CBLOL 2022 Final Will Get PaiN x LOUD In An Unprecedented Duel At Ibirapuera

CBLOL 2022 Final Will Get PaiN x LOUD In An Unprecedented Duel At Ibirapuera

Set: Two of Brazil’s most popular esports teams, paiN Gaming and LOUD, will face each other in the Grand Final of the 2022 Brazilian Legends League (CBLOL) Championship, next Saturday, September 3, in an unprecedented decision at Ginásio do Ibirapuera, in São Paulo, for a prize of R$100,000 and for the classification of the 2022 World Championship, the LoL World Championship. Ten thousand people must watch the decisive confrontation in one place.

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PaiN Gaming x LOUD in the CBLOL 2022 Part 2 Senior Qualifier Final – Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Already qualifying for the title dispute since the victory in the upper category final of the qualifiers, paiN had a great show on Sunday, in a 3-0 thrashing of FURIA in the lower category final.

The oldest player in CBLOL, the traditional pen, reaches the eighth final in its history in search of a fourth title. LOUD is a rookie: he’s never made a decision and, therefore, wants to be a champion for the first time, continuing, in LoL, the streak of titles won in Valorant and Free Fire.

Born from Free Fire in 2019 and with a huge fan base, LOUD joined CBLOL with the creation of the franchise in 2021. On social media, the organization has 11.7 million followers on Instagram, 12.4 million on YouTube, and 1.5 million on Twitter – numbers higher than Many Brazilian football clubs.

Created in 2010 and present in LoL since 2011, paiN is another team with a huge fan base, which throughout history has already celebrated three CBLOL achievements (2013, 2nd split of 2015 and 1st Split of 2021). On Instagram, the organization has 1.9 million followers, on YouTube, 908,000 and on Twitter, 690,000.

With a large number of fans in the two finals, it is important that the final be in Ginásio do Ibirapuera, which should receive 10,000 spectators as the audience returns to the decisions of CBLOL, after the end of the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The last big event of CBLOL 2019’s second split was when Flamengo, no longer part of CBLOL from 2023, won the title in a crowded Jeunesse Arena, in Rio de Janeiro.

PaiN and LOUD games at this point have the highest viewership in online broadcasts, with 118,000 and 116,000 simultaneous viewers, respectively. The highest-grossing final between the two teams peaked at 215,141 simultaneous viewers, the highest record for this CBLOL, according to esports charts.

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On the way to the final of this second 2022 division, Payne went through the playoffs in third place, racking up 12 wins and six defeats – mostly in the later rounds – defeating Foria 3-to-1 in the semi-finals and a loud 3-to-2 at the end of the upper bracket .

It was a quieter trajectory than the one taken in the first half, when the Traditionals started the tournament really poorly and made an impressive journey from recovery to reach the playoffs and then come to the decision, where they lost to RED Canids Kalunga.

LOUD, who also qualified for the playoffs with 12 wins and six losses, in fourth, had a more dramatic stage midway through the tournament, when the team suffered three bitter setbacks in a row, with the community criticizing the Hunter’s performance. South Korean Jong-hoon “Kroc”. From the twelfth round, Tropenia had seven straight wins and adjusted them.

In the playoffs, LOUD defeated RED Canids 3-1 in the semifinals and lost to paiN 3-2 in the upper bracket final. This Sunday, he had an impressive performance against Team FURIA in the bottom class final.

Despite the high pitched impetus, a return to the past in this second split is largely favorable for paiN, with the red and black team taking home the best in all three encounters: two first-round games and a senior class final in the playoffs. In the first split, where LOUD had two different players from the current team, the two teams faced each other twice in the playoffs stage, with each side winning.

paiN, who has kept the cast in splinter this season, has South Korean bests Eui-seok “Wizer”, angler Marcos “carioK”, quarterback Matheus “Dynquedo”, bowler Matheus “Trigo” and backing Yan “damage”. The coaches are Joao Pedro “Deonray” and Hugh “Zero”.

LOUD features the nickname Leonardo “Robo”, hunter Kroc, quarterback Thiago “Teenowns”, bowler Diego “Prince” and Denilson support “Seuss”. The coaches are Gabriel “Von” and Lucas “Belze”.

The CBLOL 2022 Championship Grand Final will take place between paiN and LOUD next Saturday, starting at 1pm (Brasilia time), with livestreaming on Sportiv 4. You will track ge in real time. The confrontation will be, in a best-of-five (md5) match, worthy of the Brazilian title, the 100,000 Brazilian Real prize and the 2022 World Championship classification.

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