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Fighting Smoking: Learn how to get help from SUS to quit smoking

Overcoming smoking addiction is not easy, but the Unified Health System (SUS) provides services and support for those who want to quit smoking in search of a healthier life. According to the Ministry of Health, the patient must search for a basic health unit in his city to receive a referral for free medical and psychological care.

In Greater Vitoria as well as in some municipalities within Espiritu Santo, the municipalities implement specific programmes. There is the possibility of follow-up with specialists from various fields, such as dentists, psychologists and other professionals in addition to physicians. There is also the availability of medicines. (See the list of services at the end of the article)

SUS also offers services in other cities. In São Paulo, care is provided through the Smoking Cessation Program, promoted by the Ministry of Health and the National Cancer Institute (INCA) and coordinated by the São Paulo State Health Department (SES).

In São Paulo, treatment takes place in basic health care units (UBS) and in psychosocial care centers (AD caps). In other parts of the country, the Ministry of Health recommends looking for the nearest health unit. Information from Agência Brasil.

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In Brazil, since 1986, August 29 has been marked as National No Tobacco DayIt was created with the aim of promoting national actions to raise awareness and mobilize the population for the social, political, economic and environmental harm caused by tobacco, according to the National Cancer Institute (Inca).

It is a disease caused by physical dependence on nicotine, and it causes about 50 different diseases, such as emphysema, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, such as acute myocardial infarction and stroke. In Brazil, more than 160,000 deaths a year are attributed to tobacco, according to data from the Ministry of Health’s Epidemiological Bulletin.

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  • In Vitoria, all 29 health units are able to implement actions to address smoking in two axes: in the prevention and treatment of smokers, through the Therapeutic Support Group for Tobacco Smokers (GATT).
  • The individual should undergo a clinical assessment consultation before beginning the approach sessions, where the level of physical dependence on nicotine, the person’s motivation to quit smoking, if there are indications or contraindications to the use of pharmacological support, the presence of comorbid psychiatric conditions and their clinical history.

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  • In order to reduce the problems caused by the use of cigarettes, the municipality of Vila Velha provides, through the Department of Health, measures to combat smoking, through behavioral methods and, when necessary, the use of complementary medicines.
  • To participate in the group, a citizen can search for the basic health unit closest to housing and register. On this occasion, employees will inform the days and times on which group meetings are held. With this in mind, a multidisciplinary team of professionals, made up of doctors, dentists, psychologists and other specialists, will provide assistance to the citizen.
  • In this way, the participants go through four help sessions, where the treatment is carried out in a personalized way, according to the needs of each and, if necessary, they will have exclusive support sessions. In addition to health professional assistance and personal exchanges during conversation circles, the citizen learns specific addiction abandonment strategies, with exercise on a daily basis.
  • The Basic Health Units (UBS) that participate in the project to help citizens develop smoking cessation and survival skills are:
  • Aracas
  • Barra do Joko
  • Coqueral de Itaparica
  • Dom joao
  • a B C
  • Gaboruna
  • pee
  • Fruit tip
  • Santa Rita
  • red earth
  • Ulysses Guimarães
  • Enchanted Valley
  • Villa Garrido
  • new village


  • Those who live in Kariasika can count on receiving the municipality’s smoker support programme, which operates in four basic health units:
  • America’s Garden
  • santa fe
  • botanical garden
  • Nova Rosa da second among them
  • A person who wants to quit smoking must register in the unit that offers the program. There is no queue. The user already leaves the registration on a scheduled evaluation date.
  • After the four sessions, those who were able to quit smoking begin to participate in the bi-monthly sessions and can be followed up for a year to avoid relapses. And those who can’t stop can go to a new reception and restart the program that focuses on changing habits.

Mountain chain

  • In Sierra, the service is provided by six Regional Health Units (URS):
  • sierra headquarters
  • Golden Mountain
  • Jakarib
  • View Rosa
  • new horizon
  • good view
  • On Wednesday, June 1, at 2 p.m., there will be an action at the Novo Horizonte Regional Health Unit to instruct users about smoking and attract patients to join the local tobacco program.
  • The program consists of a multidisciplinary team consisting of: a physician, a nurse, a pharmacist, a psychologist, a social worker, a dietitian and a physical therapist.
  • Smoker’s support group participants must submit the following documents: SUS card, proof of residence, original identification document with photo, and registration made by the user’s reference unit.


  • The Prefecture of Viana, through the Department of Health (SEMSA), offers treatments and guidelines in all 18 health units in the municipality for those who wish to leave dependency.
  • The program consists of individual or group assistance for patients who wish to end their dependence on tobacco. To access, it is necessary to search for the nearest health unit and request a medical referral.
  • The patient undergoes a medical evaluation before accessing the medications that make up the treatment. In addition, 12-month psychological monitoring is offered to ensure the person remains abstinent.


  • In Colatina, people who wish to participate in the municipality’s intensive tobacco control program for smokers must look for the health unit closest to the house, to be referred for treatment.
  • More information by phone: (27) 3711-9550 or 99504-4842.


  • Those who wish to quit smoking have a program that the municipality of Linhares offers free of charge. It is the municipality’s tobacco control programme.
  • Among the activities developed in the program: individual assistance with a doctor, psychiatrist, nurse and social worker; care in a cognitive-behavioral group; Active search for patients included in the program; Monitor the development of treatment, including online; Quarterly drug map monitoring report; Socio-educational activity through lectures and workshops in schools and companies; Referral to the social protection network (welfare, citizen pharmacy, health units, etc.)
  • To participate in the group, you must register in the program and wait for the formation of new groups. In addition to referral by health units, smokers who wish to quit can go directly to Naps, in Bairro Colina, Rua Governador Bley, S/N, at the former Talma Hospital.
  • Municipal Tobacco Control Program – Tel: (27) 3372-7424

Itapimirim Waterfall

  • The Department of Health in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (Semus) provides free clinical support to smokers who wish to quit. To access treatment, simply go to one of the basic units of the municipality or the “Bolívar de Abreu” health center, which is open from 7 am to 4 pm, and make an appointment for a clinical assessment with a nurse.
  • It is also possible to schedule this service through the eventos.cachoeiro.es.gov.br website.
  • After the assessment the patient becomes part of the program and has group or individual care, as well as participating in support groups and lectures on the topic.
  • If necessary, the patient will still have access to drugs recommended by the National Cancer Institute (Inca), such as nicotine patches, chewing gum and bupropion, according to the degree of nicotine dependence, determined by the Fagerstrom test.

Other cities in Wifaq and Elbilad

  • Smokers who live in other cities in the ES and in the country should seek out a health unit for referral to the Anti-Smoking Support and Treatment Service.

With information from Vinícius Lodi and Agência Brasil

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