Vidal scored, Flamengo beat Botafogo and returned to the Brazilian runner-up

Vidal scored, Flamengo beat Botafogo and returned to the Brazilian runner-up

The Brazilian Championship round featured a classic Carioca, which was defeated by Flamengo. At Nilton Santos, Dorival Junior beat Botafogo 1-0, returning to second place in the competition and increasing the pressure on rival Alfinegro. The victory came with a goal by Vidal in the second half.

As a result, Robro Negro scored 43 points and is trying to take new steps in the search for Commander Palmeiras, who has 50 points. As for Glorioso, he remains with 27 points and sees the relegation zone approaching the rear mirror.

In the next round, Botafogo faces Fortaleza away from his home, while Flamingo greets Ciara. But before that, Dorival Junior had their first duel with Velez Sarsfield, on Wednesday, in the semi-finals of the Libertadores.

Who did well – jivenio Peter

The highlight of Botafogo in the match was striker Givinho, as he was one of the most active players in the offensive field. On the part of Fella, Pedro entered and managed to change the match with the help of Vidal’s goal.

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Who Was Wrong – Lucas Fernandez and Diego

Lucas Fernandez, midfielder for Botafogo and Diego, Flamengo’s No. 10 shirt, had a more discreet performance.

Botafogo performance

Botafogo, for the first time, repeated the lineup with Luis Castro. The team has slightly changed the tagging technique and has been able to show more safety in the sector. In the offensive, Victor Sa and Givino found spaces and created dangerous plays.

Upon the return of the first half, Glorioso was still striving to maintain the rhythm of the initial stage, but after changes in Flamengo, he began to find it difficult to fit the marking. After that, he managed to reorganize himself to try to bring the opposing team back to the field of defense.

flamingo performance

Flamengo went to the field with the team called “The Substitute”, while the defending champions play in the Copa del Rey and Libertadores. However, Gabigol started the classic game, but played more openly, and Lazaro was more central. The sharpness was not what it showed in the previous games, and Robro Negro found difficulties in both creation and defense.

At the start of the second half, Dorival began to call up the “shock forces” and put Pedro and Everton Ribeiro, which made improvements and changed the face of the team. The team opened the scoring and created opportunities for expansion, but then saw the development of Botafogo.


The match started with Botafogo better and more dangerous, especially with Givino. In turn, Flamengo did not show the same expression as in previous matches, and showed difficulty in finding spaces.


Botafogo was about to open the scoring when Victor Saa invaded the area and crossed over to Junior Santos after hitting and hitting him. The striker fixed it and hit a bit under pressure, and Ayrton Lucas got the cut.

hot climate

After a disagreement between Diego and Givenio, the two went down and Player 10 grabbed the ball. Marcel tried to catch her and the atmosphere became more tense between the players who came to confront each other.

open result

At the start of the second half, Dorival put Junior Pedro and Everton Ribeiro in the match. Soon, Pedro crossed and left Vidal in front of goal to open the scoring.


The goal encouraged Flamengo, who advanced and succeeded in creating good chances. The first was with Mathiosinho, who invaded the area and hit a cross to Gatito’s defense. Next, Pedro dodges Adryelson and tries to hit her, but sends her off.

for the first time

Reinforcement in this window, Chilean Eric Polgar made a mainstay with a flamingo shirt.


In the final minutes, Botafogo advanced in an attempt to equalise, but was unsuccessful.

Confusion before the match

Photo: social network reproduction

A confrontation between organized teams from Botafogo and Flamengo caused confusion and a rush in the vicinity of Nilton Santos before the ball was rolled. The atmosphere in the streets near the stadium was tense and calmed down minutes later with the intervention of the Prime Minister.

data sheet
Botafogo 0 x 1 flamingo

Competition: Brazilian Championship
place: Nilton Santos in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
day and hour: 28/8/2022, Sunday, 18:00 (Brasilia time)
Rule: Flávio Rodrigues de Sousa (FIFA-SP)
helpers: Marcelo Carvalho van Gas (FIFA / SP Club)
VAR: Neuza Ines Back (Fifa / SP)
yellow cards: Saravia, Eduardo, Danilo Barbosa (BOT); Vidal, Pedro (FLA)
red cards:-
Objectives: Vidal, from Flamengo, 12 min / sec

Botafogo: Katito Fernandez; Saravia, Adrillson (Kanu), Victor Cuesta and Marsal; Chi Chi (Danilo Barbosa), Lucas Fernandez (Lucas Piazon), and Eduardo (Gabriel Perez); Victor Sa (Luis Henrique), Junior Santos and Givenio. Technical: Luis Castro

flamingo: saints. Mathuzinho, Fabricio Bruno, Pablo and Ayrton Lucas; Diego (Eric Polgar), Victor Hugo (Everton Ribeiro), and Vidal (Joao Gomez); Lazaro (Pedro), Everton and Gabigol (Arascaeta). Technical: Dorival Jr

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