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How to issue Delta tickets with LATAM Pass points – First Class Passenger

Did you know that it is possible to issue airline tickets with American Airlines Delta Using points from LATAM Pass, LATAM’s loyalty program? In that matter, we teach you everything you need to know to perform broadcasting!

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Among the Brazilian programs, the LATAM Pass is the only one that uses a fixed table for travel with partner companies. Unfortunately, since the change in the software version system, it is no longer possible to check the availability of flights with online partners.

For those unfamiliar with the process, on flights that are 100% operated by partner companies, refunds have scheduled values, which vary according to origin and destination. The program contains a table of regions, indicating which countries are covered in each region.

For example, a flight between São Paulo and New York is considered a flight between the regions of Brazil and North America. When operated by a partner airline like Delta, your refund will have a fixed amount. If operated by LATAM itself, it has flexible pricing, which can be either cheaper or more expensive than a partner, depending on factors such as date, availability and promotions.

These flights are usually limited, Because it depends on the number of seats available at the partner airline. Thus, Latin America and the Caribbean, for example, has no control over how many seats Qatar or Delta will release to partners. Who does this is the company that runs the trip.

Since they are based on fixed schedules, these issues depend only on availability and do not suffer from fluctuations in the number of points required. However, since the change in the LATAM Pass program, tickets can only be redeemed through the company’s call center or WhatsApp. If you search the website, you will likely find the same flights, but they are priced as commercial fare, which is much more expensive than the fare. prize Available via the call center.

LATAM Pass Fixed Tables

As mentioned in the previous thread, on flights operated by LATAM partner companies, such as Delta, refunds have values ​​included in the LATAM Pass, varying according to the source and destination.

Check below the program’s four pricing tables, according to the categories found.


When an airline makes a certain number of seats available for mileage issue, this “availability” is shared with all of its partner loyalty programs. Let’s look at an example with a random date.

Delta offers five business class seats for the mileage version, or so-called fares prize, on flight DL6056 (from Sao Paulo to New York) on Dec. 10. These five seats will be available for release on SkyMiles, Delta’s loyalty program, as well as on Air France, KLM’s Flying Blue, LATAM’s LATAM Pass, Aeroméxico’s Club Premier and any other Delta partner loyalty program.

If a Flying Blue member issues two tickets and a LATAM Pass member issues three tickets, seat availability for the flight in question expires. For this reason, we say “shared availability”.

Keep in mind that although it works this way in 99% of cases, this is not a rule. Certain programs may get more seats or none at all.

How to search for availability of flights with Delta

To find price availability prize Delta, we may use the websites of other Delta companies Sky TeamThe airline alliance of which Delta is a part. see below:

Remember that we only use the websites of these partner companies to search for availability and not to release it. Therefore, you should ignore the amount that will appear in these programs, because it is not the amount charged by the LATAM Pass.

Of all the sites, Air France is the easiest to search for; However, to search, you must already have an account with the company’s loyalty program, Flying Blue. Once you have an account, the first step is to access the Air France website and select “Book with Miles”;

In the “Book with Miles” tab, the site will ask you to log into your Flying Blue account. Click “Login” and fill in your username and password.

You will now be able to enter your origin and destination. For example, we chose the section from Rio de Janeiro (GIG) to Atlanta (ATL), on 07/02/2023, in economy class. After selecting the desired route and date, just select “Search for flights”;

Once this is done, the site will show you which flights are available on the chosen date. Confirm that the site found a flight from Rio de Janeiro (GIG) to Atlanta (ATL) operated by Delta.

With the date in hand, now simply call the LATAM Pass to request your ride issue!

Unfortunately, the Air France website, unlike other sites we use to search for availability with partner airlines, such as the United website, does not have a calendar function, which can show us in a consolidated way all available dates over a period of time. Therefore, in this case, to search for availability, it is necessary to search day by day until you find the desired date.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, LATAM Pass can be contacted via the call center or WhatsApp. See below how to proceed to contact us through the two channels.

Problems via the call center

From the call center you should call 4002-5700, enter your CPF number or LATAM Pass number and proceed with options 2>3>1. When answering, ask the clerk to take you to the emissions center with the fixed schedule.

But watch out! Important advice during your phone call with call center: Don’t say you found availability on other companies’ websites. Oftentimes, attendees may say that systems and availability are different or that the system itself cannot adequately price the requested itinerary. If it is not found, turn it off and on again (and repeat the process as many times as necessary).

Problems via WhatsApp

Recently, LATAM started serving WhatsApp for issues with partner companies that use the fixed schedule. Just call +56968250850 and send the following standard message:

I would like to exchange tickets for my LATAM Pass points
My trip will be: (Put it here if it’s one way or round trip)
Origin: (insert required airport codes)
Departure date: (insert departure date in YYYY-MM-DD format)
Return date: (enter the return date in the same date format, if you have one)
Cab: (enter desired cabin, such as economy or business)
Adults: (insert number of adults)
Children: (insert number of children)
Children: (insert number of children)

attention! It is not necessary to enter any other messages first, such as “Good morning”, “Good evening” or “Good evening” greetings. If you do this, the system will not recognize your request and will not take you to the agent. Send the standard letter directly with your order.

After completing the form, I reached out to the hostess via WhatsApp, who was able to find the availability of the intended flight:

Note that the price charged for the segment was 57,000 points, which is exactly the value stipulated by the program’s fixed schedule for flights from Brazil to North America.


By charging a fixed amount for any issue, according to the regions schedule, LATAM Pass offers great refunds with partner companies.

However, it is true that often finding availability and contacting a call center can be a daunting task. With that in mind, we made this tutorial to help you with emissions with delta and make the process easier.

Hopefully this way you don’t have to waste time on calls just to search for the desired section. Find it in advance and call the info ready – that way you have a good chance of releasing your ride!

Did you like tipping? Do you have any doubts? Share with us in the comments!

To do the research, go to the Air France website.

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