A drop in the peso takes a throng of Brazilian tourists to Argentina;  See tips to enjoy

A drop in the peso takes a throng of Brazilian tourists to Argentina; See tips to enjoy

At the equivalent of 27 Argentine pesos, prices attracted Brazilians to neighboring lands.

The price in the country’s famous “parallel exchange” market is even better, where one real can be exchanged for 57 pesos.

The assessment among the tourists and experts interviewed was unanimous: going to Argentina is very cheap.

“I exchanged my BRL 750 using a currency exchange app, managed to stay for 8 days and came back with my peso,” says photographer Amanda Thozsky, who recently returned from a trip.

I used a platform that allows money to be transferred abroad, they returned the amount “at the parallel exchange rate” (See tips on how to change money below).

“Hey The Argentine peso has depreciated nearly 70% in the past two years Regarding reality. So, naturally, Brazilians have more purchasing power,” explains Hugo Garbi, professor at McKinsey and chief economist at G11 Finance.

Travelers say they have noticed significant differences with respect to other neighboring countries. “In fact, things there are very cheap for us Brazilians. Everything is more expensive in Uruguay,” says researcher Paulo Goetz, who after his stay visited three cities in the neighboring country.

Businesswoman and travel blogger Kelly Couto felt the same way traveling through Chile. The exchange rate issue is huge. (…) [Na Argentina] In four days I spent $100. $100 in Chile was not spent even a day,” he adds.

In this scenario, tourists cite some Examples of their cheap purchasesfor example:

  • Two genuine leather jackets for R$1200;
  • One dinner with main course and wine: R$45;
  • Wines of the best brands: 20 BRL;
  • Kilo Picana: 20 Brazilian Real
  • urban transport by subway and bus; For about 1 Brazilian Real or even less.

What can you buy abroad and bring to Brazil:

Other Brazilians have already booked their flights with the expectation of spending less. Such is the case of barbecue chef and influencer Jose Mateos, owner of BBQ King, who this week launched his gastronomic tourism.

“Here, in São Paulo, we used to spend between 400 and 500 R$ to buy quality meat. There you can spend between R$100 and 200 in one of the best restaurants in the capital.”

Sports photographer Guilherme Veiga will be one on the list. He will extend a business trip to Buenos Aires with three more days of sightseeing in Cordoba.

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The crisis in Argentina and the devaluation of the peso are attracting Brazilian tourists – Photo: Amanda Thozicki

For those arriving in Argentina, following a few tips can help you benefit more from the devaluation of the peso.

Travel designer Leda De Luca suggests that visitors always try to bring one amount of real and another amount of dollars to exchange these currencies within Argentina.

She believes that trading in the country’s exchange offices is more convenient for customers, due to the demand for foreign currency by local companies.

“The ideal in Argentina is not to change the whole amount at once, but to change little by little so that you do not have a lot of weight in your hand. Because coming back to Brazil with a weight does not make sense.”

and more Cash is recommendedBecause trading via debit or credit cards in Argentina is not worth it for tourists. The main reasons are:

  • Tax imposed by the Brazilian government on transactions, IOF;
  • View prices for these purchases based on official dollar and peso values.

For this reason, tour guides recommend using the cards only in case of emergencies or to order pickups via the app.

There is still a “parallel exchange” for dollars in Argentina, which is famous for returns up to twice that of the official entities.

As much as a tourist can get more pesos in this market, there Risk of falling victim to cashier scam in exchange for money.

On the plus side of parallel exchange, some travelers cite reliable money-sending apps abroad that offer a more favorable quote than the official one, such as Western Union.

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Paying in cash deserves the attention of tourists to avoid scams – Photo: Ronaldo Schmidt/AFP

Due to the scale of this informal practice in the country, the Argentine government recently started allowing tourists to sell up to $5,000 USD at official exchange offices and banks at rates similar to parallel exchange.

However, the new policy did not have the support of tourists, according to reports from those working in the country.

for Who doesn’t want or can’t change moneyIt is worth noting that many services in tourist places accept payment in riyals, dollars and even euros.

However, in addition to the practice of informal exchange, paying in cash is worthy of the attention of tourists:

  • Many large counterfeit banknotes are circulating in the country, in scams designed to deceive visitors, to warn tourism specialists Lida de Luca and Kelly Cotto;
  • Every store, hotel, and restaurant may charge their own rate for international currency payments, which may put some customers at a loss.

Ushuaia, Argentina. Increasing demand for exotic destinations in the country – Photo: Argentine Tourism Department

Demand driven by purchasing power is reflected in the sector’s operations. Latin American Reports A 50% growth in passenger numbers From Brazil to Buenos Aires and Mendoza from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2022.

According to the company, the country accounts for more than 15% of international sales.

GOL has Argentina as the most requested country for flights in Latin America. The company expects to double its offering to the territory in the second half of 2022.

Travel agency CVC has also felt an increase in demand and has Buenos Aires as one of the world’s favorite destinations for Brazilians, along with Lisbon, Cancun, Paris, Rome, Miami, Punta Cana and New York.

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In addition to purchasing power, diversity of programs for backpackers or luxury travelers, general safety and natural beauty make Argentina one of the most attractive destinations for Brazilians.

Among the most popular places near the capital Buenos Aires this year, Leda de Luca mentions the exotic Patagonia, in the far south of the country, and the traditional Bariloche region. Jules also mentions a request related to the natural beauty of Mendoza.

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