Firmino scores two goals and provides three assists, Liverpool crush Bournemouth 9-0 to win his first match in the English Premier League.

Firmino scores two goals and provides three assists, Liverpool crush Bournemouth 9-0 to win his first match in the English Premier League.

The Brazilian national team striker shares five of Liverpool’s nine goals in the victory over Bournemouth in the Premier League on Saturday (27).

Move the fourth round of Premier League from the current season Liverpool He took no notice and won in Bournemouth 9-0, Saturday (27), plays at Anfield. The goals were scored by Luis Diaz (2x), Elliott, Alexander-Arnold, Firmino (2x), Finn Dyck, Mifam (reverse) and Fabio Carvalho. The defeat is the biggest in Premier League history at Liverpool Stadium.

With this victory, Liverpool reached five points and occupies tenth place in the English Premier League and continues to seek rehabilitation. Bournemouth has three and is 16th.

overwhelming. That was the start of the Liverpool game. Playing their own way, Klopp’s team needed five minutes to make it 2-0 in the match. First, after two minutes, Luis Diaz took advantage of a beautiful cross from Firmino and smashed it into the net.

Then, on the fifth, Firmino fixed it and Elliot took him from outside the area to make it 2-0.

Even with an advantage on the scoreboard, Liverpool continued to lead the opponent and began to miss clear scoring opportunities. In the 16th minute, after a beautiful collective movement on the left flank, Firmino appeared with a back heel, Elliott arrived with a cross and Salah missed the opportunity to take a third free kick on the second post.

With a lot of pressure, Liverpool scored again. In the 27th minute, Alexander-Arnold scored with Firmino, risked from the middle of the street and scored a superb goal to secure a 3-0 win.

Three minutes later, Klopp’s team turned the score into a defeat. After Salah moved from the right side, the ball deviated into the defenses, and Firmino seized the opportunity to score his first goal in the match after three assists.

In the latter part of the first half, Liverpool scored another goal. Taking advantage of Henderson’s corner kick, Van Dijk rose higher than the defense and put it in the back of the goal.

The second phase

The second half started and the hosts scored again in the first minute. After a cross from the right, Mipham played against his own net and made it 6-0.

In the remainder of the second stage, Klopp’s team went on to perform a luxurious training session, however, and scored again. After an injury and a shot in the area, Firmino hit the remainder with an open goal and made it 7 to 0.

In the last minutes, the hosts scored an extra goal. After an Alexander-Arnold throw, Tsimikas managed to pass the ball and Fabio Carvalho crossed to put it in eighth.

In the 40th minute, Liverpool scored another goal. After a corner kick, Luis Diaz appeared on the crossbar to score his second and ninth goal for the hosts. The defeat is the biggest ever at Anfield in the history of the Premier League.

Tournament mode

With three points, Liverpool achieved their first victory in the Premier League, reaching five points and the tenth in the Premier League.

Bournemouth are 16th with just three points after four rounds.

Highlight: Roberto Firmino

The owner of the first half, Roberto Firmino got three assists and a goal in 30 minutes of the match. In the second stage, the Brazilian scored again and ended up participating in five of the team’s nine goals.

Too bad: Bournemouth

Bournemouth were ineffective in the first half, and were just a spectator in the first half of the match, conceding four goals in less than 30 minutes. In the second stage, the dominance was preserved and the trajectory only increased.

Upcoming matches

Liverpool will return to the field next Wednesday (31), in favor of the English Premier League, when it hosts Newcastle.

Bournemouth will face Wolverhampton in their stadium on the same date.

data sheet

Liverpool: 9 x 0 Bournemouth

Goals: Luis Diaz (2x), Elliott, Alexander-Arnold, Firmino (2x), Finn Dick, Mipham (special) and Fabio Carvalho.

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold (Clarke), Gomez, Van Dyck and Robertson (Tsimikas), Fabinho, Elliott (Fabio Carvalho), Henderson (Bagjetic), Salah, Firmino (Milner) and Luis Diaz.

Bournemouth: Travers, Smith (Billing), Mipham, Senese & Zemora, Cook (Pearson), Lerma, Anthony, Travermier & Christie (Solanke), Moore.

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