'Joke', Renato Augusto showed his importance in Corinthians and led to the emergence of a new perfect trio

‘Joke’, Renato Augusto showed his importance in Corinthians and led to the emergence of a new perfect trio

Renato Augusto is the player with the most goals for Corinthians in the last six matches, which is exactly how long he has come back from injury. The importance of the midfielder for Vitor Pereira’s team was evident in this sequence.

In addition to the numbers, the praise of the players and coach Timão shows this. With four assists and a goal scored, Renato has already been called a “joke” (in a good way) by Yuri Alberto.

After the midfielder’s crucial triple match against Atletico Jo, in the Copa do Brasil, the striker joked in a video for Corinthians TV about the quality of Renato Augusto in passing his third goal.

– Renato joke. He knows, right? I already talked to him, whenever he could, touch the ball in space. “Calm down, my love,” said the attacker.

Renato Augusto playing in Corinthians 4 x 1 Atlético Go, for the Copa Brasil – Photo: Marcelo Zambrana / AGIF

And that’s what Corinthians fans feel with Renato Augusto on the field: more relaxed. The return after injury further narrowed the midfielder’s identity with the fans. The relationship that culminated in the goal in the Maracana, against Fluminense, which ended with the celebration in front of Vieille.

Confidence also comes from the Reserve Bank. Vitter Pereira is clear in his praise of the Corinthians midfielder.

After the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final, the coach highlighted Renato’s ability to make decisions quickly and implement them correctly. But he warned of wear and tear.

I’m sorry that Renato batteries don’t last forever. Also, if they continue, he wasn’t here, he was in Germany… He has the quality and the ability to decide. You can, in a split second, make the right decision and have the quality to do it, Vitor said.

Renato Augusto and Vitor Pereira in training Corinthians – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / AG. Corinthians

While he has batteries, says the coach, Renato Augusto is able to bring more dynamism to Corinthians’ midfield, both with and without the ball. The three-help game illustrates this well.

Taking charge of creating the team’s offensive plays, Shirt 8 tries to work between opposing lines, looking for spaces to receive the ball and speed up the match, whether it advances or with its passes.

In this game where Corinthians needed goals, he took it upon himself to be the player capable of giving a different touch and ended up with 35 complete passes (less than Du Queiroz and Fausto Vera) and 17 incomplete passes (larger than a team pass).

In the 22nd minute of the first half – a goal from inside the area by Renato Augusto de Corinthians against Fluminense

As Yuri Alberto himself said, Renato Augusto “knows”. The Corinthians strikers are grateful for the midfielder’s return. Yuri, Renato and Roger Geddes played together three times as starters. An active triple appeared.

The six goals scored by Timao in these matches accounted for 83.3% of the trio’s share. There were five goals and five assists in common between them. see below:

Performing the trio as a beginner:

  • Renato Augusto: 1 goal, 3 assists, 6 shots, 121 complete passes, 31 incomplete passes and 9 pieces of the ball;
  • Roger Geddes: 1 goal, 1 pass, 4 shots, 77 complete passes, 21 incomplete passes, 2 pieces of interference;
  • Yuri Alberto: 3 goals, 1 pass, 7 shots, 29 complete passes and 17 incomplete passes;

For the match against Bragantino, at 9:30 p.m. next Monday, Vitor Pereira can start three times again, as the batteries will have more time to recharge. After the Bragança team, Timão faces Internacional after a rare six days of game-breaking.

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