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Live treasury: check today’s rates

Treasury Direct 11 offers a stock option, in 3 ways: Indexed to IPCA (Hybrid Securities), Fixed Rates and Indexed to Selic Rate (Postfixed Fixed).

It should be noted that, despite the maturity period, treasury bonds provide the possibility of early redemption, which, in some cases, can be a good opportunity.

Learning how to invest in Treasury Direct just got easier, and it’s even possible to simulate a return on investment.

Treasury prices and rates vary daily and it is important to keep track of their fluctuations and compare them with other investments to make a good decision.

Check today’s live treasury rates and rates

Schedule updated at 15:28
Title annual profitability Minimum investment unit price due date
Ready locker 2025 12.13% 30.60 BRL 765.21 Brazilian Real 01/01/2025
Ready locker 2029 12.16% 33.90 Brazilian Real 484.34 Brazilian Real 01/01/2029
Fixed locker with semi-annual interest 2033 12.30% 35.58 Brazilian Real 889.54 BRL 01/01/2033
Selek’s Treasure 2025 Silic + 0.0820% 120.64 BRL 12064.68 BRL 01/03/2025
Selek’s Treasure 2027 Silic + 0.1717% 119.96 Brazilian Real 11996.82 Brazilian Real 01/03/2027
IPCA Vault+ 2026 IPCA + 5.70% 31.84 BRL 3184.36 BRL 08/15/2026
IPCA Vault+ 2035 IPCA + 5.86% 38.55 Brazilian Real 1,927.96 Brazilian Real 05/15/2035
IPCA Vault+ 2045 IPCA + 5.86% 32.77 Brazilian Real 1,092.61 Brazilian Real 05/15/2045
IPCA Vault+With semi-annual interest 2032 IPCA + 5.82% 40.30 BRL 4030.78 Brazilian Real 08/15/2032
IPCA Vault+With semi-annual interest 2040 IPCA + 5.86% 40.41 Brazilian Real 4041.56 BRL 08/15/2040
IPCA Vault+With semi-annual interest 2055 IPCA + 5.93% 40.83 Brazilian Real 4083.04 Brazilian Real 05/15/2055

What is direct treasure?

For those who do not know, Tesouro Direto is a program of the National Treasury, implemented in partnership with the B3 SA Stock Exchange – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, for the online sale of Federal Government bonds to individuals. It is a popular investment method in Brazil for its security and attractive returns, with bonds and different maturities with gains that exceed those of savings under current rules.

However, Treasury Direct, as a program to buy and sell public securities, offers securities that are guaranteed by the federal government, and market experts consider the safest creditors in the country.

Today, there are three main forms of investor remuneration in relation to direct treasury bonds:


This is the case of Treasury Selic, a security whose profitability is tied to the prime rate, the exact return of which is known only during investment. This safety is still the most recommended for investors who need daily liquidity and for those who are just starting to invest.

Pre address:

Fixed rate bonds have a fixed return at the time of investment. That is, the investor knows exactly how much he will get if he holds the security to maturity.

Available assets can yield either fixed annual interest, fixed interest plus IPCA variance or very small interest and Selic variance.

The fixed posterior bond attached to Selic

It offers less volatility throughout the application, as it follows Selic’s price exactly, with a small additional annual interest. On the other hand, the floating rate bond linked to the IPCA offers the nuanced perspective of estimating purchasing power, as inflation is an integral part of this yield.

However, the interest on securities offered by Treasury Direct can be updated daily. On the Treasury Direct website, the system offers an updated list of securities.

How to invest in Treasury Direct

Investing in Treasury Direct is very simple. For this, you first need to open an account with an investment bank or brokerage firm. This decision should have, as main criteria, the solidity and history of the financial institution, the fees charged (mainly for direct treasury), the facilities and aid offered.

After that, you will be able to request access to the Treasury Direct system, which will send you a password. In this restricted area of ​​the system, with your login, you will be able to carry out purchases, sales, check balances and statements.

What is the yield on government bonds?

Apparently, the realized profitability will be the one initially contracted for, because it will depend on whether the investor will remain with the purchased security until maturity. If the investor sells before the specified date, the investor will receive the market price of the security, according to the market conditions of the day.

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