Rock in Rio: a mobile-only ticket, how to get there, and what to bring: see the festival guide

Rock in Rio: a mobile-only ticket, how to get there, and what to bring: see the festival guide

The ninth edition of Rock in Rio kicks off in its home country on September 2. There will be seven days of performances in Rock City, in the western region of Rio.

Below, g1 I collected the main doubts about programming, navigation, grammar and food.

A digital wallet with tickets to Rock in Rio – Photo: Eduardo Pierre / g1

Tickets, only on mobile

No need to worry about wrinkled papers, magnetic cards, or foil bracelets. This year, admission will be 100% digital It must be served at turnstiles only by cell phone.

And it’s not about downloading a PDF and displaying it on the roulette wheel, or photographing the completed purchase: It is necessary to add the ticket to the digital walletlike Google – No other form will be accepted.

The entire process must be done on a mobile phone There is no point in opening on the computer.

  • How can I download my ticket?

First, in the phone’s browser, go to in option rock in rioFollow the instructions to fill out a short form (with your name and Social Security number) and add the ticket to the device.

  • How do I transfer my ticket?

Who bought someone’s ticket You need, also by cell phone, to indicate the transfer. The recipient must have an account and a digital wallet. The buyer only needs to inform the e-mail address of the companion – the same as the e-mail address registered on the platform.

There will be no default transfer option on show day. The download is available until 11:59 PM the day before the chosen date.

Until the last update of this report, Climatempo was predicting rainfall Only for the second week of the festivalAnd the On the eighth and eleventh.

  • Can I take an umbrella?

No, and anyone who insists will be blocked and forced to leave the annex at the door.

  • What are the show dates?

They will be like the last festival.

Look at the summary in this table:

Rock main show timings at Rio 2022

time Friday (2) Saturday (3) Sunday (4) Thursday (8) Friday (9) Saturday (10) Sunday (11)
3:30 pm (sunset) Black Panther + Devotees Papatinho and L7nnon + MC Hariel and MC Carol matuê doda house De Ferrero + Vitor Klee I wish a bullet Liniker + Luedji Luna
16:55 (sunset) metal loyalty Shaman and Bro MCs Luisa Sonza and Marina Sina Gloria Grove John Gilson + Jorge Aragau Energy! long live elsa
18 hours (world) Sepultura + Brazilian Symphony Orchestra Welcome Jota Quest CPM 22 Initial capital dejavan Yvette Sangalo
19:05 (sunset) Living Color + Steve Fay Criollo + Mayra Andrade Emicida invites Drik Barbosa, Rael, Priscilla Alcântara and Reverend Henrique Vieira Corinne Bailey era 1985: Honors Maria Rita Missy Gray
20:10 (world) Gojira Jason Derulo Easy offspring Billy the idol pastel Rita Ora
21:15 (sunset) bullet for my valentine Racionais MC’s Gilberto Gil with his family Jesse J Avril Lavigne CEE Le green Ludmila
22:20 (world) iron maiden marshmallow Demi Lovato manskin fall out boy Camila Cabello Megan Thee Stallion
00:10 (world) Dream theater Post Malone Justin Beiber Armas e Rosas green day bad play Dua Lipa

Rock in Rio, from left; Iron Maiden, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Guns N’ Roses, Green Day, Coldplay, Dua Lipa – Photo: Marcelo Brandt/G1; Fabio Tito / g1; Flavio Moraes / g1; Celso Tavares / C1; Kevin Winter / Recording Academy / AFP

From 6 pm to midnight, attractions at Mundo and Sunset stages alternative without interference.

In the other stages, spectators will have to choose. The new electronic music dance system plays live from 4pm. Other spaces – such as the favela, the rock district, and the supernova – have simultaneous programming.

  • What is the timetable for the other phases?

The full lineup can be seen here.

Huge mud-stained sneakers remember rock music in Rio from 1985 – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The festival was created in Para Olympic Park, on Avenida Empeixador Abelardo Bueno. See shipping options below.

  • What time do the gates open?

The public can enter 2 pm. The music really starts rolling in the spaces and moves on to 4 a.m.

  • So what time can I login?

The gates are closed in 1 hour.

The best way to get to the city of the rock It’s by bus. There are two modes: Rock Express it’s the First grade.

  • What is the difference between Rock Express and First Class?

a Rock Express leaves the stations ocean park (where there is a subway connection) and dawn (Where the BRT lines leave). Buses pass through the chutes of BRTescapes from traffic.

Already First grade It departs from various points on the RJ to a station within Cidade do Rock.

Regular buses will run From 12 am to 5 am The Jardim connects Oceânico and Alvorada to the Parque Olímpico station.

Ticket costs 22 Brazilian Real, round trip – Regardless of whether a person takes only one snip.

Purchased online.

Tickets cost R$125, round trip, and leave within Rock City. Lines originate from these locations:

  1. Riogaleão Airport: Terminal 2
  2. Barra da Tijuca – Beach: Av. Lucio Costa 3600
  3. Bossa Nova Mix: In front of Santos Dumont Airport
  4. Shopping in Botafogo Praia: Professor Rua Alfredo Gomez
  5. Position: Rua da Assembleia 10
  6. Copacabana: Rua Sequeira Campos, in front of 143
  7. downtown
  8. Ipanema: Rua Prudente De Moraes, next to Praça General Osório
  9. Lagoa: Avenida Borges de Medeiros, Service Corridor, 1424
  10. Niteroi: Don Orione Square
  11. Nort Shopping
  12. New America
  13. Petropolis: Rua Padre Siqueira, in front of No. 419
  14. Recreation: Av. das Americas, corner with Av. Jose Luis Ferraz
  15. Rio Design Para
  16. Novo Rio Bus Station: Platform 58
  17. Tijuca: Rua Almirante Cochran 146

Purchases are made online, as times are available.

It is possible to ride at one point and choose another way back. On the way home, drivers are allowed to disembark anywhere along the road.

The festival recommends the use of public transport and private buses.

Streets near City of Rock . will be closed From 2 pm to 6 am On party days, and only residents will be able to pass through closing points – Registration is now closed.

The Avenida Ambassador Abelardo Bueno, where the City of Rock gate is located, for example, will be closed between the Salvador Allende and Arroio Pavuna roads. Internal roads, such as arwasata Franz Weissmann and the Francisco de Paula It will also be closed.

However, it will be possible to stand in Metropolitano Barra Shopping Centerwhose entrance is before the barriers, and walk 2 km.

Map of the rock in Rio 2022 – Image: Infographics: Juan Silva/g1

yes – But it is necessary to walk a little. The app set up a base in Riocentro, around 1 km olympic park, To go up and down. In addition to space for sitting and resting, the venue will feature restrooms, cell phone charging stations, and food trucks.

The venue will also have designated walkways in the waiting area. This way, the driver partners will be able to inform users, via the app, which route they are waiting for.

To get to the place and get to the event, the user just has to type Riocentro . Convention Center as a destination in the Uber app. There, signs and the Uber support team will tell the direction to the Olympic Park.

When the music is over and the crowd is ready to go home, just go back to the Espaço Uber, in Riocentro, order a car and wait.

yes But it will be necessary to change. Jardim Oceânico Station, which is integrated with the special service Rock ExpressIt will be open 24 hours for boarding. The other stations in the system will operate at normal riding time, and during the night, they will remain open, but only for disembarkation.

On weekdays, trains will travel on Lines 1 and 4 between Uruguay and Jardim Ocinico, with transfers between Lines 1 and 2 at stations located on the common extension (Botafogo-Central) during normal festival hours.

Line 2 trains will travel between Bavona and Botafogo, from 5:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., with transfers on a common stretch between Botafogo and downtown. However, during the early hours, between 00:00 and 05:00, after the normal operation, the transfer will take place in Estácio.

On Saturdays and Sundays, transfers of all lines will be mandatory at Estacio Station.

The concessionaire suggests that customers purchase the ticket in advance, which costs BRL 6.50 each way, to facilitate boarding at the time of the event, on the website or the GIRO app, at the stations, or who pay their tickets by approaching the NFC-enabled cards or devices, directly at the turnstile at the time of boarding, or with a Riocard.

  • Can I take food from home?

Yes, but there are limitations. Each person can enter five items. The organization recommends taking sandwiches in airtight plastic bags – ziplocks – or closed industrial food containers.

Hard utensils, such as faucets, are prohibited.

Kit allowed in Rock in Rio: Raincoat, plastic bottle without cap, canned food — like sandwiches, fruit — Photo: Narayanna Borges/GloboNews

No, but a small bottle without a cap is allowed to be filled with water at the drinking fountains around Rock City.

  • What can’t you take?
  • Bottles of any type, size or material (examples: mineral water bottles, juices, etc.), except for plastic water consumption bottles, as long as they are not capped.
  • hard containers with a lid (for example: plastic plastic utensils);
  • Cans;
  • helmets.
  • Firearms or white weapons of any kind (knives, pocket knives, etc.);
  • Chairs / Seats
  • Parachute;
  • sharp objects
  • piercing or cutting objects (scissors, daggers, tweezers, nail clippers);
  • Fireworks, explosives, flares and incendiary devices of any kind;
  • glass, plastic or metal objects (perfume, cosmetics, including deodorants of any kind, toothpaste or toothbrushes);
  • drinks (in any kind of container);
  • Skateboard, bike or any type of vehicle or not;
  • Styrofoam, coolant, or any type of storage device;
  • selfie stick (extended for taking a selfie);
  • items that can be used to market ambushes;
  • Toxic and/or toxic substances, including illegal drugs;
  • flags or posters containing messages or symbols with commercial disclosures;
  • Drones of any kind.

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