Politics, Ivete and more: what we saw in RR Lisboa will be repeated in Brazil

Politics, Ivete and more: what we saw in RR Lisboa will be repeated in Brazil

For the first time, the Rock in Rio edition will take place in Portugal and Brazil in the same year: the edition was held in Lisbon in June, while the edition in Rio de Janeiro will begin on September 2. This came after delays caused by the epidemic in recent years.

In a conversation with the press, Roberta Medina said, the structures of the two versions are different despite being closed on close dates, as there will not be enough time to disassemble it in Lisbon and bring it to Brazil. But some of the similar attractions and experiences are the same, or at least similar. And the splash I tell you everything!

“The only thing that goes to Brazil is the 1985 sneaker,” she said at Rock in Rio Lisbon in June, citing a mud-stained sneaker sculpture that hints at nostalgia for the festival’s first year in Brazil.

The two versions also share a long-awaited game: the Ferris wheel. Plus, they have a rock town full of attractions and products to buy.

In terms of performances, Lisbon and Rio share some stars, such as Post Malone, Ivete Sangalo and IZA. Check out what to expect from each of their offerings:

Post Malone: ​​simple and lonely

Rapper Post Malone seems quite comfortable in front of the audience, even if he is alone on stage. At Rock in Rio Lisboa, right after Anitta, he performed for an audience of 80,000 people and dominated the audience without the company of instrumentalists and dancers.

At the beginning of the show, to the tune of “Wow,” he walked on stage with a cigarette and a glass of drink in one hand, while holding the microphone in the other. Over an hour of performance, he sang songs, interacted with the audience and made jokes.

In the song list, there are 17 tracks and some hit songs, such as “Better Now” and “Circles”. He also sang songs from the new album “Twelve Carat Toothache” such as “Reputation” and “I Like You”. For romantics, the singer performed “he goes drape” And the “SpendsSit on a chair and play the guitar.

Post Malone’s show structure for Brazil shouldn’t undergo major changes and will take over the podium at Rock in Rio on September 3.

As in Lisbon, Malone will double as Jason Derulo, who performed in Portugal when it was still daytime and sang songs like “wiggle” and “dirty talk”which should be repeated here as well.

“Ambassador” Yvette Sangalo

Yvette Sangalo is almost an ambassador for rock music in Rio. On September 11, she rose to the festival stage for the fifteenth time, after participating in foreign versions (Portugal, Spain and the United States). The singer has already said that Roberto Medina, the creator of Rock in Rio, admires her.

The show at the 2022 edition of Lisbon brought hits such as “Abalou”, “Eva”, “Festa” and “Acelera Aê”, as well as a lot of excitement that Ivete promised to repeat in the performance of Carioca.

No wonder the show garnered the highest number of viewers on the first Sunday of Rock in Rio Lisboa on SIC Radical, which showed the attractions live on Portuguese TV, surpassing Ellie Gooding, the Black Eyed Peas and Portugal’s David Carrera.

IZA and premieres

Who also performed on the first weekend of rock music in Rio Lisbon was the singer from Rio de Janeiro, IZA, who sang for audiences at the Galp Valley Music Stage, Meets the Sunset. It was the artist’s first concert in Europe.

In the Portuguese version, she sang the single “Fé” for the first time. Other hit songs were also on the track list like “No filter” and “ghetto”. Old songs known to the public such as “Donna de Mim”, “Pesadao” and “Jinja” were attended.

At Brazilian rock in Rio, IZA debuted at Palco Mundo on September 4. The artist has not released details of the show yet, but it is expected that she will bring spoilers for her new album, which is due to be released soon.

Other Brazilians

The band Francisco El Hombre, who performed on the second weekend of the Lisbon Festival, moved to the Supernova Theater on September 8th. There in Lisbon, they gave a show that featured political messages and criticism of president and re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL). “Jump, jump, those who don’t jump are militias… outside of Bolsonaro,” vocalist Matteo Pirasis Ugarte said during the song “Bolsonada.”

Other songs from the playlist were “Triste, Louca ou Má” who was famous for the voice of Juliet during “BBB 21” and “Arranca a Cabeça do Rei”. They should also be in the Rio version of the show, as well as dances and steps choreographed with the audience.

Francisco El Hombre’s rock concert in Rio Lisbon was a protest

Photo: Filipe Pavão / UOL

Who was also at Rock in Rio Lisboa and landed on Palco Supernova in Brazil are the boys of Jovem Dionísio. There, they sang on stage aimed at Internet hits and heard the audience sing “Acorda, Pedrinho” from start to finish.

The boys, who make alternative pop music, also performed the hits “Pontos de Exclamação” and “Algum Ritmo” that should be at the carioca show on September 10.

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