The publicist says I only buy nearly expired meat to save on the market

The publicist says I only buy nearly expired meat to save on the market

Advertiser Leandro Sousa, 30, lives in São Paulo and says he no longer buys what he wants to eat. Your choices depend on the products for sale in the market because they are close to their expiration date. Meat, for example, is a food that only comes to the table when he finds a good promotion – he no longer buys it without a discount because it does not fit his pocket.

Like him, other Brazilians also buy these products. A Datafolha survey showed that 67% of Brazilians changed their shopping habits to save money. Of those, 61% went looking for cheaper brands and 29% bought products that are about to expire.

“I go to the market every day to see if I can find any promotions. It is an opportunity that I have to buy something that I do not eat regularly, like meat. I once bought about 15 dishes of ground beef that are about to expire. This is normal.” Souza says.

In the case of meat, he freezes whatever he buys and uses until it runs out. When he enters the markets, he goes straight in search of foods that are about to expire.

“I really liked going to the market before this inflation. Today I leave the place grumpy. I prioritize what is close to expiration. Nowadays I don’t eat what I want, I choose what I can eat and a reasonable price. I like to eat pasta and bread, but if there is Meat is for sale, I will eat meat every day until it runs out,” says Sousa.

Analyst buys salami and yoghurt as expiration approaches

Erika Marinho lives in Fortaleza (CE) and buys salami and yoghurt near expiration

Photo: personal group

Erica Marinho, 35-year-old market intelligence analyst, says she buys redundant items that are about to expire so she won’t stop eating them, like salami and yogurt.

“One of the ways I found was to not cut back on the foods that my wife and I like, but they are much more expensive than before,” says Marinho, who lives in Fortaleza.

She also buys more cosmetics for promotions, like toilet paper.

English teacher looking for affordable options

Stephanie Cousic de Almeida Lite, Teacher - Personal Collection - Personal Collection

Professor Stephanie Kosik, from São Paulo, is also trying to save money with products that are about to expire.

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Private school English teacher Stephanie Cusic de Almeida Lite, 26, lives in São Paulo and says the increase in market prices has made her look more closely at items that are nearing expiration.

She says she never bought from those shelves, but started doing so this year due to the high prices. The focus today is on finding milk and dairy products for sale.

“I searched a lot and was attentive to these promotions. I go to the market every 15 days looking for discounts,” he says.

Other products that have already entered the teacher bandwagon at a discount are cookies, ice cream, and shampoo.

Has the search for semi-expired products increased? Vinicius Alves, founder of Gooxxy, a marketplace replacement company, says there has been an increase in demand and purchases of products that are nearing expiration.

The company says small business owners who do business with Gooxxy have seen a 20% increase in sales of products that cost less to consumers, such as cookies and yogurt, and a 50% increase for more expensive items, such as chocolate and cleaning supplies. . This increase was recorded in August of this year compared to the same month last year.

Markets specialized in semi-finished products: Jenny Balbino Rodrigues owns the O Barato da Vargem market, and is a small Vargem Grande Paulista (SP) winner. The businesswoman says that this sector has grown with the pandemic and that it receives customers from the lower and middle class.

“Vencidinho” is the common name given to markets that sell only products that are nearing completion. In contrast, prices are lower than those charged in traditional markets.

Diana Ferraz Primarano, partner at Mercado Vanessa, “vancidinho” which has three units in São Paulo and one in Osasco, says more customers are looking into the market.

“In recent months, we have felt an increase in demand due to the need to save, with higher prices for products,” Primarano says.

Businesswomen say that those who frequent these markets do not go there to buy the month. A person comes into the place and thinks about buying a particular product, because he saw a promotion, or he usually goes more than once a week to see what is at a good price on that day.

What are the best selling products? The two businesswomen say meat is the product they sell the most.

Rising meat prices have forced many Brazilians to consume less beef. A survey conducted by Neogrid, a company that specializes in digital solutions for supply chains, shows that Brazilians are starting to switch from beef to other products, such as eggs, sausages, pork and chicken.

Since they work with semi-expired items, the products offered in the market vary according to what suppliers are available for sale. This means that markets can’t always get meat.

“vancidinhos” buy back merchandise from distributors, industry or supermarkets that offer products before they expire.

The sales champions cited by Rodrigues and Primarano are:

  • Beef, especially the pecanas
  • Other types of protein such as chicken and sausage
  • Cold meats such as salami, bologna and cheese
  • the bread
  • Yogurt

Can the market sell expired products? Neither traditional markets nor “vencidinhos” can sell products after the expiration date. Alves says the consumer needs to be properly informed that the product is cheaper because it is nearing expiration.

In traditional markets, items that are close to expiration should be separated from other items and have a tag indicating that the item is cheaper because it will expire soon. This applies to items that will expire in 30 days.

According to the law prohibiting the sale of expired products, those who do not respect the rule are subject to a prison sentence of two to five years or a fine.

Do products end in “unexpected”? It can happen, but businesswomen say the focus is to sell at all costs in these situations.

The closer to the expiration date, the lower the price.

“There are goods that do damage. I prefer to put it almost as a donation because it is a scam to the customer and he doesn’t just come to get that. I am glad the product doesn’t go to the trash and my store is full,” says Rodrigues.

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