In a stunning comeback, America defeats Caxias 3-1 to return to Serie C - 08/28/2022 - News - Tribuna do Norte

In a stunning comeback, America defeats Caxias 3-1 to return to Serie C – 08/28/2022 – News – Tribuna do Norte

With a stunning comeback on Caxias, which extended the advantage they had over Buttiguares, America beat Rio Grande do Sul 3-1 and confirmed their arrival at Serie C next year. Alferobro interrupted a five-year streak of failure and managed to make the match stage burn into a fantastic party. Crying midfielder Juninho, an athlete trained at the club’s rules, said he had made a big dream come true, while Elvino yelled that America never left to return to Serie de Tessio and the ratings champions scored third and decisive. A goal in the 47th minute. Before that, Iago scored two goals, while Mathuzinho scored for the visitors.

Adriano Abreu

With the strong support of their fans, who embraced the team, before reaching the decisive match stage and filling the stands of the Arena das Dunas, for the most important game of the season, America entered the field wanting to make their fans forget five years of setbacks in the First Division and, as promised, they went in search of victory In the first few minutes.

With the white color needing to be removed from the scoreboard, to end Caxias’ advantage, the Pottigoire team began looting and searching to choke off visitors. The first good opportunity was a free kick, at the entrance to the area, carried out by Wallace Pernambucano, who looked for the right corner of goalkeeper Andre Lucas, but he shot too much. The gaucho responded by forcing the American archer to make the first great defense of the match, which avoided the worst after a ball hit Batista inside the small penalty area.

Even after intimidation, Buttegoire’s team maintained an atmosphere of constant pressure on the field, controlled the ball, roamed the opponent’s area, but missed a lot on the last pass. However, the team managed to create its best chance in the 21st minute, when after a bouncing ball in the area, Edson Silva header hard, but saw the goalkeeper save the visiting team.

With the team formed to defend and ready to try to surprise at the slightest hesitation from Natal, Casillas left a strong imprint on Wallace Pernambucano and when he didn’t have the ball, he put all the men on the field behind the goal line from the ball. A situation that made it difficult for the American offensive plays, due to the lack of space to work better on the plays. So Caxias managed to keep zero on the scoreboard until the end of the first 45 minutes.

But as soon as the second half started, Alferobro increased the pressure and Wallace Pernambucano made a fine shot from inside the area, forcing goalkeeper Andre Lucas to do a miracle to maintain equality on the scoreboard, and this movement excited the fans in the stands. Then, Tessio, who returned to the supplementary stage in place of Araujo, took a free kick, also frightened the Gaucho goalkeeper, who saw the ball pass close to the goal.

Unable to break through the siege of Caxias, America began to show flaws in the defensive sector due to the impulse, which has always been the enemy of perfection, as the rival attackers began to find spaces to explore, until in the 13th minute, what both the Reds and the Whites feared happened: it opened Caxias registry. After a good move by Rafael Forlan on the left, he crossed and Mazuzinho seemed to send it into the net without any chance to defend Bruno.

In a scenario where only victory was important, Leandro Sena made changes and left the team more offensive. Elvinio began to appear, first hitting a shot that dangerously dangerous to the opponent and then decisive in the American equalizer, in the twentieth minute, when he stole the ball and passed it to Iago to complete it strongly, to make it 1 to 1 and restore hope in the classification to the fans who came en masse to support the players of the team Butteguar.

After that, the match became more open, both teams doubled their pace and America again arrived in danger with Frank, who risked a cross from the right and defended Andre Lucas to the ground, without giving a rebound. goleirão was willing to thwart the heated reaction and fought a duel with Téssio, who risked his kicks and saw André Lucas turn around to rid Caxias of a negative result.

But at the age of 41, star Iago shone again, which scored the turning point and would have led to a vacant spot in Serie C on penalty kicks. The striker took advantage of a shot from Tesio that deflected from her in defense and left the advantage for Iago to hit it and defeat Caxias goalkeeper, a miracle until then.

The party at Arena das Dunas, which welcomed 28,010 fans, came precisely from the one who insisted and tried the most, even trying to fit a good kick and score the goal that pushed America to beat the long-awaited rating.

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