) permission to respond, but the king denies it for fear of the possibility of a war with the free lands. Present at the board meeting, Rhaenyra (Millie Alcock) suggests fighting pirate fleets with dragons, eliminating them and showing the power of the Targaryen dynasty in one fell swoop. The young woman’s advice upsets the noble men and her father sends her to choose the devil’s replacement (Matt Smith) in command of the Royal Guard.

Evaluating and interviewing several candidates, Rainera decided to award the title to Kriston Cole (Fabian Frankl), the knight who defeated Satan in the tournament shown in the first episode. Furthermore, he was the only one among the selected soldiers who participated in a real battle.

At the same time, Viserys and Alicent (Emily Carrey) continues to approach, hidden from Rhinera. In conversation with the King, the Hand’s daughter tries to console him with the death of the Queen, but on the orders of her father, Otto (Rhys Evans), takes advantage of the conversation to court the inhabitant of the Iron Throne.

Moments later, Aliscent met Rhaenyra in September, where he tried to persuade her to reconnect with her father. The princess revealed during their conversation that she believed the king made her the heir to the throne and the crown as punishment for the demon’s crimes.

Feeling her friend’s difficulty dealing with grief over Emma’s death (Sian Brock), tells Alicentre Rainera that praying to the gods makes her feel close to her mother, who also passed away less than a year ago, and persuades the princess to do the same to calm her grief. Crying young Targaryen reveals her desire for her father to see her as something other thanyour little girl‘, a sentiment shared by the friend.

Far away, in the gardens, Viserys, Rennes (Eve is better) and Corlys talks about the threat from the Free Lands hacker. The King’s cousins ​​suggest that his enemies now view the crown as fragile and try to persuade him to marry his daughter Laina (New Foils Mousse), to convey a stronger image to the outside world.

Later, Viserys and Rhaenyra have dinner together. While it is clear that the princess wants to learn her royal duties to be prepared when she becomes queen, the king is reluctant to allow her to participate in the administrative decisions of the kingdom. It seems that the dispute between the two exacerbates the dispute between them.

Later, while treating a hand wound, Viserys tells Otto and Master Milos (David Horowitz) about his conversation with Philaerion. The king’s hand, stubborn at seeing his daughter ascend to kings, tries to dissuade him from the idea, while Melos sees the logic in the marriage proposed by Corliss.

Viserys tends to take Mellos’ proposal for Westeros, walks through the gardens with Laena and shows palpable unease at the age difference between him and the girl – after all, she’s only 12 years old. The two talk about dragons and the conquest of Westeros until the embarrassed girl says she was honored by the possibility of uniting the two homes of Valerian, promising to give the king many heirs should they marry. Viserys soon realized that she was actually repeating Corlys’ words, and was upset after the girl said,You don’t need to lie downWith him before the age of fourteen, the king changes the subject and goes on his way without realizing that his daughter is watching her from afar.

Seconds later, Rhinera and Rennes talk about the succession to the throne. While the princess is still confident that she would become queen even if her father had a son, the never-been queen recalls that when she had a chance to become queen, the Supreme Council favored the coronation of Viserys, and states that “Men would rather burn the kingdom down than see a woman sitting on the Iron Throne“.

In the Red Keep, Viserys breathes about a dilemma with Alicent, who seizes the opportunity to get closer to the King. He presented a dragon statue that he had broken a few days before, leaving him visibly affected by the gesture. However, his thanks were suddenly cut short when Otto summoned him to an emergency meeting of the small council.

There, it is revealed that Daemon, upon leaving King’s Landing, stole a dragon egg and took the Dragonstone, which rightfully belongs to Rhaenyra. In a letter, the former commander of the Guard of King’s Landing informed that he was going to marry again and that his second wife was already pregnant with their child. Also, according to him, the dragon’s egg will be laid in the cradle of his heir, according to the traditions of the Targaryen family. When it is revealed that the disinherited prince stole the same egg that Rhinera chose to put in her dead brother’s bed, Viserys revolts and announces his intentions to go after his brother to capture and punish him, but is appeased by Otto, who offers to go to the Dragonstone himself.

Arriving in the city, Otto confronts Daemon, but backs off when the Forbidden Prince’s dragon appears. Seconds later, Rainera appears from the horizon on her dragon and convinces her uncle to return the stolen egg.

Returning to King’s Landing, Viserys is angry with Rhaenyra for putting herself in danger, but the Princess mitigates her anger by reminding her that she was able to return from the Dragonstone with the stolen egg and without shedding a drop of blood. Then the two have their first honest conversation since Emma’s death, and the girl says that she understands her father’s duties as king and that she accepts the fact that he needs to remarry.

At a new meeting of the Small Council, Viserys announces that he is ready to marry again, but, to the surprise of Rhaenyra and Corlys, reveals that he intends to join Alicent, much to their wrath. Disgusted, Lord Philaerion meets the Devil and begins to make plans to take the King from the Iron Throne.

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