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Gasoline gets over-adjusted? Check the average price from now!

Currently, many Brazilians are struggling to buy fuel. After all, the price of gasoline is very high. In recent months, the average value has undergone several changes, between increasing and decreasing. Recently, another gasoline modification was announced. With this, Brazilians want to know: What is the new average price?

It should be noted that the average price of gasoline is one of the most important parameters for determining the value of fuel. The final price shown on the pump varies by station. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about the new gasoline mod. Find out the average price and see how it could evolve in the near future.

Does gasoline have more modification? Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec

Why is gasoline so expensive?

Before talking about the modification of gasoline, it is interesting to recall some of the reasons that explain the high price of fuel. Several reasons help to understand why gasoline is so expensive. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, for example, is one of them. In addition, reliance on international refineries makes the product more expensive. Finally, inflation is not only felt in the fuel. Anyone who has been to the supermarket knows that basic necessities are much more expensive, too.

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Does gasoline have a new modification in 2022?

Recently, Petrobras announced a 4.8% reduction in the value of gasoline at refineries. This is actually the third cut the company has confirmed since the end of July. After the adjustment, the average price of gasoline decreased by only 0.47%. At real prices, this reduction is only 3 cents.

According to the Ticket Price Index (IPTL), a liter of gasoline can currently be purchased at an average of R$ 5.72. Before modification, it cost about 5.75 R$. Thus, the result is not much different from the cuts that occurred in late July and mid-August – when prices fell by 0.43% and 0.45%.

Will the fuel decrease further? Another adjustment on the horizon?

According to the IPTL analysis, it is still not possible to officially conclude whether the price of gasoline will be cheaper in the coming weeks. It is worth noting that the study takes into account data from more than 21,000 gas stations spread across Brazil.

“It is necessary to wait for the behavior of prices in the next few days, but most likely the average price of gasoline will continue to show a decrease,” a representative of the company said in a recent interview.

gasoline forecast

According to the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels), the decline in gasoline was 2.77% when looking at the average value. In August, the national average price per liter was R$5.25, a value not seen since February 2021.

From the beginning of August until last week, the average price fell from R$5.61 to R$5.25, and the decline was due to two main factors: on the one hand, Petrobras’ announcements of cutbacks, and on the other hand, changes in ICMS.

The other fuel that also had a lower average liter price was diesel S10 and ethanol, when comparing the data for the last week of August, which ended on 27, with those of the previous week, which ended on 20. .

Applications to save when buying gasoline!

People can count on many ways to save when buying gasoline, even if the stocks act indirectly. One way is to take advantage of gas station apps.

Thus, the first option is the Shell Box which is linked to the Shell network. Through it, users can accumulate points, and upon reaching a certain amount, it becomes possible to order an exchange. It can be used for both benefits and discounts. end to end:

In addition, there is also Premmia, from Petrobras. Users can get rewards when they complete some actions suggested by the app. One of the rewards received may be a fuel voucher. end to end:

Finally, there is still Abastece Aí, which is connected to the network of the Ipiranga service station. The application allows the issuance of cashback according to the user’s spending. end to end:

Fuel saving tips

Drivers who want to save fuel can stick to some tips that can contribute to this problem. Thus, some tips are: use air conditioning only when necessary, as it is related to fuel consumption, respect the transmission in the car and also always check tire pressure.

Another measure is to have the car serviced at the correct times, to avoid carrying too much weight in the car, and not to accelerate the car if it is disengaged.

Using apps that can give you rewards, points or cashback can be a way to save fuel. Premia and Abastece Aí!

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