Gamer's Day: 10 franchises that turned generations into players

Gamer’s Day: 10 franchises that turned generations into players

Player’s Day has been celebrated on August 29 since 2008, after it was created by a group of specialized magazines in Spain. Over the years, many games have been necessary to “make up” new players, including franchises like Zelda and Super Maior Bros. And GTA, Resident Evil, and others. These and other titles popped up in the industry and crossed many barriers, acquiring versions, sequels, and modifications for consoles and PCs. On this gamer’s day, watch the main series of the gaming market and remember some of its main representatives:

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GTA San Andreas was one of the games that characterizes the gaming world, being a reference even today; See other successful franchises – Photo: Disclosure / Rockstar

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Counter-Strike 1.6, released on PC, wasn’t exactly the first release of the popular shooter, but it’s certainly the most famous. Launched in 2003, this version was responsible for spreading CS around the world, especially in Brazil, polluting local homes with matches and clashes that lasted all night. It’s worth noting that the same franchise has been around since 1999, with a game of the same name being available for PC.

Due to the huge success, CS 1.6 inspired other shooting games to follow the same path, with similar style and other great details. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), the latest title in the franchise, is one example, in addition to the very popular Valorant, from Riot Games, which borrows several elements from the Valve title.

Counter-Strike 1.6 was the epitome of first-person shooter games and inspires current successes, such as Valorant – Image: Disclosure/Valve

GTA is another successful franchise in the gaming world. The first title, since 1997, still had superior visuals and 2D graphics, but it started to change from GTA 3, in 2001, bringing third-person action and open world to Liberty City. Despite this, in the next game, GTA San Andreas, the series has reached “another level”.

The game, which was released in 2004 for PS2, was a huge success, gaining versions on other consoles as well as on PC. The game is one of the most highly praised versions of the GTA series, thanks to a really vast world to explore and being, until then, the most realistic of all at the time.

GTA: San Andreas is considered one of the best examples of the entire GTA saga by heroes and map – Image: Disclosure / Rockstar

CJ’s story moved as much as it created anticipation and emotion. The game is still played and enjoyed by its fans today, mainly because it received a redesigned version of Rockstar aimed at more modern consoles. His fictional city, Los Santos, also reappeared in GTA 5, which has already surpassed its predecessor as the most successful title in the franchise.

Final Fantasy was born on the NES in 1987 as a last-ditch attempt by Squaresoft to gain some prominence in the gaming market. The game was an RPG with turn-based battles, a character class, and an epic story, in which a group of heroes needed to rescue a powerful crystal to restore world order. It was so successful that today there are more than 50 games in the saga, between the main and sub-titles. Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy 13 are some of the recent successes.

Between the new releases and the original games, Final Fantasy is one of the best RPGs ever – Image: Disclosure / Square Enix

Over time, Final Fantasy has received direct and indirect versions, modifications, and continuities. However, they each have their own story and characters, and only a few elements share in being the big one. However, it happens that we have games where many characters meet, as in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Resident Evil, created by Capcom in 1996, is one of the greatest examples of a successful series to this day. The first game in the franchise puts players in a mansion full of zombies to deal with supernatural threats. Currently, the premise hasn’t changed much – just creatures and locations too. The title is also mentioned as one of the main sources of inspiration for other survival horror games that we know today.

Resident Evil Village is the eighth game in the Capcom series that continues to gain popularity – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

Resident Evil has spawned numbered sequels – we’re currently in the eighth game – as well as several spin-offs. But not only that: the success allowed this epic to be adapted to other media. There are movies with real actors, series, cartoons, manga, and even card and board games. The franchise has sold more than 127 million copies worldwide as of 2022 and all of this is proof of its success.

Street Fighter first hit in 1987, but it wouldn’t be her biggest hit. This will come with 1991’s Street Fighter 2, which implements many of the elements that made the series the standard for fighting games and an example to follow for many years to come. Not coincidentally, this is the best-selling fighting series worldwide, with sales of $12.2 billion, according to Capcom.

Street Fighter 5 is one of the latest games in the saga and uses classic elements from Street Fighter 2 – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

The next game in the franchise will be Street Fighter 6, which is arriving soon. Despite the number, there are not only six games in the series: there are episodic games such as Street Fighter Zero / Alpha, as well as re-releases that have had the same success. Street Fighter has also been adapted to the big screen more than once and has won other versions in animation.

The Nintendo game series has been responsible for promoting the entire genre of platform games. Since 1985 on the NES, it’s been Super Mario Bros. It brought into pop culture the brothers Mario and Luigi, as well as characters like Peach, Bowser, and others. Among the notable titles, it is worth noting Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Land and more, reaching different generations of Nintendo consoles and handheld devices.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a classic and one of the most highly praised saga – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

More than 380 million copies have been sold worldwide, and Mario has become an icon that transcends games. Nintendo’s “star” appears in several other games such as the Smash Bros. series. He is a reference in soap operas, films and other productions inside and outside the Japanese company.

The Legend of Zelda isn’t exactly an RPG, but it does mix elements of action, exploration, and character development. The first game, from 1986, hit the NES and was enough to become a new fever among Nintendo gamers. The game stars the hero Link, who is not by the title, but is always on a mission to save Princess Zelda – sometimes allied with her in some cases on other missions.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is the latest example of success in the saga – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are some of the main and most acclaimed games in the entire saga, always evolving in terms of Graphics and gameplay. There are more than 18 games, mods for other media and even pop-up products.

Born in 1994 with Warcraft Orcs & Humans, Warcraft is a computer strategy game that pitted users against a relatively limited map. The game has grown and become so much more, switching genres, creating episodic elements and spawning one of the biggest hits in the industry: World of Warcraft, a giant MMORPG that uses the same world as a base, but with an entirely different gameplay.

Warcraft became so popular that it spawned the MMORPG, World of Warcraft – Photo: Disclosure / Blizzard

World of Warcraft is definitely one of the great examples of a successful game with thousands of copies sold. He was also responsible for promoting MMORPGs, although they were launched for a monthly fee — not cheap, even. Although it’s not actually the first strategy game in history, Warcraft marked an era for its pioneering spirit.

Pokémon started as a shy mobile RPG in 1996 for the Game Boy. The premise was simple: travel around the world, hunt tiny pocket-sized creatures and push them to fight, win prizes and become the champion. The success was resounding, and since then the series has not ceased to win titles, to this day – with the appearance of Pokemon Scarlett and Violet in the future.

Pokémon started in the ’90s and today has a series, drawing, movie, manga, and more – Image: Disclosure / Nintendo

Despite this, the biggest proof of Pokemon’s success lies in the fact that it’s an important part of pop culture across various media. Shortly after the game the animation appeared in Japan. It quickly won copies all over the world, including Brazil, and was a hit with dozens of seasons, which are still on the air and never stop getting new episodes. Movies, card games, and games of different styles have been part of the franchise’s history.

Many people may disagree, but the importance of Tetris to gaming is enormous. Released in the former Soviet Union in 1984, Tetris was the brainchild of a Russian designer known as Alexey Pajitnov, who had a hard time launching his game globally. After that, it had an official partnership with Nintendo, and its title reached the Game Boy in 1989.

Tetris to this day is gaining modern versions, such as Tetris Effect – Photo: Disclosure / Stage Games

The mechanics of Tetris are very simple: several pieces fall from the top of the screen, while the player has to place each of them in the bottom row, matching and eliminating them when forming a row. If the entire screen is full, it means that the user has lost the game and needs to start over. Simple, successful, cloned and inspired many players around the world.

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