'I was spitting in the street to play episodes,' says the famous psychologist in the 1990s.

‘I was spitting in the street to play episodes,’ says the famous psychologist in the 1990s.

It was 1994 and Monica Bonfilio, now 59, gave her first interview on “Jô Soares Onze e Meia”, on SBT, about the book “Anjos Cabalísticos”, which she was releasing. She had only printed a thousand copies, out of her own pocket, after being rejected by more than one publisher.

The next day, his phone kept ringing with commands. A year after her television debut, Monica has not one, but two of her works appearing on the country’s bestseller lists. Among the non-fiction works of Folha de São Paulo, for example, were “Anjos Cabalísticos” and “A Magia dos Anjos Cabalísticos”. Accompany her famous Paulo Coelho in this collection of bestselling authors. In the following years, MonicaWho is the seer? tarot readerastrologer, mother of the saint in Umbanda and Candomblé, became a reference for subjects that aroused much interest at the time, which many called the “New Age”.

A young mystic who had attended an interview with the band a few years ago, barefoot and rough, became a superstar. In addition to “Abracadabra”, in Dia a Dia, on the Band, she became an easy character on several other TV shows and was interviewed again by Jô Soares himself several times. Monica also continued to write her books. Among his works are “The Tarot of Angels,” “Psalms,” and “Soul Companion: Learning to Know the Love of Your Life,” all of which are bestsellers.

Today, nearly 30 years after it exploded, Monica He lives on a farm in Mairinque, in the interior of São Paulo, and Follow Make predictions for celebrities and unknowns, online now. However, Spirituality has gone a long way from notoriety, but in 2018, two of those predictions were brought back into the spotlight.

Monica has lived on a farm in Mairinque (SP) for 30 years, and continues to be interested in unknown and famous people.

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On December 23 of that year, Monica Bonfilio made predictions for the following year, in her program, on Radio World. Among them was the possibility of armed attacks on the groups. “Especially in March and April, we have to be very careful in schools,” Spirituality commented in a recording shown on its channel. Later, on the same occasion, she said that “what happened in the Mariana is also likely to happen, with other landslides happening.” She was referring to the collapse of the dam in Minas Gerais in 2015.

Coincidence or not, the fact is that on January 25, 2019, the city of Brumadinho (MG) was the scene of another dam rupture that killed at least 270 people. And in March, a massacre by two former students ended with the killing of five students and two school staff in Susanoo (SP). One of the killers killed his partner and then committed suicide. On the way to school, the duo actually killed another man.

Recently, I also predicted the accident of ex-BBB Rodrigo Mossi. A week before the BBB 22 (Globo) show, you mentioned that some participants will suffer serious head injuries. Rodrygo had a car accident at the end of March, in Marginal Pinheiros, and was in a coma for 29 days.

Still in its infancy in the social media world at the time, Spirituality felt these predictions made her better known to those who didn’t know that she was one of the most read authors of the ’90s and also a small-screen personality. But her life is full of ups and downs, some of which she tells below.

Problematic relationship with the mother

“My experience with spirituality began when I was eight. At a children’s party, I saw spirits around the children and they formed a line wanting me to talk about them. When I was 12, I played snails by intuition. Sela, who was in Kangasira from Lambeau and was My grandmother at heart, said I needed to develop myself and took me to Umbanda.

I stayed for two years and then went to Candomble. I did the whole ritual, and at one point, when I wanted to leave, the person in charge of Terreiro told me that if I left, my guardian angel would be arrested. Terrified, I looked for a lady who calmed me down and told me not to worry because she had a very powerful angel. I took pleasure in this idea and went to study Angels, Kabbalah and Tarot.

The result of this study was the book “Anjos Cabalísticos”, which I showed to eight publishers and no one wanted it. I spin this book around in a garage, we made a thousand copies and one fell into the hands of Jô Soares. He invited me to do the program, and overnight I ended up on the bestseller list in Vieja, Estadao, Folha de São Paulo. This boom was from 1994 to 1998.

I made orchestras when I was 17, my dad left home when he was 18. I kept the house with the shells and I kept the bills like that. My mother blamed my spiritual life for my father leaving the house, even though he already had children with the other woman.

But there was another passage before, when I walked into the house and an old man was negotiating with her to spend a week with him. He paid her, I didn’t go and he was angry. She thought that only through sex could I be a person, but she also wanted to punish me for my father. ”

meeting with an angel

“This guy that my mother sent me to look for gave me the equivalent of R$150 but he didn’t want to do anything to me because he saw my eyes bulge from crying. I think he felt sorry for him. Last week, my mother told me to chase him again.”

Imagine me, on a pay phone, at the age of eighteen, crying to schedule another program with that man. A woman pushed me behind me and I wanted to know why I was like this. I told him and said I didn’t want to do that. She asked me: “What do you know how to make?”

I answered him that I had read búzios and the girl told me of a bookshop with a bar in the back, in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, west of São Paulo, and she was looking for people to read oracles. She even gave me money to take the bus and I was hired. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? For me, he was an angel.

He earned the equivalent of R$150 per day. Look at any change: My father was an artist-entrepreneur, he was a director at a TV station. We had a great standard of living and before long we had nothing.”

invaded the earth

“Although I am no longer training because I do not have a position, there is no former in Santo. In October I completed 45 years of spiritual life in Umbanda and Candomblé. And I have already suffered from a lot of prejudice. Paul.

We were going to teach a course and the group was in anticipation. When the door opened, they entered and broke everything. We have been severely persecuted. In 1987, the fact that I owned a Terrero made me denounced for homelessness. They wanted to force me out of there.

But soon she was invited to work in the troupe and they stopped. Even today, when I produce content about African religion, for my book “Taro dos Orixás”, people leave my channel and my social media profiles. I’ve taken spitting in the streets because of the episodes.

Marcia Saad, who was the director of Dia a Dia, gave me a board called Abracadabra, in Gravity, in 1989. When I met her, she arrived in rags and barefoot. She told this in an interview with Veja.

The insoles I was wearing were broken. All the money I received will go to my mother, otherwise she will be kicked. I got rid of him only in 1990. And the one who helped me with this was Urbano, the father of my son Victor.”

Celebrity advice

“In 1995, Patrick Swayze came to promote a movie about angels, in Brazil, and at that time I was swaying. Manchetti mediated the meeting and went to Rio. The 15-minute meeting lasted for over two hours. The cards, I used clairvoyance and made predictions.

And in a report for the extinct Manchetti magazine, his meeting with Chico Xavier - clone - clone

In a report for the extinct Manchetti magazine, Monica recalls her meeting with Chico Xavier

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I saw his past life, his relationship to the Native Americans and asked him who the pig was, because I saw a pink pig. Laughed aloud. That’s what his Dirty Dancing partner called it, because it hampered a lot of her dance practice. We also talked about possible depression he suffers from. It was one of the most beautiful encounters. A lot of celebrities come to me, but I can’t reveal it because they ask me to keep it secret.”

passion for writing

“I live on a farm I built three decades ago in Mairenc (SP). I wrote 60 books, and for 25 years I lived off their sales and on astrology, which I studied in depth. Like ‘Imperatriz Leopoldina – The Angel of Brazil’s Independence.’ If I had more From the time, I would have been writing about other amazing women.

Since 2018, following Brumadinho’s prediction, my schedule is full. But of course wrong. I didn’t think Arthur (Aguiar) would win the BBB22 and she was killed off. I thought Lin da Quebrada would win. But, between results and errors, I have good average hits or I won’t have a busy schedule until February next year. I do astrological consultations via Skype that lasts 35 minutes. Working with astrology consumes me all day long. I also offer online courses at Casa do Espiritualista, which has 20 professionals.”

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