Emma Darcy: All About Who Lives Adult Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon

Emma Darcy: All About Who Lives Adult Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon

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The Targaryen family’s power hierarchy is about to change in The House of the Dragon. The new series of HBO Max Back to Westeros in Game of thrones To tell the intrigues of the Daenerys family, centuries before her birth. At the center of this web of schemes and intrigue is the little Rhinera Targaryen. But she will grow up in the series, to occupy the Iron Throne, and she will live in this new era Emma Darcy.

But after all, who is this mysterious translator entering the adult stage of the character? We have listed all the essential information you need to know about Emma here.

Emma Darcy is not a binary

The first thing you should know about him Emma Darcy is that their pronouns are neutral, like Elo / Delo in Portuguese. Despite playing a princess in the series, her translator is a person non-binarylike him Ezra Miller And the Elliot page.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Emma commented on how the role ended up aligning with her identity, as Rhaenyra also struggles hard with gender roles of her time.

“I’ve always found myself drawn to and disconnected from masculine and feminine identities and I think that’s been very true here,” He said.

How old is he?

Emma Dia Darcy Born in 27 July 1992. So, in the series premiere, Elu just celebrated her birthday. 30 years.

Where was Emma born?

Living up to Targaeryan European roots, Emma is English. Elu was born in the heart of the United Kingdom, in a rush Great London. This year, he’s back in town for the Trans Pride show.

He also studied performing arts in his own country, Oxford university. During this period, Emma became very close to the theater, taking part in plays in her college. Thus Elu won her first starring role in a collegiate production of cheese and guavain 2014, where he presented the drama romeo.

running princess

The academic script ended up bringing him very close to the stage, even after graduation. Emma went on to participate in many theater productions, including performing Kalisto: A Queer Epicwhich indicates an early understanding of their identity.

But with streaming platforms, Emma has made a truly international drop. Her first major role in the series was as Naomi Richards Love to travel – accurate navigationBritish production by Netflix. After that, participate in henna And the Truth seekers, on Prime Video. Elo has also ventured into cinema, in films such as Miss RevolutionWith Keira Knightley and Sunday MotherWith Olivia Colman.

Knows less than Jon Snow

Who is Jon Snow? Elo couldn’t tell you. Unlike actors like Steve ToussaintHey Corellis Philaerion In the series that knows everything about the universe that made it George RR MartinEmma had no connection to the franchise before she was asked to audition for the role.

Elu never read books and was not even a fan of Game of Thrones, the series was known only for its importance in popular culture. Until the end of the audition, Emma believed that the project was actually a cheap copy of the great medieval franchise and not a spin-off that takes place in the same universe.

photography lovers

In a way, Emma has a constant presence on social media. But instead of showing her face or promoting random brands, celebrities are using this space to share their passion for photography with the world.

Her Instagram feed is full of super intimate selfies, in which she captures landscapes, animals, moments and general everyday things, bringing out more of her unique perspective. Even with this particular approach, @emmaziadarcy has managed to attract nearly 40k followers so far.

Love at first sight

Emma Darcy is romantically involved, but avoids revealing any data about her partner as much as possible. Even his gender has not been publicly confirmed. And the information about her relationship only came out to the public because her lover helped improvise a wig to record audition videos for the series.

However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emma admitted to being impressed at first sight by her co-worker. Olivia Cookwho explains Aliscent Hightower.

“I don’t know what Liv would say, but I think I fell in love with her in 45 seconds. Well, I probably worked hard to hide it.” [no primeiro encontro]. Do you know those casual encounters where there is affinity? For some unknown reason, I really felt that way with Liv,” He said. Will there be a Trisal?

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